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Teaching Feeling (FreakilyCharming)

Name Teaching Feeling
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Updated August 23, 2022 (5 months ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Teaching Feeling Mod APK Today everyone likes to befriend and help girls, but it becomes difficult to be like every boy of reality. If you are not one of these people and you do not have any such real-life girl from whom you can share your Teaching Feeling APK. So now you don’t have to worry.

Because now you can download the Teaching Feeling APK Game to befriend and support the girl, and share yourself with the girl. Which completely makes you feel the reality.

Teaching Feeling APK

In Teaching Feeling APK 2021 you get a chance to become a doctor as a Gamer. As a doctor, you have to help a girl here who is completely suffering. Along with helping the girl, you will be able to befriend her and share her and your Felling.

So if you want to play such a game full of objects, then you can download it from our website below.

What is Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK is Game Apk. Which is well-liked by Gamer. There are a lot of things in this game that is associated with the natural life of human beings, which attracts every person who plays the game.

Talking about reality in Teaching Feeling Mod APK, in this game you have to play a doctor as Gamer, and while playing this character you have to treat a girl who suffers a lot.

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The victim’s hand has been sliced ​​into several places on the face from where blood droplets are ready to come out. You just have to fix them. Total is the way we help people, just like in this game you have to cure the girl by becoming a doctor as a Gamer.

If you want to feel the feeling you got after helping someone, then I would advise you to download the Teaching Feeling APK on your mobile and play this game once.

Teaching Feeling Mod APK Story

In Teaching Feeling Mod APK, the girl who is suffering is very upset. Which you have to fix. Along with treating him, you can learn about his Felling and get him out of his troubles. Not only this, along with listening to his Felling, you can also keep your Felling with him.

In this way, you will become a good friend of this girl and you can extend your life further by staying with her for a long time. Surely you can completely transform yourself into a real-life by playing the Teaching Feeling Mod APK Game. Which is going to be full of mind for you.

Take care of her And Earn Money

While playing Teaching Feeling APK you can earn money by helping the girl in it as well as treating other people as a doctor. Which are a good option for you as a Gamer.

But also loves to earn money with the help of people, which gives you the opportunity to Teaching Feeling APK Games as a Gamer. So now if you understand the girl’s feelings and want to befriend her, and want to help her, then it can prove to be a very good and fun-filled game for you.

Teaching Feeling

You can download it by clicking Download Teaching Feeling APK 2021 link given below our website. Below we have told about the process of downloading and installing this game. So that you can easily download this game.

Features of Teaching feeling APK

Teaching feeling APK is an excellent way to help your students understand how their emotions affect the things they do. It also helps them see how other people’s feelings can influence theirs which makes it easier for children to become more empathetic and understanding at a young age.

Teaching Feeling teaches kids about feelings so that they can be more self-aware, have better relationships with others, and learn from their mistakes. The app is easy for teachers or parents to use – just download it, select a difficulty level, and tap the screen to give an emotion to the face.

The faces that show up on the screen are blank at first, but once you start giving them emotions they begin to look funny! The concept behind this app is clever because it teaches kids about feelings while also making them laugh.


Teachers and parents can download the Teaching Feeling app for free on Android or iPhone/iPad. After that, they select a difficulty level (easy, medium, or hard) and then they’ll be able to choose an emotion to give one of the faces on screen. The app will show them what the face looks like with no emotions, and then teachers/parents can tap different areas of the face (mouth, eyes, eyebrows) to make it look different!

It’s really easy for adults to play this game with their kids because all you have to do is tap certain parts of the facial feature. Kids love being entertained by making silly faces on their screens – even if it means teaching them something important.

Humanitarian values

The teaching feeling app helps the children to know other people’s feelings and emotions so that they can be more empathetic and understanding at a young age. Empathy is one of the social skills that enable children to reflect their parents’ or teachers’ behavior as well as their feelings to those around them.

They tend to live happier lives when they’re taught about empathy because it allows them an awareness of other perspectives – which means if they hurt someone, then they can understand why that happened.

