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Tasker Mod Apk is a life-changing productivity tool. It can automate any task on your phone, like turning the volume up when you plug in headphones or setting the alarm for 5 minutes after you launch it. You can even set up notifications that will go off at certain times of the day. This app is perfect for people who are always on the go and need help getting done daily.

Tasker is the perfect app for busy people. With this app, you can automate routine tasks on your phone. You can create rules to have your phone do things for you when you’re not around Also Check out Stumble Guys Mod Apk.

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Tasker App is an excellent time-saving tool for people who want their phones to work without them having to worry about it. It’s a great solution if both hands are full and you need something done on your phone with one hand free.

What is Tasker Mod Apk

This blog will be about one of the best apps for android and iPhone smartphones. It is called Tasker Mod Apk App and has many features that make your life easier. This app lets you automate tasks on your phone, such as turning off WiFi or Bluetooth when you leave home. You can also set up different profiles, like night mode, to automatically turn down brightness and silence notifications during sleep.

Can customize profile settings with actions such as sending a text message to a spouse if an alarm clock goes off while sleeping, so they know not to worry about being late for work in the morning! These are just some of the fantastic things this app does.

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The Tasker app is one of the most powerful apps to be released for Android devices. It’s always on your home screen and can do just about anything you want it to. This app has endless options, so don’t hesitate if you’re looking for an easy way to automate your life.

Features of Tasker Mod Apk

Tasker Mod APK App is a powerful app for Android that enables you to automate specific tasks on your phone. It has many features, but one of the most useful is creating profiles and scenes. With a profile, you can set up a rule that will trigger an action when something occurs in your environment or with your phone. For example, say you want your lights to turn off automatically when it gets dark outside.

You would create a profile where the condition would be time from sunset, and the action would be turning on lights at home. This way, as soon as it gets dark outside, Tasker will automatically turn off all the lights in your house! Another feature of these scenes is customized task lists containing multiple actions such as turning lights on, locking doors, and setting the temperature to a certain level, all with one tap.

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It is an app for Android that allows you to create different profiles and tasks with the help of contexts. You can then activate these tasks by time, location, or any other change in context that has been set up. With Tasker, you can do anything from turning your phone into a flashlight to automatically launching apps when you connect to your home WiFi network. The possibilities are endless.


Tasker is an app that requires you to allow it to do anything. It has access to everything on your phone; there’s no denying that. What makes this different is the fact that most of does will require rooted access, like turning web pages into Android apps or detecting when an SD card is inserted.

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If you’re rooted, you’re using this. As for the average user, it’s still a fantastic app that can come in handy daily if you know what to do with it. We will discuss an app that makes Android phones automatically do things based on certain conditions and repeat them at your command.

Developer Friendly

Tasker is a developer-friendly app that allows you to create and share your code with the community. If you have some Java, XML, or Python knowledge, using a plugin interface opens up a whole new world where developers can make their plugins for features they feel would be helpful in other people’s profiles.

This blog will discuss the top 20 Tasker profiles to make your life easier. These can all be customized for each person’s needs but should give you a good idea of capability.

Other Triggers

When making a profile, you may also utilize other triggers. Let’s say you have no desire to participate in location-based profiles. In such instances, you may monitor the battery’s fullness, the device’s connection status (such as WiFi or Bluetooth), when you dock or undock it from a charger (such as in your car), and more.

You can find the complete list of triggers over at developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/sensors_overview.html. Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll be taken to the next tab, where you can name it.

Modes, Tasks & Profiles

Profiles are the ‘if’ in an if-this-then-that type statement. They are composed of three parts that, when combined, allow you to perform specific tasks when different triggers are activated. Once a profile is created, you can select which charges or actions to take when the conditions are met.

Tasks are the ‘then’ in an if-this-then-that type statement. They are composed of actions that Tasker will perform when a particular profile is activated. You can add multiple steps to each Task but not delete the default.

Pro key of Tasker Mod Apk

  • Modes are another form of context that you can add to a profile.
  • The main difference is that mode only lasts as long as the app runs.
  • Your phone could go into silent mode when you get to work and back to the usual way when you leave at the end of the day.
  • There are a couple of things that make Tasker such a fantastic app.
  • The best feature is its ability to do anything you want.
  • This includes customizing your widgets and performing actions based on specific criteria you or others can set up.
  • It has a decent-sized learning curve, but it’s well worth the time spent getting through it.
  • It is compatible with most Android devices with version 2.2 or higher of Android installed.
  • This blog was solely written for informative purposes and is not responsible for any damage done to your device using the knowledge contained within it.
  • Please be aware that Root Keeper will not protect your device from Tasker or other apps that have been granted root access.
  • You can also download this excellent app from our latest post.
  • You can use the actions on the phone with an on-screen navigation bar.

How to Download and Install Tasker Mod Apk

Tasker Mod APK is an app that allows you to automate your phone. You can set it up so that when you plug in your headphones, the volume will automatically increase, or when it’s time for bed, turn off all notifications except alarms. The possibilities are endless. It also has a free version, but no pro version is available, so you want more functionality, like creating projects and actions.

Step 1. Go to the official website Apkspure.com.

Step 2. Scroll down, and you will see a search bar, type in Tasker.

Step 3. You should see the app appear on the right-hand side under Download Options.

Step 4. Now click on it, directing you to download that file onto your phone or tablet.

Step 5. Your download should start automatically.

Step 6. Go to the Downloads app and find it. Click on it and wait for it to install.

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Step 7. If you get a message asking if you want to install the app, choose Install and let the process complete!

Tasker Mod Apk FAQs

Tasker Mod Apk App FAQs is a blog post that will answer people’s questions about the app. This article aims to help you understand what she does and how it can be helpful in your life. It also answers some common questions, such as.

Q. Can I use Tasker to automate my PC?

A. No, Tasker only works with Android devices.

Q. Why won’t my Tasker tasks run when they are supposed to?

A. Tasks require specific settings to be done before they can run automatically, so double-check that you have not skipped any steps when setting up your Tasks.

Q. How can I share my Tasker tasks with friends?

A. Open up the Task, select Menu Share, and send your friend the link to download it onto their device so they can import it into their Tasker application.

Q. How do I uninstall the Tasker app?

A. If you want to delete Tasker App from your Android phone, go to Settings and click on Apps (Applications). Then find the application and open it. Click on Uninstall and wait for the process to complete.

Q. How many things can Tasker do?

A. It’s impossible to list everything this app can do. People have created many tasks over the years, and if you search the web, you will find millions of results containing helpful information about various things.

Q. How do I turn off Tasker?

A. This is probably the most common question, especially for new users of Tasker. There are two ways to turn it.


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