Gaming Mode Pro APK v1.9.5 (Premium Unlocked)

Gaming Mode Pro (ZipoApps)

Name Gaming Mode Pro
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Version 1.9.5
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Updated August 20, 2022 (1 month ago)
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Gaming Mode Pro Apk is a very famous Android Game in which you can play your favorite games as well as listen to music at the same time. This app comes with new features and controls that are very easy to use. This is offline and works without any internet connection, which makes this one of the best Android Game Apk for Gaming lovers.

This game contains many features like you can unlock new levels and earn coins without paying anything from your pocket, but in my view, I think it is better to play this game without any pro apk. You can unlock all levels and modes without paying anything from your pocket but with the help of Game Hacks which will provide you unlimited coins, unlimited lives, unlock all levels easily, etc Also Check out Simple Radio APK.

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This game contains many modes like time mode, survival mode, etc. Every mode has its purpose to play that particular mode by spending money you can unlock all levels easily. Awesome graphics are used in this app which makes it attractive and eye-catching.

What is Gaming Mode Pro Apk?

Gaming Mode Pro Apk is an application that helps you change your phone’s settings so you can enjoy games without interruptions. With this app, you will be alerted when a call or message comes through and will have the option of rejecting it or sending it to voicemail. You can also customize these settings depending on what game mode is being played. If you are playing a more intense game, then there’s no need for notifications coming through every few minutes.

This app has been designed with one goal in mind: to give you an amazing gaming experience. With Gaming Mode, it doesn’t matter what type of games you enjoy playing because this app has them all covered. From adventure games to racing games and everything in between, there’s something here for everyone! So don’t hesitate – download your copy today and get ready to rock.

gaming mode pro apk

This is a very popular game and many people are playing without any subscription or any interruption. This app is a “Game Booster” so you can run your favorite games without any disturbance due to phone calls, messages, and notifications. You can also save battery life with Gaming Mode Pro as well because when this app is activated it kills all background processes which makes your phone fast and reduces battery usage.

Features Of Gaming Mode Pro Apk

 It has some good Gaming Mode Pro Apk such as ping, app management, keyboard shortcuts, and more! I hope you enjoy reading all about it. Many features come with this tool such as being able to set how long the different functions will last (to save battery life) and also having a list of all the apps currently running so they don’t interfere with gameplay! I would recommend trying out this apk if you’re looking for something like it.

The main features of Gaming Mode Pro are that you can have a notification feature for your favorite games, lock the phone’s navigation buttons while you play your game and it will also have a recording system that lets you record your gameplay. It is safe to use this App because all of its features are fully tested so there is no need to worry about anything.

gaming mode pro apk

A lot of gamers are always looking for new ways to play their favorite games. This app lets you customize your gaming experience and offers a variety of features such as FPS Boosting, Auto-Aiming, Unlimited Ammo, and more! It is very easy to use because it just takes a few taps on the screen and you’re ready to go! Gaming Mode Pro Apk also lets you customize your input buttons while you play so that these do not interfere with gameplay.

Unique Setting for users

This app has a unique setting that sets your phone on an airplane mode while you play so that your battery doesn’t run out and it also does not let any message or call come through. When you finish playing a game, just turn off this option and your phone will be back to normal.

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The best thing about App is that it doesn’t need the internet running while you play your games. This app gives your phone a complete gaming mode which lets you do anything with no interference from outside sources. You can use this app to customize the way you play, and it offers different features for a better experience.

Game Recording

You can record videos of your gameplay without any external software, and you will be able to record your gameplay easily with one click. When you install this app, then you can see a Gaming Mode button on your home screen. Just tap on that Gaming Mode button, and the recording will start. You can stop the recording by simply closing the game, which will automatically stop recording the video.

Fast Forward/Rewind

You don’t have to worry about making mistakes in your game because you can use the fast-forward feature of this app when you want to skip a level or get back some time. You can also rewind your last move if you think you missed something, so don’t worry and use the features of this app.

You can set up a notification for your favorite game so that you don’t have to check every few minutes whether it’s time to play or not. When you are playing a game then leave all the notifications settings on and when your gaming time is over then this app will alert you by showing pop-up messages on your screen.

Quick Launch

You can launch multiple games quickly with advanced settings, which will help you run games without errors because advanced settings for multi-games are not available in-game launchers.

You can block unnecessary calls and messages while you are playing your game with this app, so you won’t be disturbed by anyone while playing. You can lock your screen brightness and volume level while you are playing a game so that you don’t have to worry about adjusting these settings every time.

Key Features Of Gaming Mode Pro Apk

  • Easy to use with the widget on your Home Screen.
  • Notification Reminder for your favorite games.
  • Turn off system buttons while you play your game.
  • You can record videos of your gameplay with one click.
  • Customize your input buttons while you play a game.
  • Set up auto-launch, which will help you to run games quickly without any errors.
  • This app will let you lock all your system volume while you are playing a game.
  • Enable auto-rewinding if you missed something and want to rewind your last move.
  • You can use Gaming Mode, which will be set up by this app in airplane mode, so you don’t need the internet to play your game.
  • You can lock screen brightness while you play a game.
  • This app can stop your screen from sleeping while you play a game.
  • You can change the volume of a game with Volume Buttons Remapper.

How to Download Gaming Mode Pro Apk

Gaming Mode Pro-Apk is a very interesting app with unique features so you can play games more Professionally. You don’t need to worry about your phone battery draining out as this app will put your phone in airplane mode, saving your battery life. The steps to download are as follows.

Step 1. Go to the official website

Step 2. Search for the name Gaming Mode Pro in the search bar and click on the first result.

Step 3. On the official website of Apk Pure, you will see the download button so click on that and wait for your download to finish.

Step 4. Now go to your downloads folder and open the Gaming Mode Pro Apk file to install this app on your Android phone.

Step 5. You will see a popup window. Click on the button Install and wait for your installation to finish.

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Step 6. Now go to your phone’s home screen and you will see a new app named Gaming Mode in your app list.

Open that app and from the home screen of this app just tap on the App button to start playing your favorite games without any disruptions.

Gaming Mode Pro Apk FAQs

Gaming Mode Pro Apk is the best app to play games on your Android phone without any errors. If you have a rooted device then it will be even better as you can remove ads from this app and also use this app in airplane mode.

Q 1. What is Gaming Mode Pro Apk?

A 1. Gaming Mode Pro Apk is the best app to play games without any errors on your Android phone.

Q 2. How can I record my gameplay?

A 2. You can record your gameplay on this app with the help of the Screenshot button which is located on the overlay when you are playing a game.

Q 3. How can I lock my screen brightness?

A 3. You can lock your screen brightness on this app by using the Screen Brightness button.

Q 4. Can I use Gaming Mode in airplane mode?

A 4. Yes, you can enable airplane mode on this app.

Q 5. How can I set Gaming Mode as the default launcher?

A 5. You will find this setting under the advanced settings of this app.

Q 6. How can I customize my in-game volume level?

A 6. You can change the volume of your game by using the Volume Remapper button which is located on the overlay when you are playing a game.


We hope this article has helped you understand how the Gaming Mode Pro Apk can help you boost your Android gameplay. Many amazing features are added to this app, making it one of the best apps for game lovers. If you have any problems downloading or using this app then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Thank You For Reading.!

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