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Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod APK v12.9.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Name Keepsafe Photo Vault Mod Apk
Category Android Apps
Offered By Keepsafe
Version 12.7.0
Size 16MB
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MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK is the best app for keeping your pictures, videos, and other files safe. The newest keepsake version has a new feature that lets you hide photos from people not on your contact list. This new update makes it possible to have more privacy when viewing or sending pictures. Keepsafe also has a password lock feature, so no one can get into your phone by guessing your password.

It is a great app that will give you peace of mind knowing your data is kept private and secure. The only problem is that it limits how many pictures you can upload. Other than that the app works well and does what you need it to do, which is protect all your data Also Check out Yandex Music MOD APK.

keepsafe latest mod apk

This app is the perfect way to keep your private photos and videos safe while on the go. The app has an easy-to-use interface that simplifies, organizes, and shares your media with friends or family. You can also use this app as a backup for your other devices so you never lose any of those precious memories again.

What is Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK

Imagine living in a world where you couldn’t trust your friends or family to keep their eyes off your photos. Imagine having to worry about everyone who has access to your phone and all of its apps. Keepsafe Photo Vault is an app that will open up a whole new world for you, where nobody but you can see what’s inside.

Download now and make sure that no one else gets another look at those precious moments with loved ones. Keep Safe is one of the many good photo vault apps available. This is because it allows you to protect your privacy, easily share photos with friends and family, and sort all your memories in one place.

keepsafe apk

This new app lets you store and protect your photos from the NSA, malware, and other threats. It has an encrypted vault for all of your private photos and videos. The app also includes a secure web browser to browse without worrying about viruses or hackers stealing your information. Learn more.

Features of Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK

Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK is a photo vault app that lets you securely store your private photos and videos. The app features an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use for both veterans and newbies. Keepsafe also allows you to create encrypted media backups on their cloud storage service, Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

You can even share some content from your vault with friends and family members you have approved. In this blog post, we will explore how Keepsafe works, what sets it apart from other apps in its category, and what features are available to users of this popular Android app.

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It is a photo vault designed for users to store their photos with the highest level of security. The app provides features such as hiding your pictures from prying eyes, ensuring they are backed up in case something happens to your phone and an easy way to share them with friends and family. It also has a password generator to create passwords for all your accounts without remembering them.

Hide Private Photos & Videos

Keep Safe is the safest place to protect, share & back up your photos and videos. Hide pictures, hide private photos, hide images from the gallery, and back up photos to the cloud.

keepsafe premium apk 2021

The app lets you keep your photos, videos, and other media in a virtual safe. When you open the app, you will be able to see all of the content that has been uploaded to the vault. Nobody else can see your stuff if this app is installed on your phone. However, people can see this content if they download the app.

Share Private Photos

Keep Safe allows users to share photos and albums with friends and family members who have been approved. You can use this function when you want to show someone a picture or if you want someone to get a copy of the images you took on your trip, for example.

You can see some basic information about the media in your vault. This will include things like the date taken, size, and dimensions. There are also some buttons along the bottom that you can use to sort through the photos in your vault.

Device Requirements & Details

Keepsafe Photo Vault is available for free from the Google Play Store. It can only be downloaded on devices running Android 4.0 and now, so you will need a reasonably new phone to use the app if you choose to do so.

It is straightforward to use, but it does have a few ads that must be dealt with. There will be banners and full-screen ads that show up occasionally. You can remove these by buying the app’s premium version, so we recommend doing so if you want to eliminate them. Open the app and click the “upgrade” button to upgrade your account.

Preserve special memories

With Keepsafe Premium, you can save your memories from any device and get a lifetime premium subscription to Keepsafe for only it.

This comes with a few perks, such as 1TB of storage, premium support, and unlimited sharing. It will also give you access to your account’s three years of previous photos.

Pro key of Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK

  • Keepsafe has many features that make it worthwhile for the average person.
  • However, if you are an advanced user who wants more functionality from their photo vault app, then this modded version might be correct.
  • The pro key of KeepSafe will get rid of all the ads, and it will also upgrade your account to unlimited premium.
  • This version also has a password recovery option, so if you ever forget your password, an email can be sent to you, enabling you to regain access to the app.
  • For this modded version of Keepsafe to work, you must uninstall any updates it gets when they come out.
  • This is because the developer will probably patch this version of Keepsafe, so it would be best to uninstall the updates.
  • This modded version of Keepsafe comes with a pro key and an account upgrade.
  • You can get all these features for free by downloading the app from the link below.
  • This Keepsafe version has no ads or restrictions, so you can use it as much as you want.
  • You can upload and download unlimited photos and videos with this app, and the premium support that is included will ensure that your questions are answered promptly.

How to Download and Install Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK

The Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK is a great way to store photos and videos online. You can create an account for free and then download the app. The app allows you to upload unlimited pictures and videos from your phone or computer and then share them with friends and family members who also have the app installed.

Step 1. Go to the official website

Step 2. Go to the search bar and search for “Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK” without quotes.

Step 3. Download the file onto your computer by clicking on “Download Here.”

Step 4. You must transfer the file to your Android device when the download is complete. You can use a USB cord to accomplish this task.

Step 5. Once you have it on your phone, open the file and let Android’s installer work.

Install apk 202

Step 6. When you open Keepsafe Photo Vault, go to the menu and scroll down to settings.

Step 7. You must log in with a Facebook account to access your features, so set one up if you don’t have one.

Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK FAQs

The Keepsafe Photo Vault MOD APK is a photo vault app that protects your photos and videos from prying eyes by hiding them behind a password. It’s the best way to store private images securely on your phone, keeping them away from Anyone who may try to access your personal information. This blog post will answer some of the most frAnyonely asked questions about this popular photo vault app.

Q. What does Keepsafe do?

A. Keepsafe is a free app that allows you to store photos and videos on your phone. It also has a sophisticated system for keeping the files hidden, so no one can see them without knowing the password.

Q. Who should use Keepsafe?

A. Anyone who wants to hide their private photos and videos from prying eyes can benefit from this app. IAnyoneso is a good choice for people who like to store irreplaceable images on their phone, such as pictures of family or friends they don’t want accidentally erased.

Q. Can I organize my photos with Keepsafe?

A. Many organizational features allow you to sort your images into folders based on various categories. You can also search for specific images using keywords or tags assigned to the files.

Q. What are some excellent uses of Keepsafe?

A. Some people use it to hide specific images that they only feel comfortable sharing with a small circle of people.

Q. Does Keepsafe have any ads?

A. No, there are no ads or other distractions in the app itself. You can use Keepsafe for as long as possible without watching promotional videos or clicking on any advertisements.

Q. Does Keepsafe work on Android?

A. Yes, the app works perfectly on all Android devices running version 5.0 or higher of the operating system (Lollipop or Marshmallow). The app also works on iOS devices, like the iPad and iPhone.


I hope you enjoyed the information that I have provided. This is an excellent app that you can use to keep your private images away from the prying eyes of people who would want to look at them. To protect your phone with this app, click the link below and enjoy it. Thank you for reading this blog post.!

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