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GTA 4 MOBILE Edition (Rockstar Games)

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Updated July 22, 2022 (3 weeks ago)
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No, this isn’t the missing link between the console and “next-gen” GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK. This is a full PC version of GTA IV that you can play on your mobile device…you heard me right. It’s not an emulator; it’s the real deal. Rockstar has made this possible by releasing two separate versions of GTA 4 for Android and iOS platforms—the aforementioned Mobile Edition, which I’m reviewing today, and then there’s also Liberty City Stories (which wasn’t available at the time of review).

All in all, there are 400 missions from San Andreas to keep you busy for quite some time as well as a ton of side activities including races, triathlons/marathons, a wide range of specialized driving challenges, and collectibles to find (which are added with each update) And Also Check out LIMBO APK.

gta 4 mobile edition apk

GTA 4’s story revolves around the very despicable Niko Bellic. In short: he’s an ex-Croatian soldier trying to escape his past by moving to America in search of a peaceful life. Of course, that doesn’t quite work out how he plans and soon enough becomes embroiled in all sorts of nefarious goings-on.

The whole thing plays out like a long movie—you get up close and personal with the main character as his paths cross with various unsavory people along the way from different parts of American society and you end up playing witness or participant in their exploits. It’s easy to think that GTA is just yet another one of those “gangsta” games where you’re just some thug trying to make a name for yourself, but it doesn’t quite play out like that. There’s substance to the characters and there are overtones of satire embedded in many parts of the story—if you dig deep enough into it (not exactly difficult).

What is GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK

GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK is the portable version of the GTA 4 PC game developed by Rockstar Games. It was released on December 2, 2009, for iOS, and January 27, 2010, for Android devices. The mobile version features D-pad controls and touch screen options to play with, but all other basic features are the same as its previous versions.

The plot revolves around three main characters: Michael Townley (an ex-felon), Trevor Philips (an admitted psychopath), and Franklin Clinton (a repo man). These three characters represent the different faces of a criminal underworld; each one has its own background story which is intertwined with the other two. Interactions between them often make things difficult for Niko Bellic, who is the main character of the Grand Theft Auto IV game.

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Every single mission in GTA 4 mobile version follows the same pattern; you have to finish a certain task and then another one pops up, but not every time that happens. You get extremely few choices during interaction with other characters. They will propose something, you can either accept or reject it, that’s it! The most interesting part about this game is the free-roaming feature. Unlike many previous versions of the game where they showed us how far we could roam without getting killed, GTA 4 MOBILE Edition allows players to go wherever they want in different parts of San Andreas without any fear.

Features of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK

According to the makers of this game, it takes roughly 20 GB to download GTA 4 MOBILE Edition APK on your device. This is a huge file size; you might even need to wait for a few hours before it can install completely. The following are some features that make this game worth playing.

gta 4 mobile edition apk download

A vast number of missions and side quests

There are hundreds of different mission types as well as challenges, mini-games, and races in the GTA IV mobile version. In most cases, there are multiple ways to complete each of these tasks which allow players to try out different offline modes whenever they want. Variety is also added with special vehicles present in the mobile version such as bicycles and trucks, not just cars like its versions.

Open World

The most important feature that many GTA lovers have long been waiting for is its open-world map! It has got a complete set of places covered from the countryside to big cities like Los Santos. This makes it much more interesting than other previous versions which were limited by maps and various obstacles placed within them.

A lot of cars

Another great thing about this version is that you don’t have to walk or take public transport if you want to get somewhere quickly because there is a huge number of cars to choose from. You can find different types of vehicles ranging from cars, bikes to trucks in the game.

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Easy Controls and no violence

This is one of those games where you don’t have to resort to killing anyone; all your problems can be solved by using force, like shooting or even running away from them. Most missions require players to just complete various tasks without any bloodshed mentioned beforehand. In most cases, there are opportunities for dialogues before and after every mission which adds up to the replay value.


The graphics in this game are of great quality and there is a high resolution that makes every part of San Andreas look realistic. All controls are easy to understand, however, the main drawback is that you can only play on mobile devices with touchscreen options.

Key Features of GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK

  • The graphics are amazing
  • The story line is great
  • It’s a lot of fun
  • There are many things to do in the game
  • You can customize your character with clothes, tattoos and haircuts 
  • This game has been played by millions of people all over the world  7 . GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK is available for free on Android devices!
  • It’s an addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours. If
  • you are looking for a new game to play, we highly recommend that GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK is the right choice for you.

Hoe to Download and Install GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK

For android smartphone and tablet users, you can install the game by downloading it from Appstore and GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK. Or you can simply download the APK file and install it manually on your android device. If you want to play this game without any errors or bugs, we recommended that using a rooted Android Device is necessary because of the large maps in the game.

Step 1. Download GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK on your Android device. Make sure that you choose the latest version with lots of bug fixes and improvements made by the developers.

Step 2. Next, you have to make sure that you granted permission to install applications from unknown sources on your Android device, so open the Settings menu> Security> check the box next to Unknown Source (WARNING: this will allow applications from untrusted sources).

Install apk

Step 3. Go back to your device’s home screen and click on the app file that you have just downloaded. If you are using Android 4 or above, then simply tap the icon of the .apk file for it to install.

Step 4. Wait for the installation process to complete, then you can start enjoying GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK on your device.

GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK FAQs

You can also download GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK Liberty City Stories if you love the free games developed by Rockstar Games. It is a similar game but with different characters and storylines; however, the gameplay remains the same.

Q 1.  Is it possible to play GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK offline?

A 1.  Yes, you can play the game offline if you have a valid license key for it. The license keys to get free access to the game are available online.

Q 2.  I can’t install GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK how to fix this issue?

A 2.  If you get an error message saying ” Installation blocked: Device is not compatible “, it means that the file format cannot be read by your device. To fix this problem, you have to download GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK from the official website and not from a third-party site.

Q 3.  How do I hack GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK to get unlimited money?

A 3.  There are no hacks available for this game to get unlimited cash or gold coins so you will have to purchase it with real money. If you want to save money, we recommend that you download GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK and restore the game with your Google account.

Q 4.  I can’t restore my progress when I reinstall GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK, how can I recover my progress?

A 4.  If you want to get your progress back when reinstalling the game, simply set up Google Play in device settings and you will be able to restore your progress.


GTA 4 Mobail Edition APK is an extremely addictive game that offers tons of action and entertainment. You will be able to play it for hours without getting bored. Besides, the graphics are stunning and you will love the way buildings look in this game! This is a must-have if you’re looking for something new to play on your Android Device.

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