Shows true colors

It also shows kids how their actions affect others which makes them more responsible in developing themselves. The game allows you to choose difficulty level but I’m pretty sure even an average kid would be able to easily maneuver the app. It doesn’t ask you to press a lot of buttons or anything, which makes it even more fun for the kids to play.

Interesting facts

The game was created at the University of Iowa’s College of Education and uses facial recognition software so that children can express emotions on different faces depending on where they click. Children between 4-7 years old won’t be able to stop playing this game because they’ll find it fascinating how one simple movement will change their face into something completely different.

I tried this app out with my 3-year-old cousin, however, he didn’t enjoy it as much as my 5-year-old niece did because she is way more active than him when it comes to playing.

Pro Key of Teaching Feeling Apk

  • Cares about the way they look.
  • Tries to eat healthy food.
  • Cares about their friends’ feelings.
  • Tries to play responsibly.
  • Gives compliments when they’re genuine.
  • Is kind towards people who are having a hard time.
  • They don’t want to upset people.
  • They might try to please their friends even if it doesn’t make them happy.
  • Help make sure everyone is included in school activities.
  • Makes sure that everything at home is picked up and organized before they go to bed each night.
  • Always recycles or reuses items they can instead of throwing them away when they’re done with them.

How to Download Teaching Feeling APK

Like the real Jeevam, if you want to help someone by getting Doctor status as a Gamer, then Teaching Feeling APK is a very good game for you. In which you have to help a victim girl.

  • Then we have told the steps to download this game, following which you can download this game to your device. And can enjoy it.
  • Let me tell you that you will not be able to download this game from the Play store, so do not waste your time by going there. Rather its download link is present below from where you can easily download it.
  • Teaching Feeling APK Download Link exists from where you can download this game Apk File by clicking.
  • Clicking on this given link will start downloading to your device.
  • Now after some time, it will be downloaded to your mobile.
  • If you want, you can check this Download Game Apk File by going to the Apk Download Folder of your mobile memory.

How to Download and Install Teaching Feeling APK on Android

I hope you have downloaded the Teaching Feeling APK by following the steps given above. Now how can you install this game file on mobile, you can follow the steps given below?

  • To install Teaching Feeling APK, first, you have to download it from the link given above.
  • After downloading, you have to go to your mobile memory. Where you have downloaded this game.
  • Here you will find a link to this game File Apk, above which you have to click.
  • Now you will come to the mobile setting where you have to open Unknown Source first.
  • Now you have to come back to the Download apk folder and click on the Teaching Feeling APK link.
  • Now it will be installed on your mobile and you can start the game by opening Abhishek.

Teaching Feeling APK FAQs

They absorb everything around them, good and bad. This includes the way they feel, what they think, and how they act. teaching feeling kids to name their feelings helps them understand themselves better so that when something happens in the future, they will know what they are feeling and why.

It also helps them identify these emotions so that when someone else is experiencing a similar emotion or pain, kids can empathize with them by understanding where this person is coming from emotionally. The most important thing you can do as a parent or teacher for your child is to model healthy coping skills for handling difficult emotions like anger, sadness, disappointment, etc.

Q. Where can I download Teaching Feeling?

A. You can download Teaching Feeling in the APKsPURE when it becomes available. We will announce the availability here on this page.

Q. Does Teaching Feeling APK work on Android smartphones or tablets?

A. Yes, it works for Android smartphones and tablets.

Q. What is the minimum Android version required to run Teaching Feeling?

A. 4.0 or above is enough to run Teaching Feeling on an Android device.

Q. Does it work on PC?

A. No, you need a smartphone or tablet to use Teaching Feeling APK.

Q. How much does this app cost?

A. This application is completely free to download and play. You can use it online or offline – no money spent.

Q. Does this cost anything to play?

A. No, the app doesn’t cost anything to play on an Android device. There are no fees or charges involved.


Teaching Feeling apk game is considered quite popular, so you use it. Then enjoy this, as this game is fully unlocked, meaning that this application has been completely modified, which you can enjoy the Teaching Feeling Game to the fullest. You can use all its premium items and if you like this game, then share our posts more on social media.!

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