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HideX (Flatfish Studio)

Name HideX
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Updated August 29, 2022 (3 months ago)
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Makes it easier than ever to hide your online profile. HideX Mod Apk is the best way to protect you, your family, and your friends from cyberbullies. It’s also a great app for hiding personal information in case of identity theft or any other life-changing event. This is a very small app that will not affect your phone’s performance or battery life.

It is compatible with other apps, including your favorite ones. It is very easy to install and perfectly safe for everyone. So if you are concerned about your privacy or you just want to avoid people that irritate you online then this app is definitely what you need. You can now hide your Facebook timeline posts, tweets, YouTube history, Instagram activity, and many more things Also Check out InShot Pro Mod Apk.

hidex mod apk

This app can also be used for protecting your cell phone in case of theft, and this is one of the most mentioned features by its users. Hideo is a very powerful tool that will make it easier than ever to manage your online activity and spend much more time enjoying the Internet to its fullest potential. Check out the list below for a full description of this app’s features.

What is HideX Mod Apk

This is a blog post about HideX Mod Apk. This app will allow you to download and install mods for your android device. It can be downloaded from APKsPure.com, but it is not available in the United States yet.

HideX Premium is a very powerful apk that will allow you to manage your online life in the palm of your hand. You can download this app if you are looking for something that can protect you from cyberbullies, but also help you become more productive. This isn’t just about hiding personal information, it’s also about being productive and having some fun.

hidex mod apk latest version download

To download this app, you will first need an apk file. If you don’t know what that is then check out our guide on how to download apk files

HideX Mod Apk Features

After the installation of HideX Mod Apk you can now enjoy new features like: Protect your phone in case of theft; Hiding your online identity; Protect your privacy; Avoiding cyberbullies; No risk of viruses or any other type of software that can harm your phone.

download calculator hidex mod apk

Calculator Safe

A great way to hide a secret photo album inside a calculator app. None can access it unless you use the pin code that you have set up at the beginning.

Hide Photo

This is a fantastic feature that will allow you to show or hide any photo from your phone depending on your current location. For example, if your friend lives in California then he or she won’t be able to view any of your photos while visiting New York.

Hide WhatsApp Messages (no history)

Hide all old messages by simply enabling this option. Nobody else will be able to see them, not even admins. They will only be visible once you disable this function!

Hide contacts numbers

If some of your friends are constantly harassing you with text messages or calls, then you can use this app to hide their numbers.

Hide Camera & Video

Hide all videos and photos that you have taken with your camera in case your phone gets stolen or compromised in any other way. You will never lose another picture, ever.

Hide Tablet Apps

This function is the same as the one mentioned above but it works for all tablet apps instead of just the camera. It’s a very useful feature for people who are looking to make their online activity more private.

Hide Whatsapp Messages (History)

Another fantastic option is that will allow you to remove all traces of WhatsApp messages from your phone in case somebody else sees them before you have a chance to delete them manually. The person won’t be able to see the messages even if he or she tries!

Hide Whatsapp Status

You can now protect your WhatsApp status messages. Just turn this on and nobody will be able to read them unless you disable it.

There are many more features that you can check out for yourself, so download HideX today and start enjoying some peace of mind when using the Internet!

Privacy Browser

This is an app that was specifically created to protect your privacy. It can be downloaded from APKsPure.com for free.

VPN Master

This is another fantastic way to keep your online information safe by simply creating a VPN private connection. You can download this application for free but you will have to pay 7 dollars every month if you want to use it further on.

Proxy Browser

This is a very popular application that millions of people have been using for years now. If you want to download a browser that can keep your information private, then this is a good choice.

PRO KEY of HideX Mod Apk

  • Track your social activity, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Make new friends and connect with people that you already know.
  • You can block specific users from contacting you again if they irritate you online.
  • Delete all your old posts, tweets, messages and move the line.
  • You can also choose to only hide your old Tweets.
  • HideX is great for hiding personal information in case of an identity theft or any other life-changing event.
  • It contains a very powerful file manager which will allow you to easily organize all your data for quick access.
  • HideX Pro is a very small app that will not affect your phone’s performance or battery life. In fact, many users have reported that using this app has improved their device’s battery life and its overall performance.
  • It is compatible with all other apps so you won’t need to worry about the performance of your favorite apps.
  • It is very easy to install, and it will require only a few seconds to do so. You won’t need any special permissions either.
  • This app can also be used for protecting your cell phone in case of theft, and this is actually one of the most mentioned features by its users.

How to Download and Install HideX Pro Mod Apk on Android

The HideX Pro Mod apk is a must-have for any Android phone. This app allows you to download and install apps that are not available in your country, or region. You can also use this mod to remove annoying ads from games. The latest version of the file has been updated with new features and bug fixes so download it today.

Step 1. Go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources.” Allow your phone to install applications from unknown sources.

Step 2. After this, download the APK file of HideX Pro Mod apk on Android by clicking here. Save the file in a safe location on your Android device. Make sure that you don’t lose it because, after installation, you will no longer be able to download it again.

Step 3. After you have saved the file, open it and tap on “Install.” Allow all permissions for HideX Mod apk on Android to complete the installation process.

Install apk

Step 4. After you have completed these steps your application should install very quickly. Open your app drawer, find HideX Premium apk on Android, and open it. You should now be able to enjoy all of the new features that this app offers.

HideX Mod Apk FAQs

HideX Mod Apk is a new app that has been made available to the public. It allows you to hide your apps from everyone else with just a few presses of a button.

This is great for those who have sensitive information on their phones and want to keep it private. If this sounds appealing, read on for more specific details about HideX Premium Apk so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Q. Does HideX Pro Mod Apk support more than just apps?

A. Yes, it also allows you to hide photos and videos. These files can be hidden in an online vault for later retrieval.

Q. How safe is it to use HideX Mod Apk?

A. It is completely safe to use. This app uses your phone’s built-in security features to keep all of your data safe at all times.

Q. Can I delete this app from my phone later?

A. Yes, you can uninstall HideX Pro Mod Apk from your phone at any time. You can use this app whenever you need to protect your sensitive data, and then delete it once you don’t need it anymore.

HideX Apk has been designed to help you keep your information protected. If you have a smartphone that is connected to the internet, then this app is a must-have. It will allow you to protect your phone’s apps, files, and photos in no time.

Q: What if I need help using HideX Pro Mod Apk?

A: You can send a message to the developer of this app on his official Facebook page. This is his only online platform, and he will respond within 24 hours.


I hope you liked this article. I have tried my best to cover all of the important points about HideX Mod Apk so you can decide if it’s right for you.

This app is available for download on APKsPure.com, and it has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 based on user reviews. It should be compatible with most Android devices, and its new features have caused it to be a very popular download. Try out HideX Pro Mod Apk today, and upgrade your phone’s security with just a few taps of a button..!

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