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Hexonia MOD APK v1.1.37 (Unlimited Money)

Name Hexonia Mod APK
Category Android Games
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Version 1.1.37
Size 70MB
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MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Hexonia Mod Apk is an addictive strategy game with a simple goal: as many of the hexagons on board as possible! It has classic gameplay, an intelligent enough AI to play with even a novice human opponent and offers new strategic options for experienced players.

With a dark theme and intricate gameplay, it is both agitating fun. You can play Hexonia in myriad ways, with as many possible victory strategies. It’s a chessy thing, but now there is no tedious back and forth – you can enjoy playing Hexonia like checkers or any other board game you may be accustom to. Hexagon-based games and other roguelikes serve as sources of inspiration for the game. Check Out Very Little Nightmares Apk

hexonia mod apk

Hexonia is a strategy game of pitch black graphics that forces you to think and decide or else lose it all! Play Hexonia now! And I intend to add new features like the online multiplayer mode in time.

If you like the game, or have questions, ideas and suggestions leave me feedback – I’d love to hear them.

What is Hexonia Mod Apk

Hexonia Mod Apk is for one player or two players on the same device. Each player can choose their color: red or blue. Since hexagons come in different colors, you have to complement your tiles. Some of them are tough; some soft. So it would be best for you to go about carefully on the board.

hexonia mod apk unlocked all tribes only

The game consists of turns. You have to move all your tiles in each turn. If there are no more moves left, then your turn is over and the hexagons begin to move on their own. Watch how you maneuver your pieces, don’t put yourself in a bad position or it will be hard to win.

Select a tile, choose direction to move it. If there are no tiles in that direction, you can move one step.

However, according to the above image collecting power cores from hexagons with those little triangles would be ideal. Collect these as many times as you can, because they give you extra moves each turn.

Features of Hexonia MOD APK

Ixonia MOD APK is the best game that was ever created. It offers you a chance to explore an unknown world and fight with different monsters found in this mysterious place. People say these beasts are not dangerous, but they still need to be killed because of their high power level. You will face many difficulties on your way, but don’t worry – there’s nothing impossible for a real hero.

hexonia mod apk unlimited money


The Barbarian is a melee-focused guardian that has no ranged abilities. His strength lies in his brute force and health. He is good at fighting slow monsters with high HP, such as boss Belsaag.


The Sniper can deal more damage than any other guardian. She also has some unique attack abilities that can weaken an enemy.

hexonia mod apk unlocked and money


The Engineer is the most versatile guardian. He has pistols, a mine launcher, and other gadgets to damage enemies at range. He also has unique support abilities, such as creating turrets (that attack nearby monsters) and shield generators that protect you from harm.


Clerics are healers and can protect their allies using different auras to increase defense.

The location of the village and its inhabitants changes every time you play. However, there is one place that remains constant – the forest. The forest has no dangers and is populated by trees and animals. You can find many resources there, allowing you to create new equipment and potions.

hexonia mod apk unlocked

There is also a Dungeon that you can visit, but it’s hazardous. You will have to fight against many different monsters with different abilities there – be ready for this. You can find powerful items in the dungeon and complete various quests.

Key Features of Hexonia MOD APK

Ixonia MOD APK is a great strategy puzzle game for everyone who likes to play exciting and challenging puzzles. Other than being very addictive, it has a lot of great features that you will love.

  • Four difficulty levels await your challenge
  • Beginner – an easy puzzle game for all those who would like to play a relaxing round of Hexonia
  • Typical – the traditional Hexagonia puzzle
  • Complex – requires good reasoning skills and good reaction;
  • Fantastic – almost impossible to deal with it
  • Unique ability to change the color of hexagons;
  • More than 40 different monsters are waiting to meet you in battle and much more.
  • More than 100 various quests to complete;
  • Four difficulty levels will provide a real challenge.

How to Download Hexonia MOD APK for Android

If you want to play a game with the best graphics, then Hexonia MOD APK is perfect. It has just been released and features excellent 3D graphics, high-quality sound effects, and rich content.

Step 1. First, you need to have a file manager installed on your device. If not, search in the one that fits your needs.

Step 2. Download the APK file of Hexonia MOD APK and save it to your device’s internal or external storage

Install apk 202

Step 3. Tap the downloaded APK file and select “Install.”

Step 4. Should complete the installation within a few moments

Step 5. Open the Hexonia game and start your journey to the unknown world.

We hope that you find this article about Hexonia useful. If you have any ideas about it, feel free to comment below. If you want more APKS for Android, is always here to help.

Hexonia MOD APK FAQs

Hexonia is a new app that has taken the world by storm in just a few days. It’s been downloaded over 5 million times and is breaking records left and right, but what does it do? This article will answer your most pressing questions about Hexonia MOD APK.

Q 1. What is Hexonia MOD APK?

Hexonia MOD APK is a puzzle game in which you create hexagons and match them together to progress through the levels. The game is set in a fantasy world and you have to fight monsters and other players. There are specific tasks that you have to complete to get certain rewards.

Q 2. How does the Game work?

The game is a puzzle game in which you must create hexagons of the same color and make them disappear. Once you match enough of them, you will have to fight a monster. You can choose the level of difficulty that is right for you by selecting a different number of colors per hexagon.

Q 3. How many levels are there?

The game has over 350 levels; you can select the difficulty corresponding to your skill level. It has been downloaded over 5 million times, so it must be fun.

Q 4. Where can I download Hexonia MOD APK?

You can download the game from The website has many popular games, including Clash of Clans MOD APK.


I hope you enjoyed my article about Hexonia MOD APK. It’s a great game and has been downloaded over 5 million times. If you have questions about Hexonia MOD APK, please comment below. I check this blog every day and will respond as soon as possible.

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