NEWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version in 2021 (Official)

NEWhatsApp APK Download (New Version):- is a name that no one is unaware of today, WhatsApp is one such platform of social media which is most used. We can say that WhatsApp has become a part of human life in a way. Every hour, millions of people live online on WhatsApp. Apart from this, we also know this very well. That new technology is being invented day by day. Due to this technology, today we are able to enjoy the latest features in WhatsApp Facebook.

Today we will also tell you about newhatsapp developed in this article with new and best features. Of course, after knowing about this WhatsApp, you will not be able to stop yourself without downloading it to your phone. This pink mode WhatsApp is better than official WhatsApp.


This application is being well liked with essential features. People are showing great interest in downloading it. So why don’t you also download it in your phone. All the information of this application given below must be found till the end. And follow this article and download this application-

What is NeWhatsapp APK

Newhatsapp is a social media chatting application. Which provides Android users with the best features to talk to their far-flung people. This is better than official WhatsApp. This is much simpler than official WhatsApp. Talking about its color, there is a pink color application which is quite thrilled to be seen.


It attracts the user more due to its color. The best part of this WhatsApp application is that you can add themes to the SD card or store separately. After having so many features, you definitely want to download this application in your phone, so let’s know about how you can download it in your phone from the bottom, but before that, you also know about some features of newhatsapp.


  • Delete any message sent by mistake in an interval of 7 minutes.
  • Can close the final view.
  • Share 2GB videos hide three dots.
  • While online, you can put yourself in offline mode.
  • Hiding typing status:
  • Recording status can be hidden.

How to install and Download NEWhatsApp APK

Downloading this application is as easy as official WhatsApp, we have given the complete information about how to download this application in your phone, which you can download and download this application on your phone. So let’s know-

1. First of all, you have to click on the link given below to download the Ne WhatsApp APK.


2. After downloading it install it with some permission.


3. After installing it. You can easily log it in with your number.


4. If you want to back up your old WhatsApp, you can backup your chat by going to the settings in your WhatsApp and then going to “Chat”. is


App info
Version 8.5 (Latest)
File Size 27.7 MB and 42.9 MB
Last updated Oct 05, 2020

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So friends, this was our today’s post in which we have what is Newhatsapp, what is its feature, and how to download it. Going into detail about this, I hope that you have understood the information given in this article, if there is any problem in downloading the Newhatsapp application, then we should definitely comment. Our team will help you by joining you soon.

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