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Planner 5D Mod APK v2.9.3 Download (All Unlocked)

Name Planner 5D Mod Apk
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Version 2.9.3
Size 630MB
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Planner 5D Mod Apk Do you have a Planner? You should if you are an interior designer because it is one of the most valuable gadgets. A plan is nothing but a collection of things. Some programs include floor plans, architectural drawings, and many other things. To become an interior designer, you must learn how to use it effectively. A Planner is considered the ideal tool for all designers because it helps them work.

Planner 5D Mod Apk

The new version of Planner is available for free on Play Store. It is known as the Planner 5D Mod Apk. This App allows users to create fantastic home designs without any technical knowledge. The free version has some limitations. These limitations include only a few rooms that can be designed and exported. The second version of this App has all the features of the first one, and the price is $2.99.

Planner 5D Mod Apk

Most people think this App is made only for iOS devices, but that is untrue. It is available on mobiles like iPhone, iPod Touch, and HTC Evo Shift. Buying the App on mobiles will not work on the Play Store because mobiles are incompatible with the Play Store’s requirements. But it is available on the Play Store as free software. Hence, you can Planner 5D Mod Apk download and try this fantastic App on your Android phone.

Planner 5D

You need to follow specific steps to download the planner 5d mod apk. Firstly, go to Google Play Store and search for this App. Then you need to install it. Once it is installed, you need to open it. Choose the downloaded file, and it will automatically install.

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This application comes with its design creator, allowing you to customize your widgets’ look and feel. You can change the color of the device using the design creator. The built-in widgets include a calendar, contacts, text messages, email, alarm, calculator, airplane, calculator, weather, contact name and number, alarm reminder, time, date, time zone, live traffic, weather, pop-up menu, and many more. There are many other widgets also that you can make use of. To add more devices, go to the widgets section and click the plus sign next to the clock.

What is Planner 5D Mod Apk?

The application provides two profiles – A standard profile which you can use on any Android device, and the Plus profile, which you can use on the latest app version. You will receive free wallpapers and icons when you install this Planner 5D Mod Apk. You will also receive additional features and benefits.

Planner 5D Pro Apk

The first thing that one has to do is to download the mod from the Google play store. After that, you need to back up your entire phone. Once you are done backing up your phone, restore it to its original state. Now, if you want to experience the best and most realistic experience of having a perfect home simulation application on your Android device, the best way to go about it is to download the planner mod apk and install it on your smartphone. Now you are all set and ready to use it on your device.

Features Of Planner 5D Mod Apk

The Features Planner 5D Mod Apk is one of the handiest tools for managing your business and personal emailing lists. All you need to do is download it, install it on your PC or laptop, select its modules, add the necessary programs and features, and then will manage everything efficiently. So if you are tired of struggling with your schedule and looking for a more efficient way to manage your time, this tool is a good solution.

Planner 5D Premium Apk

This is a must-have for small business owners and people who want to pursue a career in computer technology. This unique software has many features that will help you make your life easier and better business decisions faster. You don’t need to worry about learning a new program since Features Planner is very user-friendly. You can manage your database, contacts, and messages in your Inbox with just a few simple clicks. Some of its great features include:

Catalog lots of items to use in your designs

This is probably the most used feature. You can search for different accounts and add them all in one go. You can choose the parts you want and the components you don’t want from the account manager. There are even accounts that are created specifically for social media marketing. And using Features Planner, you can manage and set macros, automatically sharing your favorite links, articles, press releases, photos, videos, etc., on multiple social networking sites.

Planner 5D Mod Apk free

This is another valuable feature of this powerful tool. You can create and design your email database so that you do not have to go through the tedious process of creating a new one whenever you want to send out messages. This database also allows you to store all your essential business communications in one place. Aside from that, it can also back up all your database information.

Snapshots of realistic images of your designs

With Features Planner, you can easily manage and create your contacts. It has the following features: Contact Search, which makes it easy to search for people by their email addresses; Group Search, which allows you to search, organize, and send a group message to multiple contacts; and Recycle Address Function, which will enable you to recycle addresses that you have deleted from your address books. In addition, you can also make it possible to edit contact information or favorites by clicking on the “edit” link next to the person’s name.

Planner 5D Mod Apk 2022

You can invite your friends to join your network. To do this, you must make a simple form and fill it with the required information. One thing you need to remember when sending invites is that the invitation will be visible to everyone who can receive them. This is to ensure that there are enough people in your network to be able to attend to any requests made by your guests.

It can be used online and offline

With Features Planner, it is easy to search for people based on their names, email addresses, phone numbers, classified ads, and other information. To do this, you must click Search and type the required information. This feature is also useful when you check an invitation email’s status. You can also run a background check to learn more about someone before sending him a business opportunity solicitation.

Planner 5D Apk

With Features Planner, you can create a customized contact list and use it to run the automatic generation of mailing lists. The generated list can include new and old contact information, sorted according to the date of the last activity, name, or address.

This feature helps you sort out unwanted emails and quickly eliminate unnecessary mailers. If you do not want to use the generated list for mailing, you can always import the data from Microsoft Outlook or other contact management software.

Planner 5D Mod Apk Short Features 

If you think that the application may have some bugs in it, you can try to browse through the internet for the various reviews regarding this Planner 5D Mod Apk. The widget is available in two versions – one for the standard screen size and the other for the larger variant. Now that you know how to install the Planner on your cell phone, you can download and experience the beauty and fun of having an interior design creator tool to help you create an excellent home simulator environment on your smartphone.

  • Planner 5D Mod Apk is the fastest, easiest way to master the complex game of modern basketball.
  • Planner 5D is an innovative and easy-to-use project management app that helps you get more done faster.
  • Game – Planner lets your business be on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Play with friends, chat and coordinate meet-ups, or find singles to game with.
  • Play games on your phone, another phone, or tablet—scan QR codes in real life to play games on the screen of a prop.


Planner 5D Mod Apk Have you ever wondered how to make your summary planner for Android an App that sells? It is effortless as long as you follow the steps correctly. The four best efforts I followed to set up my first App and sell it on the Android market were simple. If you follow them, you will never make the mistake I made and your App will be a goldmine.

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