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Who We Are?

The APKsPure.Com website has been established on 15/05/2019 by an android developers team. This website offers software downloads in smartphones and tablets or laptops etc. The website which does not have an application on the Play Store will be found on this website.

In the APKsPure.com website, Android Apps and Android Games and Wallpapers will be made available through APK file and apps. We have created this website with the issue that no app threat or alert crack can be found, only real apps and games are provided in this website.

Why our Website?

As the Google Play store is the most used store for Android applications today, there are some errors while installing the application. And our device starts to have problems, apk file to correct this case, just download and install the apk file. APK file is made available on 100% secure APKsPure.com. Download the app apk file directly into this website on your storage and install an app or game.

Our Goal

People around the world know about our website, that has experience in downloading a safe, better, and faster application. We present this website first on the website in the Android Apps and Games latest edition list. We also know that, for all, people looking for a great way to enjoy their mobile life, the APKsPure.com team will be able to install Android users and Android games or Android wallpapers, etc. to all users. Gives convenience. And every 8 days the application is updated on this website.

Important Notice

The application is not available on the Google Play Store at APKsPure.com. Our applications are made available on this website. And the applications available on the Google Play Store are also made available on this website. Please note that all applications on APKsPure.com are made available free of charge. This website shares the APK file. All applications are uploaded to this website by creating it in APK file.

Technical Issues

To resolve your technical problem, contact our support team – Contact Team

The problem in This website

Do you have any problem while accessing any of our work on this website, if you have any problem coming to this website, contact our team? – Contact Team


If you want to send us feedback or suggest your feedback, then you can give us your suggestions by visiting the contact page of our APKsPure.com. If you like this website, then give five stars definitely.

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