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PaperColor MOD APK (Colorfit)

Name PaperColor MOD APK
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Updated May 25, 2023 (3 days ago)
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I recently discovered a friendly theme for VIM called PaperColor Mod Apk. After switching to it, I have not been able to use any other piece because this one is just perfect for me! This article will show you how to set up your favorite color scheme with PaperColor and describe its features.

I will not concentrate on how to install VIM; that would be a topic for another article. The image above shows the color scheme: it is nice and clean without distracting backgrounds or styling – only your code. Just look at those light-blue borders around every element of the page; they are not intrusive and make it easy to focus on what you want to read Also Check out Garena Free Fire MAX Mod Apk 

paperdraw mod

So I think this color scheme Mod Apk fits perfectly. If you are a JavaScript developer like me, you probably know that most color schemes for VIM are not very good when it comes to JS, but I can tell you by experience that this one wants to change; one of these is excellent and provides a lot of colors for all parts of your code. If you are a Web Developer, I recommend checking out this plugin which will turn your VIM into a robust CSS development environment.

What is PaperColor MOD APK

PaperColor Mod Apk is a fork of the already popular theme called Leuven. It provides excellent features, including a neat light and dark mode switcher (the one in the middle) and valuable variables for customizing your color scheme. If you want to read up on all the available options, check out this article by Colorfit.

Many have experienced that moment when we see our favorite developer using a fantastic color scheme. Still, they can’t use it because it’s simply unavailable on their platform.

paperdraw mod apk

I don’t know about you guys, but I hate switching between my personal VIM with PaperColor and work VIM, which uses Monokai Pro; I constantly change most settings because they are different. That’s where my fork of PaperColor comes in! I have the same color scheme on both machines, making me super happy (and productive)!

Features of PaperColor MOD APK 

The Light and dark mode switcher PaperColor Mod Apk has an experimental feature called day/night mode switching.

If you hold down ctrl + alt and press any light/dark buttons, it will change half of your screen to that color scheme (Light on dark or dark in the morning). This is especially handy when taking screenshots with a program like Light Shots because the theme automatically changes to match your setup.

sketchar mod

Mark in your photo

You can even change the color entirely and no one will be able to see what you are doing! It’s a valuable feature to show your client how something looks, for example.

PaperColor MOD APK Download

The color scheme has some pretty cool-looking modes inspired by other well-known Mod Apk like Atom PaperColor or macOS Mojave.

Draw on picture

I don’t use this feature, but it might come in handy if you take screenshots with VIM and want to draw some lines or arrows.

The Menubar This is my favorite addition! If you use the vim-airline plugin (mod apk), your status bar will automatically switch colors depending on your mode. This looks like a work of art, but if your color scheme does not support it, it can be pretty confusing: I had that problem before switching to PaperColor.

To solve that issue, add this line in your .vimrc file: set fillchars+=menubar. The result should look something like this.

Colors Editor

Check out this super handy plugin to customize the color scheme. It has color previews and many other options worth a look if you like customizing everything.

The dark mode switch button in the bottom right corner is not included because it didn’t fit my setup, but I will try and add it later if I find the time.

Pro Key of PaperColor Mod Apk

  • Handwriting signature with a pen after you have finished the works
  • Powerful and useful plugin
  • the most customizable color scheme for developers
  • Forked Leuven theme with Light/Dark Mode switcher
  • Stylish UI for a better experience
  • Single font ‘Hack’ for better looks at symbols
  • Option to choose a dark mode in different color schemes
  • Colors customization options
  • Shows the status bar color in Menubar when using vim-airline
  • Dark mode option for specific file types: ex. *.java, *.cpp etc.
  • Force dark mode everywhere with Whitelist or Blackist of directories
  • Fast Search plugin to find & replace text easily like the regular text editor

How to Download PaperColor Mod Apk for Android

PaperColor Mod Apk is a game that has captivated more than 10 million gamers worldwide. It’s an interactive and addictive game where players can colorize the world however they choose.

The problem was there were no difficulty levels for people who wanted to play but found the game too hard or too easy – until now.

  1. Download the attached file in this post.
  2. Now, go to the File Manager of your choice and locate the downloaded APK file.
  3. Tap on it & Install it as a standard App.
  4. Enjoy.

PaperColor Pro Apk FAQs

The PaperColor Mod Apk is an excellent tool for those who love to draw or sketch. It offers a variety of colors and brushes, with the ability to save your work in progress at any time. We’ve compiled answers to some questions we’ve heard from our customers below.

Q 1. Will I lose my work if uninstalled?

A. No, you won’t lose your progress or creations when uninstalling and installing the App again.

Q 2. How can I save my work?

A. You can save your work in progress by pressing the home button or export your work by pressing the Export button.

Q 3. I’m having some issues with saving my progress while working on a project. How can I resolve these issues?

A. Adjust the settings in your phone or tablet to “Power Saving” mode, as this will help prevent your device from going into Sleep Mode.

Q 4. Can I get the PaperColor Mod Apk for PC?

A. Sadly, it is not possible to download and play the PaperColor game on a Windows or Mac computer. However, you can play it directly through your web browser by going to

Q 5. Is there any other way of getting access to the full version?

A. The full version can be unlocked by purchasing an in-app purchase code from within the game itself; this will unlock all features, including exporting and importing functions.

Q 6. How do I turn off the watermark?

A. To remove the watermark, purchase a code from within the App first. Once you have received your code, open up this website and enter it to activate the Full Version of PaperColor.


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