Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk v6.6.0 (Pro Unlocked)

Polarr Photo Editor (Polarr)

Name Polarr Photo Editor
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Version 6.6.0
Size 60MB
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Updated September 21, 2022
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
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Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk is a powerful professional photo editing program that enables users to instantly edit digital photographs on their smartphones. To create edits, you use Polarr’s intuitive interface which resembles virtually all the features of Photoshop. One of the greatest features of this editing software is that it allows multiple photos to be combined into one single file.

This is done by dropping one or more photos and then applying different effects to each one of them. You can do this with a single touch, allowing you to quickly change your creative images with ease.

Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk

This digital photo editing software has been designed to work flawlessly on both Android and phones. This means that even if you are traveling, you will have access to all your edits in real-time.

Polarr Photo Editor also allows you to preview the changes that you have made to the photographs, giving you complete freedom and clarity in deciding if you like the result. Once you have finished editing the photograph using the Polarr Photo Editor, it can be printed right next to your desktop. The application works perfectly on any android device.

Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk

The Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk has been created to give its users the power of editing their photographs in the comfort of their own homes. This means that you will not have to visit any online technical support center to troubleshoot any technical problems. Even if there is a problem, it is completely possible to solve it without visiting the office of the manufacturer.

Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk

This digital photo editing program features several innovative features that enable it to work perfectly well as a replacement for Adobe Photoshop.

The Polarr Photo Editor has a user-friendly interface that makes editing photographs easy and enjoyable. Some of the most exciting and amazing features of this program include AutoShape Generator, Free Transform, Image Tracker, Colorizer, Brush Strokes, Dropout Drawing, AutoFill, Web Parenthesis, and a lot more.

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AutoShape Generator is one of the main features that help you to create the shape of a photograph automatically. This is useful especially when you want to merge an object into a new photograph without changing the background. This generator can transform any image in your device into a smooth-edged photo effortlessly. You will not need to do any type of manual work to fix the broken lines or make corrections to the background of a photograph.

What is Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk

Image Tracker is another feature available in the Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk that lets you see a preview of your modified photograph immediately after editing. With this useful feature, you can see your photo in different sizes without having to wait for the whole photo to be printed out. You can also save a copy of every modified photo that you may want to save to your computer for future use.

Polarr Photo Editor mod apk

Brush Strokes is one of the features that help you enhance your photographs. You can apply many different strokes to your photographs easily. This is an excellent way to highlight an object or enhance the colors of a scene. The software also allows you to add text to your photos as well as to merge objects on the photo. A Polarr photo editor also allows you to undo your work with a click of a button.

Features Of Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk

The Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk is one of the best editing tools for iPhones and it allows you to edit your photos and make them look professional. Some of the main features of this application include the ability to change color filters, adjust lighting and apply 3D effects. This article takes a look at what this amazing editing tool has to offer.

Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk

To start with you will find that this application comes as a bundle with several other different photo editing tools. These tools include the Magic Shutter, Magic Filter, Brush Strokes, College Options, and Paint Noise. In addition to these features, there are also some stickers available in the app. These include stickers for your profile page, lock screen, car, and wallpapers, which are all themed to match your device.

Import style as QR or short code

Another main feature of the Polarr Photo Editor is that you can edit your photos directly from the built-in canvas. There is a slider on the top right corner that allows you to change the size of the photo canvas. To change the size simply tap on the canvas and then drag it down. This will add an extra edit option to the application. You can also make red-eye fade away with this feature.

Polarr Photo Editor App 2022

One of the most useful features of the application is the fact that it allows you to duplicate any image or photograph. To do this, you need to go to the ‘media styling’ tab. Here you can specify the width and height of each frame and then choose the duplicate image button. If you would like to add extra effects to your image you can use the ‘stage effect’ available on the right-hand side of the editing view pane.

Create style with all included effects

The Polarr Photo Editor has a wide range of filters available including a Golden Glow Filter, a Gradient Blur Filter, a Light Brush Noise Filter, and finally a Color Effects filter. To use any of these filters simply tap on the effect that you want to apply to the image. This feature is particularly useful for providing a unique style to photographs.

One of the biggest selling points of the software is its extensive collection of retouching tools. These tools include Brush Strokes, Chalk Drawing, an eraser tool, a grid display, and Paint Bucket. This allows you to create any kind of image transformation. For example, you can make a square photo into a heart or even square photos into stars. The possibilities are endless.

100 free style backups with Polarr account

The built-in Photo Editor also offers the very popular Text Removal tool, which is used to remove the text from an image. The tool is available in two modes, namely, Instant and Manual. In the former mode, the tool will be active in the initial stage but will cease to function when the user begins to insert new text. In the latter mode, the tool will continue to operate throughout the insertion of the text.

Another great feature of Polarr Photo Editor is the import and edit feature. The import feature enables you to import images from any source, including your hard drive. You can even alter the existing images to make necessary changes. You can also merge several images if you so desire. Finally, this photo editor also offers numerous templates for various purposes. If you require different styles, you can easily select a template that suits your requirements and begin editing.

120 preset styles for film emulations

Polarr Photo Editor also offers some features that help one to produce professional-looking prints. The first feature available is the matrix option, which allows you to combine different photographs into one single document. This feature is particularly helpful for making large prints. The second feature is the color effect overlay. By selecting an overprint color from the color palette of your printer, you can automatically align the printed images to the overprints.

The third feature is available in the rotation option. You can easily flip through several pages while editing a single picture. The fourth and final feature is the thumbnail option. By default, the thumbnails that appear are not adjustable. However, the program allows you to create an enlarged version of each thumbnail.

The five and one-step video wizard is another useful feature of the Polar photo editor. One can easily manipulate images with the help of this wizard. The only drawback of the product is that it is a bit difficult to comprehend. However, the ease of use makes it a highly convenient editing tool for professional photographers.

Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk Short Features

Apart from these basic features, other helpful functions such as importing and exporting capabilities are also present in the Polarr photo editor. You can import your original images or photographs so that you can edit them with ease. You can export your work to your application or a website with the help of an FTP program. This feature makes editing you photographs an enjoyable experience.

  • Polarr is the most efficient and user-friendly photo editing app
  • Polarr is a user friendly, easy to learn photo editing software. It’s perfectly capable of doing moderate level photo editing without any steep learning curve.
  • Edit your photos like a pro. Swipe through lenses, films and textures to create stunning pictures.
  • You’ll edit photos like a pro and experience beautiful effects and filters.


Polarr Photo Editor Mod Apk is a free software for editing and creating the HTML code for many common images. This is useful for printing, copying, and printing directly from your computer. It allows you to crop, edit, resize and restore any image. It also comes with several useful features such as a toolbar, undoing, batch editing, crop/resize, and also being able to select multiple photos.

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