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Pubg Mobile Kr APK v3.0.0 (Unlimited UC, AimBot)

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Version 2.9.0
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Pubg Mobile Kr APK. With the Android release of PUBG, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile games were finally unveiled to the public. The first thing that made it a big draw is how smooth and relatively easy to use controls compared with similar Pubg Mobile Apk on mobile phones.

The free-action shooter game lets you battle with over a hundred players on a blood-soaked island. It is the best idea for an action shooter game as it takes some of the core elements of its original PC and Xbox One versions, such as holding down the fort in the lobby and obtaining weapons by taking out enemies.

Pubg Mobile Kr APK

It is also the best mobile game ever because of its success in catching gamers’ attention with a simple goal – to be the last survivor standing above the dead bodies of opponents.

You can understand the Gameplay of PUBG Mobile by simply watching it for two minutes; it’s seen as one of the biggest entertainment successes on mobile devices and one of the most downloaded applications on Android and Apple smartphones.

What is Pubg Mobile Kr APK

As PUBG Mobile or apk is an online multiplayer game, you can play with players worldwide using your device (for example, a mobile phone) as a controller. You can play the game like you were on a PC or Console, except it is on a touch screen instead of joysticks.

Pubg Mobile Kr APK

PUBG Mobile Kr APK is a free-to-download multiplayer shooting game and is also available on iOS but isn’t released in South Korea yet. So, you must get an Android emulator (Bluestacks) to download it from the Google Play store.

How do Pubg Mobile Controls work?

It uses the point-and-click control of your mobile phone to run the game similarly to a PC or Console. The rules are very responsive, and also you can do it with just one hand on your phone, which is a great feature when you need both hands to hold up your weapon and shoot at enemies around you.

Pubg Mobile Kr APK

PUBG Mobile Kr APK has an auto-aim function, so players don’t need to worry about the small targets, as the game will automatically aim and fire at them.

What is the Setting of PUBG Mobile Kr APK

The Pubg Mobile Kr APK game requires an internet connection, which means you can play it wherever you go online. To ensure fast connections on the battlefield, you must have a strong signal on your phone. You can play it on low graphics mode to maintain a good sign and, most importantly, to be less noticeable by other players sharing the same server.

Pubg Mobile Kr APK

However, some people prefer playing on full screen and higher graphics to see every detail of the game on their screens, for example, buildings nearby or even tiny movements around them.

What is the Goal of PUBG Mobile Kr APK

The Pubg mobile Kr Apk game aims to be the last man standing in a field of 99 other individuals. The players must collect weapons, medical kits, and armor to protect themselves from opponents trying to attack them until only one player is left.

How to play?

Once you have downloaded PUBG Mobile or apk, it can be played with just one hand so that you don’t need to deal with your items while taking action simultaneously.

If you’re playing on a big screen, it’s best if you leave the camera zoomed out as much as possible so that you can find enemy targets easily. The auto-aim feature is also handy in finding and killing targets without worrying about aiming.

Features of Pubg Mobile Kr APK

Do you want to do a little bit of gaming on your phone? You can start with Pubg Mobile Kr APK. It is the most popular new game and is super easy for anyone! 

It’s not too hard to install or play either; if you have any questions about how this works, contact us in the live chat anytime we’re open.

Pubg Mobile Kr APK

Classic Mode Update

The new update will surely shake up everyone’s classic mode habits!

The first thing everyone noticed in Pubg Mobile Kr last week was the ‘Classic Mode’ feature added. We decided not to hold back and tried it immediately, so here is a quick introduction of what we found to help you get onto it!

Classic Mode is a new game mode that uses the same settings as before but with one extra change – the regular map seems to have changed into Sanhok. There are no other changes apart from this. But we would like to take the opportunity to point out that even if you do not choose Classic Mode, you will still play on Sanhok once it becomes available.

To enter Classic Mode, go to the Pubg tab at the top of your lobby and click ‘Classic’ next to ‘Solo.’

Note: Even if Classic Mode seems like just another game mode, it’s worth trying at least once. It would be best to consider it a holiday for your classic mode habits.

High Technology Theme Mode 

Since you are already here, we might also discuss the theme mode. It will be introduced when Season 7 starts, and we have more info on this, so keep an eye out for an update!

Royale Pass Organization and New Season

What do you think of the new look of Royale Pass? It’s different from before, but we enjoy it. You will also be able to get cards by watching Pubg Mobile-related videos on Mobcrush, so this season is sure to be more interesting than ever!

PUBG Mobile

The new ‘Savage’ map is finally available! It was so popular during the test period that we didn’t think it would ever go away, but now that it’s here for good, we are delighted! We’ve played around with it, and it’s perfect! However, if you want to read all the new details on this map, you don’t need us; go to to read about (or check out) pubg mod apk.

That’s nearly all for now, but we will keep you updated on any new PUBG Mobile news.

Key of Features PUBG Mobile Apk

  • Added Classic Mode
  • Added the High-Tech Theme Mode
  • The Royale Pass has been reorganized, and the new season has begun.
  • . added Savage Map for all modes.
  • Event Mode Added: Sanhok Event.
  • A new weapon, the Groza, has been added to the Sanhok map.
  • PUBG Mobile Specification
  • Game Version: 1.5.0
  • File Size: 600 MB ( APK File )
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Package Name.

How to Download PUBG Mobile Apk on Android

Step 1. Launch your on Android Phone or Tablet.

Step 2. Search for “Pubg Mobile KR” by clicking on the Search Bar.

Step 3. Tap on “Pubg Mobile KR apk” from the list of Apps & Games to proceed. The rest is automatic!

Step 4. Once it’s downloaded, click “Install” to start the installation. You’ll get a “Success” message when it has finished installing.

Step 5. That’s it. You can now check your Android phone’s App drawer for the “Pubg Mobile” icon. That’s all!

You can also Download PUBG Mobile Apk on Android by directly downloading the APK from here: Pubg Mobile Apk Download.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Kr on PC or Mac?

Connect your smartphone to a PC or Mac if you want to play the latest version of PUBG Mobile or apk on your computer. Then you can play PUBG Mobile on PC with the BlueStacks App Player.

How to Play PUBG Mobile Kr on iPhone or iPad?

If you want to play PUBG Mobile Kr on your iPhone or iPad, you must download an emulator. Then you can play PUBG Mobile on iPhone/iPad with the emulator.

PUBG Mobile – Install on Android Smartphone + Gameplay


Q1. My Phone is Samsung Galaxy S6. PUBG Mobile is Incompatible with my Android phone.

Don’t worry; the PUBG Mobile apk for Galaxy S6 is here.

Q2. How many character slots does the game have? There’s an option for a 5th.

The game has four character slots; you can get the latest PUBG Mobile for PC from our blog.

Q3. How many Android smartphones can I play the game with? If my friend has it, can I join their game?

One purchase allows you to play on ONE device, but you can use the account/character interchangeably with any smartphone.

Q4. I see different colors that don’t match the in-game map; where are they?

It’s just a game bug. We’ve found no way to fix this. But you can try changing the color mode on your phone for a better gaming experience.

Q5. How to turn on the safe zone? I am not able to see it on my Gameplay.

The safe zone option is only available for Android Smartphones.

Q6. Can my friends help me get better gear? 

A6. Yes, they can. They will not trade you a complete set but can get you some gear from the store or supply crate drops.


PUBG Mobile has been a success since its release, and the developers have taken their time to ensure everything is perfect. And even if they do say so themselves, they didn’t disappoint fans. If you are looking for the best game to play while your hands are out of service, this is the one!

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Thanks for visiting and reading this article, PUBG Mobile or Apk..!

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