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Undead Slayer MOD APK v1.5.1 (Unlimited All)

Name Undead Slayer Extreme MOD APK
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Version 1.5.1
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Undead Slayer MOD APK thrusts players into a dark medieval world crawling with zombies and monsters. As a lone warrior armed with blades and magic, you must carve a path through the hordes of undead in this action role-playing game. With gory, frenetic real-time combat and deep RPG elements, Undead Slayer stands out as a premium mobile hack-and-slash experience. Whether you crave slicing limbs, massive boss battles, or customizing a badass undead killer, Undead Slayer delivers.

What is Undead Slayer Extreme?

Undead Slayer Extreme is a mobile action RPG developed by NHN Entertainment. Across various titles in the series like Undead Slayer and Undead Slayer Extreme, the games cast players as warriors battling undead creatures and monsters. The setting pulls inspiration from medieval Europe and ancient China, with gothic environments like graveyards, forests, and abandoned cities crawling with zombies.

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The core gameplay revolves around real-time combat, allowing players to slash away at the undead hordes using different melee weapons. Controls are intuitive, letting you dash around stages while unleashing deadly combos and skills with the tap of a button. RPG elements provide plenty of customization and progression systems to sink your blade into. Defeating enemies earns experience points to level up your character, gold to purchase better gear, and items for crafting weapons and armor. With regular content updates bringing new environments and foes to slay, Undead Slayer scratches that itch for frantic zombie-bashing action paired with deep roleplaying game mechanics.

Real-Time Combat

The bread and butter of Undead Slayer is its visceral real-time combat. Mow down the shambling corpses with fast-paced swipes of your sword, dashes to avoid attacks and powerful skills with cooldown timers. Combos and well-timed defensive maneuvers are crucial to master as the undead hordes surround you. The responsive battle controls let you freely hack monsters to pieces through abandoned towns, crypts, and haunted forests brimming with zombies.

RPG Progression

While slaying zombies never gets old, Undead Slayer adds plenty of RPG depth to keep you hacking and slashing. Defeating enemies and completing quests rewards you with experience points to level up, gold to purchase better weapons and armor, and crafting materials. With blacksmithing, you can forge new blades with randomized stats and magical properties. An emblem system also allows you to customize passive buffs and abilities suited to your playstyle.

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Loot Hunting

Killing undead has its perks with the loot they drop. Health potions provide sustenance amidst the carnage, while gear scraps allow crafting new equipment. Rare weapon and armor blueprints unlock even deadlier medieval armaments. You may luck out with boss monsters dropping epic gear upon defeat too. With randomized loot drops, the motivation to keep cutting those corpses down stays high.

Character Customization

The road to becoming an elite zombie slayer comes paved with customization options. Changing your warrior’s hairstyle, facial features, and outfit goes a long way in standing out on the leaderboards. Various armor sets and helm designs make dressing for the stabbing occasion easy. Iconic medieval weapons like longswords, great axes, bows, and magic staves offer unique combat playstyles to accommodate player preferences.

Co-op and PvP Multiplayer

Teaming up with other undead slayers or competing for bragging rights brings multiplayer mayhem. Tackle story missions cooperatively with less fear of being overwhelmed. Duels pit your skills against others in intense battles to climb the PvP ranks. Guild systems in Undead Slayer Extreme even enable forming alliances, participating in guild wars, and unlocking rewards.

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Ongoing Updates

With seasons introducing new enemies and challenges, Undead Slayer stays fresh with regular content updates. Expansion updates add deadly boss monsters, expanded weapon options, additional story quests to battle through, and tweaks to game balance when needed. Limited-time events also give you rare goodies for slaughtering hordes under special conditions.

Steps to Download Undead Slayer MOD APK

  1. Open the APKsPURE.COM website on your mobile device.
  2. Search for “Undead Slayer” or “Undead Slayer Extreme.”
  3. Tap the result for Undead Slayer by developer NHN Entertainment.
  4. Tap “Install” on Android or “Get” on iOS.
  5. Wait for the Undead Slayer app to finish downloading and installing.
  6. Once installed, open Undead Slayer from your device’s app menu or home screen to start slaying zombies.


For Action RPG fans craving bloody zombie massacres, Undead Slayer satisfies. Its intuitive real-time combat empowers you to decimate the undead with crushing weapon combos and screen-clearing magical attacks. Varied equipment and abilities encourage experimenting with fun new killing methods. Alongside the gory thrills, leveling up your monster slayer through horde mode dungeons and story missions brings considerable depth. With competitive multiplayer, limited-time events, and new enemies added regularly, the game ensures an engaging grind. Undead Slayer delivers a premier mobile hack-and-slash experience brimming with mountains of lifeless corpses to create. If you have a thirst for slaying the undead, Undead Slayer will quench it in a darkly enjoyable fashion. Download now and begin your journey to take back this zombie-infested world one rotting body at a time.

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