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Walk Band MOD APK is a great app for Android users who love to walk or run. The app tracks your distance and calories burned while you’re out on the street, in the park, or wherever else you happen to be. It also has a built-in pedometer so that you can track how many steps you take throughout your day and set goals for yourself.

This is one of the most popular fitness apps available in the Google Play Store and it’s easy enough for anyone to use. There are also some great new features coming in the next update, so read on to learn more. The update will add two new features including distance notifications and a stopwatch. Distance notifications can be switched on to alert you when you’ve reached the halfway point of your walk or run, and then again when you reach your destination and Also Check out VN Video Editor Pro MOD APK.

You can now choose from hundreds of motivational aerobic songs when you run or walk which will keep you going all the way to the end of your workout. It also comes with automatic voice monitoring, which is great for people who are new to working out or who want a little extra motivation when they hit their stride. If you’re searching for the best walk band or other awesome Android apps, then look no further than Apkspure.com.

What is Walk Band MOD APK

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love to walk, then this is the perfect solution for you. you can download songs from your device’s music library and play them in a loop, making it easy to keep up with your pace and Walk Band MOD APK.

You’ll never have to worry about getting bored of the same playlist again. The Walk Band app also includes a stopwatch, an easy-to-use interface, and Google Fit integration. This app doesn’t allow you to control your music so it’s not recommended if you prefer using Spotify or other music services over what’s on your phone.

You can set your own playlists or download walk songs from the app that are specially designed for walking. You will be able to hear voice alerts as you start and stop your workout, giving you on-screen feedback on your progress at all times. You can also set your work time, rest time, and the number of sets you want to complete for each workout session.

Features of Walk Band MOD APK

In this blog post, we will be going over some of the features of Walk Band MOD APK. The app has been designed for people who are looking to get a little bit more exercise in their life or just need a change from their regular routine. If you’re interested, keep reading.

It is a really useful tool for when you want to get in some cardio training. Having an app on your phone can make it easier to go outside and enjoy the fresh air, rather than being stuck inside all day long. If you’re looking for a complete fitness tool that helps make walking or running more interesting, then Walk Band is an excellent choice.

The walk band will keep track of how far you’ve gone, your average speed, and how many calories you’ve burned throughout your workout. It also has a stopwatch that allows you to time your breaks between work periods during the day, as well as record them for future reference.

Voice track recording & editing

This app also allows you to record your own voice for custom workout instructions, which can be very motivating for some people. You can choose from one of the built-in voices or create your own by using the microphone on your device.

This additional feature will make it possible to run or walk even more often, as you can select whichever song you feel best suits your mood. The music tracks are great for times when you need a little extra motivation during those challenging moments.

Custom notifications

This is one of the most impressive features of Walk Band. You can set your own goals on the app and receive customized notifications to help you reach them. Whether you want to walk a certain amount every day or lose a certain number of pounds, this workout band android has got you covered.

You can choose the kind of notifications you want to receive, which makes it easier to keep track. You can even view your progress throughout the day in the form of easy-to-read charts that will help motivate you when times get tough.

Multiple profiles

This is extremely helpful for people who enjoy walking with friends, as the app provides you with a profile for each person on your list. This way you can set up multiple accounts and keep track of everyone’s progress at all times.

You will also be able to see the duration of workouts throughout the day, which makes it easier to make plans with friends ahead of time. One of the most user-friendly features is that everything takes place within an easy-to-use user interface that does not require you to download any additional software or plugins.

Midi to mp3 conversion

If you are looking to get the most out of your Walk Band, you can even convert midi files to plain old mp3. There will be a few seconds where there is no sound but apart from that everything should work smoothly.

This process is incredibly straightforward once you have tried it just once or twice, so don’t be put off by the fact that there are a few steps to follow.

Pro key of Walk Band MOD APK

  • Haptic Feedback.
  • No ads, full version.
  • Colour Themes.
  • Custom Workout Types.
  • Track results for each workout type.
  • Export results to CSV.
  • Calculate your BMI and set a goal for yourself.
  • Integrates with the Health app.
  • Automatically pause the timer when you stop moving.
  • Integrates with Google Fit.
  • Customize the number of steps to match your fitness level.
  • Change between miles or kilometers.
  • Set your own stride length based on your height.
  • Record your voice and play it back to yourself while running or walking.

How to Download and Install Walk Band MOD APK

The Walk Band is a free android application that allows you to create your own music and be able to play it with a group of friends and Walk Band MOD APK. You can use the app without an internet connection so it’s perfect for traveling or even when there isn’t any Wi-Fi available.

Step 1. Go to the official website Apkspure.com.

Step 2. Tap on the download button next to Walk Band.

Step 3. Install the APK file on your device and start using it.


Step 4. If you would like to download Walk Band, just tap on the download button.

Step 5. Install it and enjoy using the full version of the app.

Step 6. You should always check for Walk Band. updates when you are connected to the internet.

Walk Band MOD APK FAQs

Walk Band MOD APK is an interesting fitness app that has been designed to get you moving. The app is available for free on the Apkspure.com and Apple App Store. It offers a lot of features, such as being able to set your own playlists from YouTube or SoundCloud, music controls while working out, and it can sync with other apps like Fitbit or Jawbone Up.

Q. Why should I download Walk Band MOD APK?

A. You can download Walk Band for free from Apkspure.com. That means you do not have to pay a single penny to use any of its features, which is what makes it one of the best apps on the market today.

Q. Do I need to use the internet in order to get started?

A. No, all features are available offline once you have downloaded Walk Band. That means that you will be able to listen to your favorite playlists without any problems, regardless of how fast you are moving or where you are located.

Q. How can I export my data?

A. You can use Google Drive to sync all of your activities and then download them in an Excel file that you can share with your friends or social networks.

Q. How do I buy the full version of Walk Band MOD APK?

A. If you want to get rid of ads then you will have to pay for the full version of Walk Band.

Q. How many steps or miles do I need to cover in order to track my workout?

A. In order to start tracking your activities, you should move at least 725 feet within a minute. If you want to be as accurate as possible then you will have to move more than that.

Q. How do I set my stride length?

A. You will have to measure your feet, from the bottom of the heel to the tip of your longest toe. Next, you should multiply your number by 0.72 and that is how many inches you are tall while walking or running.


I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you have found the information presented here to be useful and Walk Band MOD APK. If you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment in the section below. I hope to see you again soon on Apkspure but for now, goodbye.

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