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AajaChat APK is situated in Mysore city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It has been built by Wodeyar Kings between 1610 and 1659. The fort was initially called “Hassan Darwaza” but later was named “Aaja Chat APK”. The fort is smaller than other forts present in Bangalore city, but pretty much a significant one if we talk about the history of Bangalore. King Venkata, I (1586–1614) made this place a seat of his government in 1599 when he transferred it from Srirangapatna to Anekal And Also Chaek Gogo. Live Mod APK.

This place was not very secure so the king took no chances with the safety of his army. The fort became a very important place in the history of the Mysore kingdom as it was here where King “Hiriya Bettada Chamarasa Wodeyar” popularly known as King Chikka Devaraj Urs (1672–1704) shifted and ruled from this place from 1673 to 1704. It is said that many ministers were executed here, for they, according to him were responsible for the death of his father king Vishwanatha Raya II (previous king).


In 1884 British built the grand railway station which stands today at a historical place called the Lal bagh area. The place around this fort has always been the centre stage for all activities related to politics. In 1942 India’s first political strike took place here when the British government decided to undertake a plebiscite for identifying public opinion regarding their rule. A clash erupted between police and protesters which is known as the Mysore Police Action of 1942.

What is AajaChat APK 

AajaChat APK is one of the historical places in Bangalore. There is a beautiful garden present inside this fort which adds more beauty to it and provides a walk around this fort. A beautiful lake also stands between these two elephants at the entrance of Lal bagh railway station. This place holds much significance in the history of India as that was seen for many political clashes including the 1942 police action when the British government tried to conduct a public vote regarding the continuation of their rule over the country.

The presence of three small temples also makes this place very attractive and worth visiting by tourists who are in search of exploring great historic places around Bangalore. The name “Chatri” comes from the Sanskrit word “chakra”, meaning umbrella or parasol, which refers to a building with a vaulted roof. Aaja Chatri Fort was possessed by Sidi Dost Ibrahim Khan a Pathan chief, for a few years in the late 18th century till it passed to Hyder Ali of Mysore. The fort is built adjacent to Lal Bagh and due to this reason many people call it Lal bagh fort.

These two sculptures which are standing at the entrance of Aaja Chatri APK showing two elephants playing musical instruments with their trunk provide an amazing feeling when we see them for the first time. The name of these elephants is called “Gandaberunda” which means “two-headed elephant”. There is also one more small temple inside this fort but famous for its location rather than its appearance. This temple is named “Madakari Nayaka” and has the statue of Lord Vishnu, which is 3 feet tall.

Features OF AajaChat APK  

AajaChat APK is one of the historical places in Bangalore and has several significant features which attract tourists to this place. The fort was built by the Wodeyar kings between 1610 and 1659.

It is said that “HASSAN DARIWAZA” was its initial name but it was later named as AjaJa-Chatri fort due to the presence of two small temples of Lord Shiva known as Aaja Ja (meaning God) and Chatra(meaning umbrella). These small temples were constructed for god Narasimha who is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, hence called as Aaja-Chat.


There is a big lake at the centre of the taekwondo skills training yard sign that provides an excellent view of I to s the same as that we find in Pakistan and Afghanistan. But what makes India different is that there will be no occasion where anyone would ask you to remove your shoes or wear special clothes.

This includes hotels, public transport, stores, markets, and malls. The selection of must do’s before coming to Bangalore includes carrying comfortable walking shoes at all times, carrying comfortable day clothes, and above all having a positive attitude. Positive thinking can get you anywhere in this city.

Dating back

In 1610, it was built by Kempegowda I, founder of Bangalore. It is one of the historical places in India and is known for its location rather than appearance. Located in the Lalbagh area which is the heart of the city, this fort attracts tourists itself due to its significance during Mysore Police Action.

People come from far away places like Ashgur, Tirupathi and also from different countries to visit this place.

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This fort looks like a small castle and it is said that the woodwork here was built in Kerala architecture style. This place is also known for its temple of Lord Vishnu, which was built in the year 1856.

This fort has a beautiful garden which is named “Lal bagh” and provides an excellent walk­around with this fort. A beautiful lake also stands between these two elephants at the entrance of Lal bagh railway station. This place is also known for its spectacular view of the city from its top.

Key Features of Aaja Chat APK

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How to Download And Install Aaja Chat APK On Android?

The installation process of the Aaja Chat APK on an android device is easy. You just need to follow the below steps cording to your android version.

Step 1: After downloading the apk file from our site on your PC, you need to enable the Unknown sources option as shown in the below image.

Step 2: Now open the downloaded apk file and click install. Before installation, it will ask for the android version to say yes to proceed further.


Step 3: After installation is completed, you’ll find the Aajachat app icon on your android mobile screen.

Step 4: Open the app and click Sign in, then it will ask for a Mobile number and Password to initiate the registration process.

Step 5: After successful Registration, click Menu Button (Bottom right Corner) and Click send Invite button. Then open your phone contacts or share a contact list with friends via Bluetooth etc and send them an invite.

Step 6: After Receiving the Invitation, you’ll be able to chat and share videos and audio with friends via the AajaChat app only.

AajaChat APK FAQs

Then select your gender and fill up your mobile number or username etc as per your choice. Click on the Next button so that you’ll be directed to register. AajaChat APK After successful registration, click the Menu Button (Bottom right Corner) then go to the Invite icon to invite your friends.

How much time does it take to get verified?

If you register through a mobile number then the registration process will take a few minutes maximum if not completed instantly as per network, device type, location, etc.

How can I get rid of fake people?

Once you start chatting with friends and relatives you’ll find many fake accounts which are created by some strangers. You may get confused with that so just click on More Options (Three bar dots) in Chatting Section and select Ignore from a selection of features.

Can I send messages to everyone?

If you want to start to chat with anyone then go to Menu Button (Bottom right corner) and select Discussions Option and there you can find any discussion which is active but it’s not private chatting. Select anyone’s discussion to start a new chat with that user.

How would I make my account Private?

To make your account Private first go to Menu Button (Bottom right corner) then click on the Settings icon, and then click on the Privacy option. Select Anyone and click on Save Button (Top right Corner) then done!

How to use Whatsapp Calling Feature?

Whats chat is the most popular messenger app for calling, sending videos, pictures, etc. But the whats app calling feature works only with an active internet connection so it will not work in Offline Mode.


So this was all about AajaChat APK, hope you like it. Use these features wisely and make your chatting experience more interesting. If you face any problem related to the installation procedure or something else then do let us know by commenting below so that we’ll try to resolve it. Also, remember to share this article with your friends and family members who are using Android Devices because they might be looking for an app like Aaja chat on android.

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