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Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG (ZITGA)

Name Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG
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Version 1.11.63
Size 101MB
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Updated September 14, 2021 (3 months ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk The cybernetic underground of cyberspace is called Cyber Fighters. They are the cybernetically enhanced humans who do battle in a fantastic and powerful virtual reality. You need to play as one of them to participate in this battle. You can have different playing styles to suit your own style. There are five possible player profiles for you to choose from. Each of them comes with their own weapons, powers, health and shield to fight off enemies and survive the crazy combat in cyberspace.

The first profile is “The Cyber Stalker”. This is the most traditional cyber character and he has his basic fighting style with a machine gun. The second profile is “The Cyber Punch Man”. This is the modernized version of the cyberstalker with two-handed mace and rocket Launchers.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

The third is the “The Stickman”. He is a hardened and tough guy who prefers to stick his tongue to throats and mow down enemies with his powerful mower. When playing as him, you will definitely appreciate his dual wielding guns. The last one is “The Cyber Commando” who has two Desert Eagles and one AR-15. 

Stickman is very old school fighting video game. It is a side-scrolling shooter game where you take control of an antihero and start shooting everything that moves. This is a very cool feature that makes it different from the other fighting games. There is no button to click here!

Cyber Fighters Mod Apk

The story is as a cyber Fighters Mod Apk on New York begins. There are a group of hackers called the Cybercrew who wants to gain control over the city. One of their member named Stickman has also had a metal hand which is attached to his finger. He has mysterious powers and skills in fighting and shooting. You have to help him get to the rescue of the president before the Cybercrew does. And also get the president out of the bunker alive.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

Stickman starts his journey in the sewer where he meets one by one the new recruits in his team, each with his own weapon and skill. Then, one by one they get killed one by one. They also get infected with strange virus and have to fight their way through the infected zone to reach the main Cyberdeck and fight the enemy.

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Once there, the fight gets heated and they have to find a way to escape. The Cybercrew is after them, so they try to hack the security system and enter the cyberdeck to hack the controls. However, they get trapped in it too and get locked in there. They need a ventilation system to get out but they can’t get one in there. Finally, they use a machine gun to shoot at the guards on the walls, but they don’t do much damage. They finally make it out alive.

What is Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

Then they need to find a way to get Stickman out of there as well. They use a hovercraft which they construct and get inside it but the Cybercrew manages to get inside using a tank. Then they have to fight their way out and one of them falls off the cliff and lands in the water but luckily he was able to eject in time.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

Then they get back to Stickman and start fighting him once more. They are now fighting on a cybercrete level. They are fighting Cyber Fighters who uses robotic cybersuits to fight. They are relentless and are getting tired just running up and down the levels. The fighting takes place on the ground and involves lots of running from one area to another. There are also underground passages where the player needs to get through and fight off Cyber Fighters. There are also large group battles where multiple players fight it out with each other. There are also a few boss battles where you have to eliminate all of them.

Features Of Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

Cyber Fighters: Stickman is an action-packed, top-down, side-scrolling hack and slash game developed by Radical Amusement. It is a conversion of the arcade classic, Cyber Punch. The game is an improved version of its predecessors, and it features all new content. It promises to be one of the best stickman games available, featuring all new original content, special endings, an improved visual design, improved audio, and much more.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

One of the most noticeable differences between this game and its older brother is its appearance. In this game, the bad guys have got a new look, complete with shiny hair and a slick fedora hat, whereas in the old version (and the ones prior), stickmen would be clad in ragged clothing and looked very beaten and dirty.


Another great feature of Cyber Fighters: Stickman is its sound. It’s fantastic! Not only does the game feature top-of-the-line sound effects, but so does the motion capture. This means that you actually feel like you’re playing a character in the game and can interact with them using the keyboard controls. It adds a lot of depth to the playing experience.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

Another great thing about Stickman is that it supports all of the current fighting consoles. You can play it on Xbox, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and Gamecube. It was developed by Radical Amusement, a company that is well known for its quality licensed video games. If you like your fighting to be based on realistic fighting techniques, then this is definitely for you.


With that said, it doesn’t have much of a story. The story is just a quick introduction to the game and will provide you with an idea of how the game is played and what your goal is. In short, you play as Stickman and you must save the damsel in distress. It’s pretty simple. There isn’t a lot of drama or over the top action, which is why it has always been a favorite among fans of the cartoon.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

There are several modes in this game. You can simply play it as a fighting mode, or there is a special battle mode. This mode allows you to pit your wits against some of the characters from the show, including Stickman, Cyber Lord, Dr. Darkkanel, and many others. These characters are controlled by their own computer codes, so you need to be quick on your feet to win.


The graphics and sound are both pretty good, though a little bit dull. They aren’t mind blowing, but they aren’t completely poor either. I don’t really see anything wrong with them. They are nice enough to make this game worth your time though, and if you enjoy fighting video games then you should definitely download Cyber Fighters: Stickman onto your personal gaming console.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

The story is fairly short, and the fighting is pretty fun. This game is not one where you’ll be stuck in one position, but instead, you’ll have a whole slew of different fighters battling it out for your attention. It’s a very good dose of action for your cyber-eyed excitement. If you like your fighting to be explosive, and you enjoy being a participant in a fight scene, then you’ll love Cyber Fighters: Stickman. The graphics aren’t spectacular, but they aren’t bad either, and you should have no problem enjoying it.


Each of the characters in the game has three attacks, and those attacks change based on which stickman you’re using. Stickman is basically a normal human being who has been transformed into an unstoppable killing machine. He has two weapons: his left and right hands, which can be used in a combo style by flipping their fists together. The right hand deals more damage and has a higher attack speed than the left, but deals less damage. He also has two hover boots that can be used for additional movement.

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk

Other features include special moves that your stick man can do in combat and a variety of different items that can be used to take down your opponents. A few of these items include a grappling hook and a grapple shield. These items can be bought with currency earned in the game or purchased by purchasing them from an on-site vendor. Each of the characters also comes equipped with a radio to gain access to help when not fighting, and special quotes to taunt your opponent during the fights.

the enemies don’t move very fast, and there’s only so much information shown on the screen at any given time. Overall this is a great game to play, but be careful, because if you use Stickman too much you will get banned! There are many other fighters that feature similar characteristics, like MegaMan. The more you know about the game, the better you will feel when you engage your enemies!

Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk Short Features

It’s fun to see a top-down action game come to life in this mod. It’s one of the best Stickman games out there and that’s why so many people enjoy playing it. It’s one of the better RTS games in existence, and it is highly replayable. There’s not much old-age appeal to it, but it is still a lot of fun to play. If you’re into RPGs, you’ll love it.

  • You’ll be blown away by the immense variety of things you can do in Cyber Fighters.
  • Gain new powerful skills, enjoy the game story through a brilliant and realistic CG visual
  • One of the best and top rated Action RPG since 2016
  • Explore Three Cyberpunk Locations
  • Become the ultimate fighter in this futuristic world. With your custom built android, take on The Games!


Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG Mod Apk  The conclusion of Cyber Fighters: Stickman is as dark and gritty as any fan of the series would want it to be. Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 is the penultimate installment in the cyber-fighting franchise, and the game gives players an extensive amount of detail to immerse themselves within.

Players will finally get to experience the rise of evil boss Dracula and his undead legion, find out why Stickman has decided to throw an impromptu party to celebrate the occasion, as well as get acquainted with brand new playable character Stickman (voiced by Greg Garcia).

  • Cyber Fighters: Stickman Cyberpunk 2077 Action RPG APK - 1.11.63 MOD

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