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Name Life360 Mod Apk
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Updated February 25, 2023 (4 weeks ago)
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Life360 Mod Apk is a FREE family locator app that allows you to connect with your loved ones so they are never out of reach. You can see where your friends and family are on the map, get directions to their location, share photos or text messages, and set up geofences for alerts when someone enters or leaves an area. 

You can also use the Life360 Pro APK Family Alerts feature to quickly notify all household members if something happens at home, like a fire alarm going off, carbon monoxide detected in the air, or water leaking from pipes. Manage and edit all your family groups and user permissions in our secure web portal at Also Check out MT Manager MOD APK.

Life360 MOD APK

Life360 is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices with a smartphone data plan. No sign-ups or appointments are needed; install the app on your phone to connect with loved ones immediately.

What is Life360 Mod Apk

Life360 Mod Apk is a premium version of the app which you can use for free if your device does not have Google Play Store access. So to install this version, you need to download the Life360 App file from our page and follow the steps below.

Get more than five family members on your account. Manage all your family groups and user permissions in our secure web portal at Set up unlimited custom safety alerts with photos, text messages, and even a map pinpointing the location where you need help. Get instant notifications when a loved one arrives or departs from a specified area (Geofence).

Life360 MOD APK free

Set up unlimited, custom geofence location alerts for any family member to keep them continuously updated about their kid’s arrival time from school or soccer practice! Track your car’s real-time driving behavior and receive driving alerts if unsafe driving habits are detected, such as speeding over the limit or excessive acceleration/braking.

Life360 Mod Apk Features

See the real-time location of others on a private map in your groups and Life360 MOD APK. Get alerts when people enter or leave an area you define, and keep track of their movements. See family members in larger cities up to 3 miles from your location, depending on GPS/WiFi availability and accuracy for smaller towns and rural areas.

Life360 MOD APK free app

Notify Friends and family by message or a phone call to stay connected with a tap of a button. Share your location with one person, multiple contacts, or everyone in your group at once for emergencies.

Real-Time Location Sharing

No sign-ups or appointments are needed. Install the app and your contacts who already have Life360 installed will show up automatically, and one tap sends a location notification to them via an SMS text message.

Family Locator

Easily create custom family groups, locate all family members on the map, and be connected instantly with your kids or elderly parents. We make life easier by showing you where they are at any time.

Life360 MOD APK app

With our precise real-time location-sharing technology, you can see friends online in real-time. Connecting is as easy as sending a message! You can even send a live chat invitation to join instantly without leaving the Life360 app.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Safety is prioritized with unlimited speed alerts, curfew alarms, geofencing boundaries, and safe zones.

Easily create custom Geofence Boundaries around your children’s school or other areas your family regularly travels so you can see their location in real-time. This is great for visiting the route they take to school, whether walking, biking, or being dropped off by a parent/guardian. You can even set up a geofence boundary around your home and always know when someone enters or leaves without setting up an alert.

Phone permission

With the phone’s permission, Life360 can detect when you’ve had an accident and send your current location to your loved ones with your last known speed.

Life360 MOD APK 2022

Pro Key of Life360 Mod Apk

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Finding Family Friends
  • Family Locator Alerts Unlimited Geofences Live Location Premium Key
  • The all-new Life360 is your companion for life’s journey from day one.
  • We’re excited to give you a peek into what’s in store for our newest update: Life360.
  • We’re also excited to inform you that starting with this update, we’re moving towards an ALWAYS-ON location permissions model.
  • This means we will always run in the background while you’re home to keep your family and loved ones safe.
  • With your consent, location services will only be used using the Life360 always append.

How to Download and Install Life360 Premium Mod Apk on Android

The Life360 Premium Mod Apk is a modification of the popular navigation app that will give you more features and capabilities. This article will discuss what this MOD does, how to install it, and tips on getting more out of your Life360 experience.

Step 1. First, you must download the Life360 App from one of the links below.

Step 2. Once downloaded, go into your settings and allow unknown sources; if you do not know where this is located, then please visit our How to Enable Unknown Sources page for a step-by-step guide on how to enable it.

Step 3. Now open your file manager, find the APK you downloaded earlier, and install it like any other app.

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Life360: Family Locator & GPS Tracker Apk FAQs

The first thing you need to know about Life360 MOD APK is that it’s free. It also has a GPS tracker so you can always find your family members. It has the best community of any other location-sharing app on the market and has fantastic features like ‘watch my kids’ mode, where parents can see what their children are doing at any time.

Q. Where is my family at any time with this app?

A. Life360 is a GPS tracker, so you can always find your family members on a map with real-time updates on their location.

Q. How does the watch my kid’s mode work?

A. Watch my kid’s mode allows parents to see what their children are doing anytime from anywhere in the world and receive instant alerts when they enter or leave a geofenced area set by a parent.

Q. Where does the community come into play?

A. You can easily connect with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues with the apAppia, our GPS locator feature. Send them an invite, and they’ll immediately be added to your circle.

Q. What can I use this GPS tracker for?

A. Life360 is excellent for keeping track of your kids on their way to and from school and knowing when they have left or entered a set area. It’s also fantastic for drivers, so you’ll always know where your friends, family members, and colleagues are while on a road trip or a long drive home from work. Anyone that has an interest in knowing the location of others at any given time will benefit from using this app.

Q. How do I invite my friends & family to download this app?

A. It only takes one step to get started with Life360. All you need to do is log in with your phone number, invite friends and family via email or SMS, or share your Life360 URL to social media.


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