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GTA 5 APK Download v2.0 (Grand Theft Auto OBB File)

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One of the most-played video games of all time is GTA 5 Apk (Grand Theft Auto 5). Vice City is one of the most adored games among fans of gangsters. In this game, players can roam the streets of San Andreas with missions to complete, heists to pull off, and other tasks to complete. The goal is to establish your reputation, earn money, become the boss of your criminal organization, and rule all of them.

Rockstar Games and Rockstar North collaborated to create this action-adventure game. Grand Theft Auto 5 made over $815M in global sales within 24 hours of its release. The number of copies sold is a little over 11.21 million.

gta 5 apk

The game first aired on October 25 2011. After announcing the game, they also released a trailer. Finally, the game was released on September 17 2013. Rockstar North, the studio behind the Grand Theft Auto series, released its latest installment on all major gaming platforms, including the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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Three days after GTA 5 release, sales topped $1 billion. It’s the fastest-selling entertainment product ever. Six weeks after the game’s release, Rockstar sends the trader 29 million copies to extend its existence. On October 7, 2013, the Video game became the best-selling game in history. d. This is the most-viewed action-adventure video game trailer in 24 hours.

About the GTA 5

In the GTA 5 APK, there is a storyline that you have to follow to make the game more realistic and connect with the correctors of the match. The storylines give you the motive to complete the offered missions and why are you doing that?

gta 5

In Short, the Story is There are Three main Correctors in the game named Michael, Franklin, and Trever, starting with different players based on their backstory and skillset.

They have all gained experience and progressed. As they go through the game, characters have unique skills, stamina, and responses. A character’s skill rating will rise the more he uses it. Michael’s flying stars, for instance, enlarge if he spends time piloting a helicopter.

Key Features of GTA 5 Apk

  • Ray-tracing & HDR options.
  • Up to 4K resolution with the latest graphics modes.
  • Faster loading times and character switching.
  • Improved texture quality and draw distance.
  • Platform-specific features on PS5 add new sensations to directional damage, weather effects, rough road surfaces, and explosions.
  • Enhanced sunlight over water reflections and shadows
  • Completely brand-new explosions and fire.
  • It increases vegetation density.
  • Immersive 3D audio.
  • Improvements to Anti-aliasing, Motion Blur, and Gameplay
  • Due to this, there has been a rise in population and an increase in the types of vehicles on the road.

Features of GTA 5 Apk

There are so many features available in this Gta 5 apk game and this game provides you with a storyline so you can connect to real life to connect it to real life there are so many features added in this. Some are

Grand Theft Auto V

New Graphics

Enhanced texture and high-quality resolution are included in this game. The graphics are very realistic, so you can enjoy them as if they were real. Up to 4K resolution is available in the New Graphics.

Special Ability

Using a character’s Special ability will gradually improve their Special stat. As the state bar increases the speed at which that character’s unique ability ar fills up will also increase.


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Grand Theft Auto 5


Some sites would be useless, but they still add flavor to an otherwise complete game. The stock market was one of the more exciting aspects of GTA Online Internet-related features. After completing one of Lester’s Assassination Missions, players could potentially make millions.


Seeing sports in video games is always a treat since they are often a blast to experience in real life. It’s easy to see why tennis is one of the most charming aspects of the game. A player can usually play only tennis in a regular tennis game. The player can go to a strip club if they wish.

Grand Theft Auto V apk

Download GTA 5 Apk for Android

On this website, you can download the successor game GTA 5 Apk, a viral game of all time. It is a sandbox-based game. You find the most extensive sandbox field in this game, so download Grand Theft Auto 5 from this website for Android.

Download Grand Theft Auto V Apk for IOS Device

To play Grand Theft Auto V Apk on IOS, you have to download other applications to access them, but not here. You must download the application from our website, install it, enjoy the dangerous missions, and complete them with all your will. Download this game from this website.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Apk FAQs

Does Traver forgive Michael?

Yes, Trever ends up forgiving Michael.

Who betrayed Traver?


Who betrayed in Grand Theft Auto V?

Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti.

How long is GTA day in real life?

Forty-eight minutes of real life.

Does GTA 5 ever end?



This application gives you a realistic HD View. This game provides a story so you can connect with the character’s life and enjoy the experience of your real second. This Video game wants to give you a second life so you can enjoy it and your stress disappears while playing it. This game provides you with a city where you can rule your mission is to overtake the town and make yourself the boss of the Criminal Organisation.

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