Forager APK v1.0.13 Download (Paid Unlocked)

Forager (Humble Games)

Name Forager
Offered By Humble Games
Version 1.0.13
Size 26MB
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Updated September 26, 2022 (8 months ago)
MOD Features Paid Unlocked
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The forager app is a great app that is available on The forager App allows users to hunt, gather, and craft items in their own virtual world with others. This game has been around since 2014 and has seen many updates. It’s free to download as well as play so if you’re looking for something new check it out.

It is a blend of classic 8-bit games such as Castlevania mixed with elements from modern-day RPGs to create a unique and exciting gameplay experience and Also Check out ASMR Slicing Mod APK.

It has been recently announced that players can now race against others in the Grand Prix which is great news for those who don’t have the skill to get on top of the leader board. The devs at Hemoraid have also announced that the game has sold over 100,000 copies and it is still growing strong.

What is Forager Apk

This is a blog post about Forager Apk. For those who don’t know, it’s an app that allows you to access food markets and other places like restaurants and grocery stores as if they were your own fridge. You can order items from these places and have them delivered to your door by the time you get home.

Forager has been getting rave reviews for its high-quality service and convenience. It even lets you order things that are out of stock at the store so that when they come in, you automatically receive them. Stop searching for take-out menus or waiting until the last minute to do your grocery shopping – this all-inclusive app will make life easier than ever before.

It is a great game to play while you are bored or if you have a lot of time to spare. It doesn’t limit users in terms of time since it has no levels, clocks, scores, etc. The only limitations are the ones players create for themselves through their own self-governance. You can also join clans with other users which are great for making friends and it also adds a competitive element to the game.

Features of Forager Apk

The forager app is a new mobile application that has been steadily gaining popularity. The app allows you to find and purchase food from local farmers, fishermen, and bakers in your area.

It also shows you how healthy the food is so you can make an informed decision about what will benefit your body the most. This article will discuss some of the features of this amazing app.


There are two main gathering professions that you can choose. You can either gather resources or catch fish.

Both of these professions will give you access to better equipment, food, and items that will attract others in your area to play with you.

The game is set up so that the first thing players do is collect wood by chopping down trees. Once they have enough wood, you can create a workbench that allows them to build other things such as furnaces so they can smelt ore into bars for more items later on.

Collect and manage resources

In this forager app, you get to choose from a variety of different resources that you would like to collect.

You will find the usual items, such as wood and stone so you can create things in the game.

There are also rarer resources for players to find. The rarest resource you can collect is called Hematite which gives you a great advantage over other players in the game.

Build and grow a base out of nothing

You can build your town up to level 10 which allows you to attract more people, plant trees and plants, and create new structures.

There is also an option for everyone playing the game to see your base on theirs so that they can visit it if they choose to do so.

You need the most advanced technology to progress fast and upgrade your weapons and armor to advance through the game.

The forager app allows you to craft the latest technologies in the game such as a compressor, which lets you compress ores into bars, making it easier for you to carry them without worrying about inventory space.

Buy land to expand and explore

The more you progress through the game, the more land you will be able to purchase.

You can use this land to build your base on it so that no one else can access it.

Many different items in the game will help you with exploring and growing stronger as well as protecting yourself from other players who want to cause you harm.

You can also purchase pets, which follow you and help protect you in your quests.

Join a squad

There is a squad option that allows you to join guilds and play alongside your friends.

Once you join a squad, you can participate in wars together and share resources so that everyone is as strong as they can be.

Solve puzzles

There are many different puzzles in the game which you must complete for your character to grow.

As you progress through the game, more of these puzzles will be available for you to solve.  The first puzzle, for example, is that you need to find a key before you can open treasure chests and access new places on the map.

find secrets and raid dungeons

The more you play, the more secrets and dungeons you will find. The forager app allows you to raid these dungeons and get rare items that can help you progress faster through the game.

There are many other features in this new mobile app that make it an exciting new way to play games on your phone or tablet. We hope that this article has given you some clarification about what to expect when you play the game and how unique it is.

Pro Key of Forager Apk

  • Unlimited Foraging
  • Unlimited Quests
  • Unlimited Pets (Pets will attack nearby enemies and follow you)
  • Items Unlocked (Quick Looting, Mining, Smelting)
  • Unlimited Money
  • Anti Ban
  • Ads Removed
  • Unlimited Food (Food, Water, Stamina)
  • Intensified Mods
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Gradual Incremental Upgrades
  • Unlimited Energy (Energy, Oxygen)
  • Max Skills
  • 100% Resistance (No Radiation, No Hunger, No Thirst)
  • Unlimited Combat (Inventory & Skills Unlocked)
  • Unlock All Menus
  • Improved Graphics
  • 100% Clean From Virus
  • God Mode

How to Download and Install Forager APK for Android

Ever since the new update dropped, Forager Apk has been my go-to app for grocery shopping. I love how they partnered with Wholefoods and Trader Joe’s to provide an easy way to order groceries. The best part is that you can even order fresh produce from your local farmers’ market and have it delivered.

Step 1. Open Settings on your Android

Step 2. Navigate to Security > Install from Unknown Sources


Step 3. Open Forager APK file on your phone

Step 4. Tap install and wait for it to download. If you see any error messages, simply ignore them. These are the only ads that will appear in the app like this one:

It isn’t actually an error message!

Step 5. Open Forager App and enjoy shopping! The only downside of the app is that you cannot use coupons through it. If you have any Forager Coupons feel free to share them in the comments below!

How can I obtain my referral code?

If you are still wondering how to get your referral code, simply follow this link which will redirect you to a page with your personal Forager referral code:

If you do not have a personal referral link and want to get one, all you need to do is open the Forager Apk on your Android and wait for a few seconds. You will see a screen similar to this one:

This is the page where you will be able to find your referral code as well as enter your email address so that you can start using the app. If you do not have an account yet, I highly recommend creating one as it makes ordering groceries online less of a hassle.

All in all, Forager is an excellent Apk that allows you to grocery shop without ever leaving your home. You can even order fresh produce and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Forager Apk FAQs

Forager Apk is a new game for android phones. It’s available on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded 1,000s of times. If you’re looking to download this app, then you might have some questions about it! This blog post will answer those questions and give information about what to expect from the Forager game.

Q: What is Forager Apk?

A. Forager is a brand new app for android that allows you to play a game on your phone or tablet. The point of the game is to explore and work together with other players so that together, you can discover all of its secrets and unlock better items along the way.

Q: What type of game is Forager?

A: Forager is an incremental game. It allows you to play at your own pace and even resets if you want it to! You can also reset the world every 100 years to unlock new items that were not available before. If you’re looking for a brand new way to play games, then I highly recommend that you try Forager and see all of the unique features it has to offer.

Q: What is the goal?

A: The goal is to collect as many resources as possible and grow your village! Resources will help you upgrade your items, and buildings and even unlock new ones as well. You can also collect trophies which will allow you to unlock better items!

Q: What type of users is this game for?

A: Forager Apk allows you to play alone or with friends. You can also switch back and forth between worlds so that you do not have to worry about losing progress. Additionally, players who cannot afford to pay a monthly subscription fee can choose a new world and restart the game with a new beginning.


I hope so far from my Forager Apk Review you have been able to gather some information about the game and see if it’s right for you. From a personal standpoint, I love this app and enjoy playing it whenever I have a minute of free time. It allows me to relax while still being productive in that I’m collecting resources that will help upgrade buildings and items in my village. ​

If you have any questions about Forager Apk or would like to get a referral code, please let me know in the comments below..!

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