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Yuka Mod APK v4.36 (Premium Unlocked)2024

Name Yuka Mod APK
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Version 4.25
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In today’s world of processed foods and questionable ingredients, it can be difficult to know exactly what is in the products we buy. We may wonder about the nutritional content, potential allergens, additives, and more. This is where the Yuka app comes in handy. Yuka is a powerful mobile application that allows you to scan barcodes on food and cosmetic products to retrieve detailed information about them.

With over 500,000 products in its database, Yuka can provide you with an impressive analysis. It shows nutrition facts like calories, protein, carbs, and fat. It also detects allergens, highlights additives, checks for certain chemical components, and compares multiple products to help you choose a healthier option. The app even provides expiration date information and can recommend alternative brands that align better with your diet or preferences.

The premium unlocked version of the Yuka app provides all these great features without ads or needing to pay a subscription fee. Once downloaded and set up, Yuka can be an indispensable tool for making informed shopping choices and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With its simple interface and wealth of data, this app aims to promote better nutrition and well-being among its users.

Yuka Mod APK

What is Yuka Mod APK?

The Yuka Mod APK is a modified, premium version of the Yuka app. Yuka is a mobile application that lets you scan barcodes on food items and cosmetics to get detailed information about them. The standard Yuka app is free to use, but it shows ads and lacks access to some premium features.

The Yuka Mod APK is an unlocked premium version that removes the app’s ads and gives you full access to all of its pro features, without having to pay anything. It lets you get in-depth data on over 500,000 supermarket products with just a quick scan.

Some key details the Yuka Mod APK provides on scanned items include nutrition facts like calories, carbs, protein and fat counts; allergen warnings; additive and preservative details; indications of how eco-friendly or chemical-laden the products are based on Yuka’s rating system; healthier alternative recommendations; and expiration date information.

The app aims to promote better well-being through informed shopping choices. Having access to all this extra data right on your phone makes it easy to choose better foods and cosmetics for your individual needs or preferences. The Yuka Mod gives you the full experience without annoying ads or paying a costly subscription. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to improve their health through the products they use.

Yuka Mod APK

Features of Yuka Mod APK

The standard version of the Yuka app displays frequent ads which can be really disruptive and irritating when you are trying to search for and analyze products. The Yuka Mod APK offers an advertisement-free experience for smooth, uninterrupted usage without any annoying or intrusive promotions.

Full Access to Premium Content

The modded APK version unlocks all of the pro-level, premium content available in the app completely free of charge. This grants you full access to enhanced informational data points and comprehensive options without needing to pay the typical costly monthly subscription fee.

Yuka Mod APK

Massive Integrated Product Index

An expansive database with details on over 500,000 different supermarket food items, medications, cosmetics and more is integrated into the app. You can scan the barcode of practically any product, and Yuka will pull up abundant specific details to assist you in thoroughly analyzing it.

Complete Nutritional Information

Retrieve in-depth nutritional information including serving sizes, calorie counts, carbohydrates, sugars, protein amounts, total and saturated fat contents, sodium levels and more. This equips you to make optimally healthy and informed dietary choices.

Instant Health and Safety Warnings

The moment you scan a product, Yuka screens ingredients and immediately provides alerts if it detects allergens or undesirable chemicals and compounds. It also assigns easy-to-understand safety and health scores so you can see at a glance how environmentally friendly or potentially hazardous an item is.

Yuka Mod APK

Tailored Alternative Recommendations

If any scanned product earns poor health/safety scores or contains additives, preservatives or allergies you prefer to avoid, Yuka will swiftly provide smart recommendations for healthier substitute options better aligned with your nutritional needs and preferences.


The Yuka Mod APK makes it easy to make healthy shopping choices. By scanning product barcodes, you get key details like nutrients, allergens, chemicals, eco-scores, and alternative recommendations. This ad-free premium version unlocks full access to these features for free.

Rather than buying blindly, Yuka Mod gives you knowledge to pick better foods, medicines, and cosmetics for your needs. Small shifts add up over time, leading to genuine lifestyle upgrades. With convenience, affordability and no disruptive ads, integrating Yuka Mod into your routine shopping is an easy first step towards living better through wiser daily consumer decisions that truly support your health.

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