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I’m a member of another social community site, one that is much like Pinterest APK. I’ve been an active member over there for almost two years now and recently noticed some people have started to complain about the staff on this other network so I wanted to take a look at the complaints and address them in my review. Please keep in mind this is not a biased review, everything you read here I have experienced myself and can personally vouch for.

First let’s start with the things that concern me most when looking to join any social web community: having it feel like I’m part of a community, the staff being helpful, kind & supportive (not elitist, biased, or overbearing), and having a lot active members.

Pinterest APK

So, after joining Pinterest I was blown away by how little any of those things matter! It feels like a ghost town. There are only about 800 people in my local area (NYC Metro) and even fewer in the rest of the world (my top result for ‘Smallville’ is zero). Yeah, you can find some awesome stuff on there if you look hard enough but only 800 people?! This is the problem I had with my other community too when it started to grow, so maybe this is just a trend with social web communities.

What is Pinterest APK

As far as the staff goes, there’s only one real person and she is a sweetheart. I know her name but won’t say it here in case she doesn’t want her name posted online just yet (I have a lot of respect for that). Spotify Lite MOD APK She seems like she genuinely wants to help people out on Pinterest APK and has been supportive from what I’ve seen. She’s also the only one that can remove or add admin rights to your account and she listens to your concerns if you PM her, unlike any of my other online communities (but then again, they are run by people in third-world countries who probably don’t speak English very well).

Pinterest app 2022

The only gripe I have about the staff is that they don’t seem to be very active or even ‘watch’ their social network a lot. I’ve seen countless accounts trying to cheat and get referrals by mass-following other people on Pinterest and it takes forever for the staff to notice it and take action against them (if at all). For instance, one guy has about 15 accounts and is mass-following every single person in a local area (maybe New York?) to gain more followers and make his account look better.

Pinterest app

I’ve been following one of the accounts he’d created so I can report back to him whenever he gets suspended, only because I want him to know that at least SOMEONE noticed what he was up to. He probably won’t care since I’m the only one that has reported any of his accounts, and he’s got a few more trying to get their followers as high as possible too.

Features of Pinterest APK

Moving away from the community aspect, let’s take a look at all the features Pinterest APK offers. There are some nice things there that I use myself and are easy to make good use of. For example, you can create your boards to share with friends or pin from other people who have similar interests so it makes it easier for you to find new things. You can also create your theme boards and set up the layout of how you want them to look on the site, change the colors, and such. I love that feature.

Pinterest mod apk

How to get the most out of Pinterest

Here’s the thing – Pinterest is worth joining if you want to learn about new things, but it only works if you’re active with your profile and share with others who have similar interests. Otherwise, what’s the point? If no one else on there has your interests or is interested in sharing then what’s the point of joining? It’s no different than putting it out there on the internet and hoping for someone to find it, instead of doing all the work yourself.

Ways to use Pinterest

Here’s the thing about Pinterest, it’s still in BETA so there might be more features added later on but for now these are what I use and have found useful with my account.

Pinterest pro apk

Catch up – This is a cool feature where you can enter keywords to search through all the Pins that people created for those keywords. I use it to see what people are pinning about photography, food & recipes, or even just for fun and I can always find something interesting.

Looking for creative ideas?

I love this one. Here you can search for a topic and it will bring up all the different Pins that people have created to help you find new ideas, or just inspire you so you can create your idea. I searched for things ranging from photography to plants that I have indoors and I can always find something interesting.

Some More Features

  • Home design, architecture & DIY
  • Creative wedding tips
  • Travel, fitness & beauty
  • Food, new recipes & cooking
  • Planning, organizing & productivity
  • This is just a list of the mainboards you can browse and search through. I may make another post in more detail about my thoughts on Pinterest.

Download Pinterest APK on Android

You can get the Pinterest APK by downloading it from Google Play.  Just click on the link below and hit ‘Install’, you’ll have to accept all permissions to download it, but do so at your own risk if you haven’t already heard about all of the issues that might come up (such as over-using your data). My advice is just to try it out with Wi-Fi only, or maybe you don’t need an app for this at all – it kind of depends on what you’re using Pinterest for.

Step 1: Go to Download Pinterest from Apkspure.Com on your Android device

Step 2: Accept permissions and hit “Install”, wait for the app to download, and then open it up.

Install apk 2022

Step 3: Log in with your existing account or create a new account.

Step 4: Start using Pinterest on your Android device.

Step 5: Enjoy.

Pinterest APK FAQs

If you want to know the latest news and updates from the world of blogging, then this blog is for you! We will teach you how to use Pinterest APK. If you are a blogger or someone who wants to start a blog, then we have some great tips for you in today’s post. So come join us on this journey through the world of blogging and learn more about using Pinterest APK.

Q: Why aren’t all of my Pins visible when I log in with my account?

A: There are restrictions put in place for how much of your profile will be viewable, especially if you’ve just joined and don’t have a lot of Pins yet. After some time they’ll be visible to everyone on your profile as long as you keep sharing interesting content you find around the web using Pinterest.

Q: I want to delete my account because I don’t like it anymore, what should I do?

A: If at any point you no longer want your Pinterest profile that’s fine, but if you have something up on the web then try to think of a way to remove it before deleting your account so that other people don’t have access to it. If you don’t want to keep using the Pinterest app then feel free to delete it, or just uninstall it when you’re done and re-download it if you need it again later on down the line.

Q: Will my account be deleted for using Pinterest APK?

A: Probably not, but we can’t be certain. If you use the Pinterest app or download it then you should still follow all of the Terms of Service and make sure that your profile is following them as well for best results later on down the line.

Q: Why does Pinterest want access to my camera/mic?

A: Probably so they can tie into Google Search for better results when you’re searching for things in the app. If you don’t like using voice commands then feel free to deny them camera/mic access, just make sure that your profile adheres to App’s terms, or else risk a ban if they find out later on.


We’ve covered most of the questions that you might have about using Pinterest APK and it’s really up to you what you want to do. If you don’t think it’ll get a lot of use then maybe sit on it until some more bugs are worked out because they’re bound to come out in the future. However, if you want to have it and use it to the fullest then feel free to install it, just make sure you’re following Pinterest’s TOS and best practices to avoid any trouble later on down the line.

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