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SuperSU Pro (SuperSU )

Name SuperSU Pro
Offered By SuperSU
Version 2.82
Size 6MB
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Updated August 22, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

This article is to inform the users about this app. SuperSU Pro APK can be used as a root access manager and once it gets installed, you will get complete control over your device in terms of gaining admin permission to any third-party application that requires it. The current Android OS comes with an inbuilt security feature known as ‘Verify apps ‘ for stopping any malicious application from getting installed on the device. But using SuperSU Pro Mod APK, one can easily override this protection to install various applications and mods that require root access to work properly. 

Once you have enabled the administrator privileges for your account, it means that all other security features will also be disabled automatically. The app has been rated as 3.6 out of 5 which is quite good for an app with such a wide range of features. So, if you are looking forward to gaining complete control over your Android device, then you should definitely give it a try, as this will make the process super easy and fast and Also Check out Truecaller Premium Apk.

SuperSU Pro APK

If you think that it might harm your device, then you can always uninstall it later. But that will be a quite haphazard process and the app might not even get uninstalled completely. It is for this reason that we recommend going with an alternate option where you get to keep your device secured as well.

What is SuperSU Pro APK

SuperSU Pro APK is basically a rooting tool that can be used to gain full administrative control over any Android device. The application comes with a lot of advanced features like –

The ability to grant or deny root permissions on various applications. The Ability to manage Superuser access rights for various users including the ADB shell and Kernel. It can work in both the standalone as well as daemon mode. The ability to update itself automatically.

The App is basically a tool that helps in adding various mods, applications, and system tweaks that require root access to function properly on any device running Google’s Android OS. However, only the rooted phones can take advantage of this particular application since it requires complete administrative access over the device. So, once you have installed this application and granted it the root permissions, all other security features will be disabled automatically.

Features of SuperSU Pro APK

This is a list of some great features in the SuperSU Pro APK. The first is that it gives users root access on their Android devices, without having to use a PC! Another cool feature is that it doesn’t require any other apps or programs – you can simply download and install the app from your phone’s Play Store. And last but not least, this app has an interactive user interface for easy navigation.

No Ads

If you want to have a no-ads version of SuperSU Pro then you can simply use the paid one which is available for Google Play Store users. The free version that we chose to review here comes with ads so if you are looking forward to having a clean and non-cluttered experience, then it would be better for you to go for the paid version. 

The Pros and Cons of SuperSU Pro

This is my list of pros and cons for SuperSU Pro The first pro is that it comes with an interactive user interface. Another pro would be the fact that it doesn’t require any other app or program to work – you can simply install it on your phone from the Play Store. And last but not least, the interface of this particular app makes navigation as smooth and hassle-free as it can get.

The cons that I could think of is that the free version comes with ads which might be quite annoying for some people. Another con would be the fact that this particular app requires root access to function properly, so if you don’t feel comfortable about that, then it would be better for you to use an alternate option.

And lastly, the app might not work very well on some Android devices. If this is the case with your device as well, then I would suggest using a different app such as Kingo Root APK instead of this one.

Superuser access logging

All such programs log access requests by default. However, this behavior is usually changed by the system/device owners in device-specific init scripts which cause SuperSU to not log such requests. You can also turn logging off completely with the ‘log-level option if you don’t want any of the previously logged information to be written to disk. As of v1.80 logging is not on by default anymore for newly created log files, but it’s still active for existing ones to prevent loss of valuable data.

Strongest Root

SuperSU was the first program available on the market which supported a fully automated root solution – all you had to do is just install the app and it would take care of the rest. This is the way it works with all other programs as well, but SuperSU does it one step further – you can download this tool and then keep using your device normally without any restrictions or security issues bothering you at all.

There are many other advanced features included in this app such as root access logging, automatic OTA survival mode (no guarantees), and many others, so if you are interested in knowing more about it, then I would suggest going to the Play Store link that I have provided below.

