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Sausage Man Mod APK 16.39 (Unlimited Money, Candy)

Name Sausage Man Mod APK
Category Action Games
Offered By XD Entertainment Pte Ltd.
Version 16.39
Size 60MB
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MOD Features Unlimited Money, Candy
Views Daily 214
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In a short time, Sausage Man MOD APK has gained its status as one of the most unconventional and widely played battle royale games for mobile devices. The battle royale game was developed by XD Entertainment. It adopts a silly twist into its playable casts that are cartoonish sausages. People fight as they run over a large island trying to be the last man standing. It provides an original perspective in battle royale action. The game has over 50 million players worldwide because of its ease of control, selectable costumes, and various special items and power-ups. The final last-sausage-standing simulator can be wacky, while still having cute characters. However, the battle is no less tough than in the other similar games. The game is a simple and hardcore yet playable experience featuring special resurrection powers, obstacles-demolishing giant robots, and many other things.

What is Sausage Man?

Sausage Man is a creative battle royale game for mobile devices developed by XD Entertainment. These characters are sausages, which are adorable, as the name implies, instead of the usual avatars controlled by players. You can also customize your sausage men by dressing them in outrageous outfits and poses so as to display your wacky side on the battlefield.

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In the middle, The game is similar to other battle royale titles. It involves the dropping of a dozen players on an expansive map, where they have to look for weapons and gear. The last sausage standing wins. Though it throws some new elements into the mix. The Respawn Machine is a special item that gives you a chance to revive on the spot. The Flare Gun is called an airstrike. You can even command a giant robot and crush any competition.

Classic battle royale features like looting, shooting, and moving inside a deadly playzone, form the gameplay of the game. However, The game exaggerates the absurdity through ridiculous physics, bouncing rubber balls to traverse the environment, and special attack animations. Variety is also added to match dynamics by driving vehicles and flying drones.

Though sausages may look funny the battles are really fast and intensive. It is all about fun here instead of gritty realism. Despite this, The game manages to appeal to casual players thanks to its amusing main idea and surprisingly deep and strategic actions.

Customizable Characters

One of Sausage Man’s most entertaining features is the ability to customize your sausage avatar with various wacky outfits and cosmetics. You can dress your character up with styles ranging from Viking armor to clown suits to police officer uniforms. Change hairstyles, facial expressions, poses, and more to show off your personality. Unlocking new costumes and rewards keeps progression exciting. Seeing a dozen sausage men dressed in ridiculous outfits battling it out is simply hilarious.

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Special Resurrection Abilities

It has some unique resurrection abilities not seen in other games. Special items like the Respawn Machine allow you to instantly revive on the spot if you have the consumable equipped. The Ankh Charm also provides self resurrection capabilities. These special powers fundamentally change battle royale dynamics, as you can continue fighting even after getting knocked out once per match. This adds a big strategic layer to using your revival powers at the right time.

Wide Variety of Weapons

As players loot buildings at match start, they can acquire a wide range of whacky weapons. Beyond standard guns and rifles, unique armaments like the Rocket Hand, Ray Gun, and Firework Launcher provide over-the-top explosive effects. Melee weapons like frying pans and baseball bats also allow for cinematic beatdowns. Combining these unconventional weapons together with supporting items leads to emergent gameplay full of surprises. Destroying enemies with exaggerated special effects ups the spectacle.

Giant Robots

Scattered around the map are special robot suits known as Gundams. If you are lucky enough to capture one, you can pilot a multi-story tall mech armed with rockets and lasers. These giant robots are game changers, allowing you to crush entire squads underfoot or blast them with overwhelming firepower. They completely subvert normal gameplay, offering a rush of power for the pilot. This feature creates epic moments where the battlefield becomes a robot-fueled warzone.

Strategic Accessories

It incorporates light tactical elements for those seeking more depth. Players can utilize supportive accessories for boosts in battle that activate unique effects. The Ballistic Mask spotlights enemies through walls to track their movements, while the Adrenaline Shot provides temporary unlimited ammo. The Bandage recovers health over time. By equipping the right accessories for your playstyle, you can synergize powerful loadout combinations. This allows you to strategize creative new approaches.

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Physics-Driven Maps

The environments themselves take on a life of their own in Sausage Man. Maps incorporate exaggerated physics that lend to outrageous gameplay scenarios. Bouncy rubber balls dot the landscape, allowing players to use them to literally bounce across areas for quick traversal. Trampolines and flip ramps also channel the game’s cartoony theme park aesthetics. Environmental destruction is also prevalent – you can obliterate obstacles, demolish trees, and collapse buildings onto foes. Interactive stages intensify the zany action.

Steps to Download Sausage Man MOD APK

  1. On your Android device, open your web browser and go to APKsPURE.COM. This hosts free Android game downloads.
  2. In the search bar, type in “Sausage Man”. Select the app from the search results.
  3. Tap the orange “Download APK” button.
  4. Open your device’s File Manager app and locate the APK file. It is usually in the “Downloads” folder. Tap on the APK file to begin installation.
  5. You may need to enable a setting to allow APK installs from third party sources besides the Google Play Store. Enable this, then install Game.
  6. After a quick installation process, you will find the Sausage Man app on your home screen or apps menu, ready to play!


Sausage Man has stormed onto the mobile gaming scene to deliver a truly unique take on the battle royale formula. While the adorable sausage characters and garish costumes exude silliness, the moment-to-moment action is fast-paced, skill intensive, and surprisingly hardcore. The array of special abilities and power-ups combined with destructible environments make each match an explosive sandbox full of possibilities. Developer XD Entertainment expertly crafted the game to appeal to both casual players who want lighthearted fun as well as seasoned gamers seeking deep, strategic simulations. Thanks to its accessibility, quick match times, and consistency across updates, The Game earns its reputation as one of the best battle royales for Android and iOS. So whether you’re a fan of multiplayer shooters or just enjoy customizing cute characters, Sausage Man belongs on your device as a refreshing twist on competitive third-person shooters.

By Nishinoyaa shiru • Last Updated

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