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A boy wakes up in a strange place that is completely white and limbo apk. No doors, no windows, and no light to shine through the cracks. He’s alone, but luckily he has the trusty stick that allows him to interact with the world around him via shadows. The boy soon stumbles upon an escape route–the backside of a giant door.

Upon entering this new room he becomes aware of gates on either side of the wall in an odd-looking typeface spelling out “You have been chosen.” Is he dead? And if so, choose by whom or what? Does it matter when you’re stuck there with nothing to do but walk forward and Also Check out Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle MOD APK.

LIMBO explores those questions masterfully as you play as this young boy traversing through maze-like environments and traps looking for his way out. You’ll have no one to help you on your adventure, so if you get stuck or fall into a trap you’re simply dead.

Let’s not sugarcoat this game because it is brutally hard at times which will frustrate many players. Even though there isn’t much story presented in the game, what gameplay Limbo does offer is great. The puzzles are tough enough that they make sense within the world of the boy but also feel doable with just the right amount of toughness to them.

What is Limbo Apk

Limbo APK is a side-scroller platformer that also has some puzzle elements. The puzzles are pretty basic and can be solved by just about anyone who’s played a game before. To solve these puzzles you move platforms, turn off or on switches, open doors using buttons or levers, etc. The game is very vague at times which leaves you feeling lost but surprisingly the feeling doesn’t seem out of place because the boy feels just as lost in this world as you do when trying to figure out what to do next.

The way the player interacts with objects in Limbo is done via shadows and this mechanic works great for the type of game it is. You’ll have no control over your character besides moving him left and right but the way you manipulate objects in your environment is a cool aspect of this game.

I didn’t find myself getting stuck on the gameplay for very long after I played the tutorial level which taught me everything I needed to know about how to use black and white shadows against each other. The puzzles start easy enough, but they become extremely difficult towards the end of the game. At some points, it was so hard that I had to stop playing for a while just so I could think through what puzzle elements were available to finish that part of the level without cheating with online walkthroughs or guides.

Features of Limbo APK

Limbo APK is a very dark game and even with the brightness turned all the way up on your device, it’s sometimes hard to see what you’re doing. I noticed this especially during moments where you’re trying to jump across platforms and items like spikes are in your way. You can easily tell when spikes are present but if the platform you need to land on is next to one of these deadly objects it can be confusing as to which one will kill you.

The game is a masterpiece

graphics, sound design, and overall atmosphere are all top-notch. Total respect to the developer for creating an experience that is so unique and engaging. If you’re looking for a challenging game with a great visual design then this may be up your alley. Check out LIMBO today.

LIMBO OF Gameplay

LIMBO Game is a puzzle-platformer about a boy trying to find his sister in an eerie, monochromatic world. Things don’t go well and he needs your help guiding him through traps that will kill you instantly if they catch you off guard. It’s an incredibly tense game at times but the feeling of accomplishment when you complete a puzzle or get through the trial of traps makes it all worth it.

Sound and Graphics

The best part about LIMBO is the art style. The world of this game has no colour as it’s all just black, white, shades of grey or in some cases red and green flashing light that helps you see something temporarily when it appears. Because there are no colours in this game, everything must be done with shading to show an object or person’s depth. This is done well because the objects are always in focus and your character is never over-shaded which allows you to see what he looks like.

Key Features of Limbo APK

  • The Best Indie Game of
  • Digital Game of the Year
  • BAFTA Award for Artistic Achievement
  • Game Developers Choice Awards Excellence in Visual Arts
  • Best PC Game of the Year Won by GameSpot
  • Famitsu Gold Award
  • Spike TV Video Game Awards Best Independent Game
  • Game Developers Choice Awards Best Visual Arts
  • Best Original Score
  • GameSpot’s Best and Worst Games of 2010
  • TIGA Award for Best Gameplay
  • Best Overall Game by G4TV
  • Top 25 PS3 Games of All Time by IGN
  • Best Puzzle Game of the Year – edited by Kevin VanOrd
  • Best Xbox 360 Game of the Year by G4TV
  • Top 25 Games of the Decade by Eurogamer

How to Download and Install Limbo APK

Download the Apk file from the link provided below on your Android device. Once it is downloaded, tap on the file to install it. Now you can start playing the game using all Android Emulators and even outside the Emulator if you don’t have one installed yet.

Step 1. First, download the APK file of Limbo Game from any of the links provided below on your PC.

Step 2. Now go to Settings–>Security and disable the “Unknown Sources.” This step is very important as we haven’t signed this game by yet so it won’t install if you don’t do this step. 


Step 3. Once done, locate the downloaded APK file now and tap on it to start the installation (In some cases you need to enable the Unknown Sources option first).

Note: If after trying these two methods still doesn’t work then try enabling Root access for apps and also make sure that “USB Debugging” is enabled in developer options (you can find both these settings under Settings->Applications->Development in your Android device).

Step 4. Now you need to install an Android Emulator on your PC like BlueStacks, Bluestacks 2, Rooted Bluestacks 3 and Remix OS Player.

Limbo APK FAQs

Download it from this direct link provided by an Android app installing website which has millions of Android apps and games.

Q 2. Do you have LIMBO APK available for PC?

No, we don’t have any link to download this game on any computer or laptop. To install Android Emulator on your PC and then download the apk file from their website which has millions of different types of apps and games.

Q 3. What are LIMBO APK’s minimum requirements?

You need at least Android version 2.3 or above to run this game smoothly.

Q 4. I’m stuck at some level, how do I proceed? What should I do to get past that part?

There are many sources available on the Internet that will help you get past any stage in LIMBO APK. Just go to Google and search for them or you can use our website to get those walkthroughs.

Q 5. How do I play this game?

The controls of this game are very easy. You just need to tap on the left part of the screen to move your character left and tap on the right side of the screen to move your character right or you can use the D-pad available on the controller.


That’s all. In our view, this is the best way to install Limbo APK on your Android device as it doesn’t require you to root or anything like that and gives you access to the Google Play Store for easy updates.

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