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Swipr MOD APK v8.5.1 (Make Friends, Unlocked)

Name Swipr MOD APK
Category Social Apps
Offered By Swipr Inc.
Version 8.5.1
Size 107MB
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MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Apps to make friends are very popular now. Swipr MOD APK (Unlocked) is one such app. It helps you find new friends nearby and build real friendships. The Swipr mod apk makes Swipr even better.

A mod apk changes the original app to give you more features for free. The Swipr mod gives you all the premium features without paying. These features include better filters to find friends, unlimited swipes, no ads and more. So you can use the full app.

In this article, we share all about the Swipr mod apk. We talk about why this changed app is special. We list its very good features. We show how to download and use this app. This works if you already use Swipr or you’re completely new to friend apps. With this mod apk, finding new friends can be very easy.


What is Swipr MOD APK?

Swipr is an app for making friends. It lets you find and chat with people near you. The basic Swipr app is good but the Swipr Mod APK is even better.

A mod apk is a changed app. The changes make the app better in some way. In the case of Swipr Mod APK, it brings many improvements. It lets you use features that you would usually have to pay for.

The Swipr Mod APK gives you access to the premium or paid features without spending any money. For example, with the mod you can swipe profiles an unlimited number of times to meet more people. You also get extra filters to help find friends who share your interests. And there are no annoying ads always popping up.

In short, the Swipr Mod APK offers the complete experience that the basic Swipr lacks. It makes an already helpful friendship building app much more powerful. You do not have to worry about paying or hitting limits when using the modded version.

So if you want the best way to expand your social circle and connect with those around you, Swipr Mod APK is the way to go. Unlike regular Swipr, it has all the advantages of the premium tiers built-in. And there are no downsides – everything is still completely safe and private. Download the mod today to unlock the full friendly experience.

The key aspects covered are – what mod apk means, how the Swipr mod improves standard Swipr, premium unlocks, enhanced features. Please let me know if you need any part elaborated or additional details included on the Swipr mod.

Features of Swipr MOD APK

Swipe More

The basic Swipr limits the number of profiles you can swipe on. You can only swipe so much before you need to upgrade to a paid subscription. The modded version has no limits on swiping at all. You can browse through as many profiles of possible friends as you want with no charges or daily limits getting in your way.


Better Matching

The mod apk comes with special settings to customize who the app recommends to you. You can pick the exact things you want a friend match to have – like location, age, personality, interests etc. This means the people suggested will suit what you really want in a nice new friend.

Zero Ads

Using apps can get frustrating when ads keep popping up and distracting you. With the Swipr mod apk installed, there are zero ads when enjoying the app. You can focus on meeting new people without constant interruptions from advertisements.

Video Call Easily

The standard Swipr does not allow making lots of video calls to new friends you meet. But the modded apk lets you video call anyone with no limits. You and your long-distance friends can see each other face-to-face for better bonding through the screen.

Get Noticed

The mod comes with a special feature that makes your profile more visible to new matches. This means more people see your profile and want to get to know you, leading to more successful friendships kicking off.


Browse Anonymously

Sometimes you want to browse and swipe profiles without anyone knowing. The mod lets you turn on anonymous private browsing when you feel like staying hidden. But don’t worry – your existing friends can still contact you normally.


Q. Is the Swipr mod apk safe to download?

Yes, downloading and installing the Swipr mod apk is completely safe. This simply unlocks more features of the app for you without any risks. The only thing it changes is giving you access to premium options for free. The rest of the app stays the same and just as secure and private as regular Swipr.

Q. Will I get banned from the app for using the Swipr mod apk?

No, there is zero risk of getting banned. The mod apk perfectly mirrors all the functionality of purchasing premium features the standard way, just without you actually spending money to do so. Therefore it is not detectable or against Swipr’s rules in any way that would prompt account deactivation.

How much storage space does the Swipr mod apk take up?

The Swipr mod apk clocks in at around 100 megabytes in size when fully installed. This is on par with many other social media and dating apps. With all the modern features phones come equipped with these days, 100mb is barely scratching your storage limits, leaving ample room for all your other apps, pictures, videos and so forth without worry.

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