Mortal Kombat Mod Apk v4.1.0 (Unlimited Money/Souls)

Mortal Kombat Mod Apk (Warner Bros. International Enterprises)

Name Mortal Kombat Mod Apk
Offered By Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Version 4.1.0
Size 42MB
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Updated March 12, 2023 (3 weeks ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
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Mortal Kombat Mod Apk is a popular video game series that NetherRealm Studios created. The first few games of the series were developed and released by Midway Games, but all subsequent games were released by Warner Bros. Interactive (and subsidiary WB Games Chicago.

The App series has spawned many sequels and spin-offs in its twenty-five-year history and created several films, books, and other media based on the games. The series’ story centers around a tournament between various fighters from all over the galaxy called the “Mortal Kombat Tournament. Also Check out Real Cake Maker 3D MOD APK.

mortal kombat mod apk

The game aims to defeat all challengers in a series of one-on-one matches. Most games have an additional winning condition, such as two players killing each other simultaneously or time running out for either player.

What is Mortal Kombat Mod Apk

The Mortal Kombat Mod Apk is a game that has been around for nearly twenty years, but many people still have never played it. This article will give you the basics of what you need to know about this game to decide if it’s for you.

The Mortal Kombat is an app developed for the android system. It is a collection of different features and additions to this game that was not included in the original version; the central part of this mod is the inclusion of new characters, new stages, costumes, and finishing moves.

mortal kombat mod apk unlimited money and souls

There are also minor changes like no timer during combat rounds or players being able to use their music while playing online multiplayer matches. The graphics have not been changed in any way. The android version of the game runs at sixty frames per second, but some people still complain about it being unstable while playing on their phones.

Feature of Mortal Kombat Mod Apk

The Mortal Kombat Mod Apk is a game where you can take on your favorite character’s role and fight against other players in an arena. This game aims to ensure that your opponent’s health bar reaches zero before yours. You gain access to different weapons and combos, which vary depending on the character you choose, and there are also fatalities at your disposal.

The Fatalities are a particular type of move executed when your opponent’s empty health bar. The character performs a unique and powerful attack to end the match brutally. The fatality will vary depending on your chosen nature; some fatalities even allow you to cut your opponent into pieces.

mortal kombat mod apk all characters unlocked

The game’s mod version differs from what most people are used to. Many new features have been added to this app, but some key ones include adding thirty-three characters and twenty-one stages. All these additions are available to players right from the get-go. So you do not have to unlock anything at any time.

Fight in brutal 3v3 combat.

Perform devastating combos and deliver beatdowns to your opponents as a single fighter, or team up with friends to take out rivals in 3v3 combat.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERS: Players can personalize their favorite combatants with decals, colors, outfits, and accessories to show off their style.

Stunning HD visuals

Take the combat to the next level with deadly combos, X-ray moves, and brutalities performed with a single touch.

To download this app from, you must have Android 4.0+ installed on your phone/tablet. If you manage to meet those requirements, then click.

Incredible special attacks

Choose from a wide range of powerful special attacks, such as fireballs and ice beams, or even harness the power of nature itself.

mortal kombat mod apk offline

Since its first release, MK has become too much to ignore! On, you will get loads of gamers from your country and worldwide looking for this modded version to be shared freely.

Graphics and sounds

dark, bleak, and almost exactly what you would expect from a fighting game based on the supernatural.

So with this modded version of the game, you can fight your friends over Bluetooth versus combat supported.

mortal kombat mod apk unlimited money and souls latest version

There are multiple choices, like Career Mode, where you fight other characters to rise to the ranks. If you defeat all of your opponents, you can unlock a secret character, which is one of the best features of this game.

Pro key of Mortal Kombat Mod Apk

  • Thirty-Three playable characters.
  • Twenty-One new stage fatalities.
  • We have enhanced graphics and gameplay.
  • New Brutalities & X-Rays.
  • New costumes and gear.
  • No need to unlock anything.
  • All features, moves, and combos were available from the beginning.
  • She is improved online multiplayer.
  • Bluetooth support for multiplayer battles.
  • New Brutalities & X-Rays.
  • New costumes and gear.
  • Unlock All Krypt Items.
  • Unlock all Characters.

How to Download and Install Mortal Kombat Mod Apk

A game that has been around for decades, Mortal Kombat Mod Apk, is finally back with a vengeance. The new Mortal Kombat for Android is out, making the game even more fun. With this mod apk, players can unlock all their favorite characters by playing through levels in single-player mode.

Step 1. For the first step, you need to go to on your phone or any other device that can access it

Step 2. You will find the download button on the right-hand side of the screen. Press it

Step 3. Once you do this, a new window will show you all the files related to Mortal Kombat. Click on the download button.

Step 4. Now that it has been downloaded, you should see a notification on your screen. Go to downloads and find the file.

Step 5. After this, you must click on install, and you will install your app shortly.

Mortal Kombat Mod Apk FAQs

Mortal Kombat Mod Apk is one of history’s most popular fighting games. If you are a franchise fan, this blog post is for you. This article will answer some to help you start your new game.

Q. Can I download Mortal Kombat pro-Apk for free?

A. As stated above, there are different versions of the game that you can download. Some versions are free, but others require you to pay.

Q. Can I download Mortal Kombat Mod Apk?

A. Unfortunately, you cannot download the game for free on any iOS device. You must purchase a version of the game to play it on your iPhone or iPad.

Q. Are there any cheat codes for Mortal Kombat Pro-Apk?

A. You cannot use cheat codes on the latest version of the game. However, some older game versions might have cheat codes you can use to get ahead. Cheat codes are fun to use, but they are not necessary.

Q. How can I play against people online with Mortal Kombat Pro-Apk?

A. To play multiplayer games with MK, you must sign up and pay for an online account.

Q. Is Mortal Kombat Mod Apk safe to download?

A. There are many different versions of the game that you can download from third-party websites. Some versions are safe to download, while others might include malware or viruses.


I hope that this post will help you. Please comment below if you have questions about the Mortal Kombat Mod apk. If you want to play this game on your PC, please watch the video below.

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