Superuser access prompt

Some applications require root access to do certain tasks and you have no way of knowing if the application has malicious code in it or not. That is why you are prompted with a pop-up message every time an application requires root permissions. You can approve or deny the request – all these features are included in this app as well, so don’t worry about losing control over your device or any security issues.

SuperSU is the most popular Superuser access management tool on the market today, and this popularity comes with a reason – it’s easy to use, very fast and it doesn’t require any unnecessary feature to function properly.

Per-app logging configuration

If you ever needed to know which application and how often has asked for root permissions, then this feature is just what you have been looking for. You can also restrict the administrative rights of an application if you don’t want it to make any changes on your device without your knowledge.

And last but not least, as I have already mentioned above, you will never be bothered with any security issues since this application is designed to function properly in its own private environment.

The only con that I can think of would be the fact that SuperSU Pro requires root access to work, but if you don’t mind using this app, then it’s a great choice for both beginners and advanced Android users.

Key Features of SuperSU Pro Apk

The SuperSU Pro Apk is a very powerful app that lets you root your device in just a few minutes. It’s perfect for those who want to have total control over their device, and the ability to install any apps they want from Google Play Store even if it doesn’t include them by default. The best part about this app is that there are no ads or annoying notifications! This means you can customize your phone as much as you like without being interrupted.

  • SuperSU Pro is a powerful tool for rooted Android devices
  • It allows you to manage root permissions by using the SuperUser (root) account
  • You can also use it as an alternative to other tools, such as Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root and Towelroot
  • Root access gives you full control over your device and lets you install custom ROMs, kernels, apps, extensions and more
  • With root access enabled on your device, there are no limits on what you can do with it! 
  • The best part about this app is that it’s easy to install – just download the APK file from the link below and run it like any other app!  
  • There are no ads or unnecessary permissions required either!  
  • This program will never expire or stop working so long as updates come out for Android OS versions! 

How to Download SuperSU Pro APK on Android

Are you interested in rooting your Android device? If so, you should know that there are two different types of root access to choose from. SuperSU is the most popular and reliable option for many people looking for a solution to their problems. But what exactly is SuperSU Pro APK? This article will give you some information about this app and where to download it.

Step 1. Go to Download SuperSU Pro APK Page

Step 2. Install SuperSU Pro on Android


When the download is complete, tap on the notification that says “SuperSU Pro is ready to install”. Then, tap on “Install” and wait for the installation process to complete.

That’s it! You will soon see an app icon appear on your home screen.

How to Use SuperSU Pro Unlock Root Permissions The first time you open the application, it will automatically prompt you to grant root access permissions. If this doesn’t happen automatically, launch the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

SuperSU Mod Apk FAQs

SuperSU Mod Apk is a popular application that grants the user root privileges on their device, without any requests for confirmation. The app also has advanced features like logging and controlling app permissions. If you want to download SuperSU Mod Apk and have questions about it, this blog post will answer some of your FAQs.

Q.1. How to Install SuperSU APK?

A.1. You can download the app from the first link to this article.

Q.2. Why Do I Need SuperSU Pro Apk?

A.2. If you want to be able to install any app you like from Google Play Store, you need root access. With this app, you have the ability to control what apps are allowed to do and what permissions they should have on your device. Also, if you want to install custom ROMs or kernels, you must grant root access.

Q.3. What is the Difference Between Android and SuperSU Pro Apk?

A.3. Android updates are released by Google, not SuperSU Pro. So, if you’re using Android, it’s possible that your device isn’t rooted and you can’t install SuperSU Pro Apk manually. This program will only work if you already have root access to your device. It’s designed to help manage root permissions, setting limits for apps that request them.

Q.4. Does SuperSU Pro Apk Work On Samsung Phones?

A.4. Yes, you can use SuperSU Pro Apk on any Samsung device, such as the Galaxy S9.


SuperSU Pro Apk is a great tool for rooted devices. It allows you to manage root permissions and customize your phone’s settings in a way that feels natural to you. You can finally do everything with your Android device, feeling safe all the time!

What are your thoughts about this app? Do you have any suggestions? Please share them in the comment section below!

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