7 Stress Buster Activities To Keep Anxiety At Bay

7 Stress Buster Activities To Keep Anxiety At Bay ()

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Although stress can come in many forms, it’s essential to effectively relieve the pressure that each unique brand of stress may bring. One thing that you can do when it comes to these emotions is practice different relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises or mindfulness, for example, can help calm your body and mind. Being mindful about all the different things that come into our lives can help us better understand any problematic circumstances we are trying to resolve healthily by eliminating toxic forms of stress from taking over.

There are many ways to destress yourself in the middle of the week or during the weekends. Read this article to keep anxiety at bay and live a wholesome life.

Make Time For Yourself

Leisure does not only mean leisure time; it also refers to free time for play, recreation, or relaxation. Many people are dedicated to working and their careers, often focusing on the notion of success so much that they forget that there is a balance between life, health, and wellness or happiness concerning the career you choose. You can even choose to play some stress-busters games like chess. An online chess game is a great way to enhance your cognitive skills and reduce your stress levels.

Whenever you feel stressed out, you should disconnect everything and take a short break. Remember, breaks are necessary when you are working, and they will help you get back more robust and in a good mood. At this time, you can pursue your hobby or do anything that you like to reduce anxiety and have a great time.

Channel Your Inner Artist

If you haven’t picked up a paintbrush or a piece of chalk since middle school, it’s understandable if the thought of doing so seems slightly cringe-worthy. But art doesn’t have to be intimidating, especially for adults who are already busy learning new skills for work and keeping their businesses running strong. Whether you tried your hand at painting or sketching when you were younger and have since given up the practice because you no longer have time or inspiration – we don’t blame you if it feels like drawing is entirely foreign to where you’re at right now both physically, mentally and emotionally as an adult.

Making mandalas or mindless doodling might also help you to reduce anxiety. You can even try to maintain a gratitude journal and doodle what happened in your day, and add bits of details that made you jump with joy. You can even start the day with doodling what makes you grateful and appreciate another great day.

Start Your Day With Some Exercising

The fast pace of modern life may be one reason so many people struggle with feeling anxious and like they have insufficient time to do all the things they want to do. Exercise, however, has been scientifically proven to help increase happiness and relieve anxiety by promoting the release of endorphins that can fight against stress. Defining your exercise regimen can also be a successful stress-management tool, so see what kinds of activities you enjoy doing and schedule times for them on your calendar. Walking is another beneficial activity because it’s safe, accessible, inexpensive—and can even lead to creative solutions and fresh perspectives on problems you’ve been grappling with!

Embrace Your Loved Ones

A hug from your loved ones can destress you. Moreover, science has proved that hugging can help lower blood pressure reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. Hugging also boosts self-esteem, and a hug of three minutes or eight hugs in a day will keep you motivated for the whole day and make you feel confident. Touch has the power to imbibe feelings of security and assure them the safety of love and connection. Never be ashamed to ask for a hug from your best friend or your soulmate whenever you are upset for any reason and feeling low. 

Embrace The Yogic Life

Yoga is the ultimate exercise because it uses a variety of physical exercises, meditation, light exercise, and controlled breathing. Not only does Yoga provide temporary stress relief, but over time it will also provide long-term stress relief for you after you have mastered all its techniques and moved on to advanced poses. The best way to relieve your stress using Yoga is by being consistent with it. You are likely to experience instant benefits from just one session.


Meditation is one of the best ways to relieve stress or manage it more healthily. Meditation takes practice, but it can make a big difference in your overall stress level when brought into your daily routine, and all it requires is some time each day to quiet your mind and body during this peaceful activity. The problem with meditation when you are in your 20’s or 30’s is that you may be thinking it’s silly and useless, but as you get older, meditation can improve brain function, reduce fatigue and keep your mind young. There are many different types of meditation for you to choose from, but each time you try a new type of meditation is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

Dance Your Stress Away

This might sound absurd for non-dancers; however, dancing helps reduce stress and keep negative thoughts at bay. While dancing, people get immersed in a world of their own and let their bodies flow with the music. Therefore, you can ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ once in a day, feel your feet tap to your favorite music, and witness stress leaving your body in a few minutes. This sensation is beyond words and can help you to reduce anxiety.

Final Words

Trying to find the best stress relief can take some experimenting. It will take some time, too, because sometimes we cannot anticipate which techniques are most effective for our situations. Most importantly, you must make sure that whatever technique(s) you decide upon actually works and is still as applicable six months after adoption as it was five months after adoption because that’s what matters most in the end, right? Happy living.

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