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PaperSplash PRO APK v2.0.1-Build.143 Download

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Version 2.0.1-Build.143
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If you want to enjoy all the features of PaperSplash PRO Apk, you will need this pro version from Owayo. It comes with no extra cost if you download it through Google Play, but if you opt for another store like Amazon, be prepared to pay up some cash.

Many wallpaper apps claim to have the best animations for Android smartphones, but very few live up to that reputation. Always has released some of the top-rated live wallpapers available in Google Play, and PaperSplash Pro is no exception. This app provides excellent HD-quality textures to make your device stand out without draining its battery.

PaperSplash PRO PaperSplash PRO APK v2.0.1-Build.143 Download

The main difference between this version and the free one is that it has special features for premium users, like unique artwork not available elsewhere. It also allows you to view additional information about each texture, including the universe where it was created or the method used to make it. Some advanced settings let you change how specific effects appear on your screen when running the wallpaper.

Other than that, PaperSplash has all the features available in its free sibling, including:

✔ Over 400+ high-quality textures (more added daily)

✔ An easy-to-use interface with different options for personalization. You can choose how often each animation is shown or what part will be visible before it disappears again. By doing so, you get an interactive background that looks great on

You can also use this pro version to create textures and share them with other users through PaperSplash. If you want to know more about the advantages of using live wallpaper, check out this link.

Introduce about PaperSplash Pro

With PaperSplash PRO, you can share your best ideas with the world. Adding text, pictures, videos, and hyperlinks allow you to create a dynamic presentation that will make people notice whatever you say.

The possibilities are endless: build promotions around new products or services, tell everyone about an upcoming event and show them how they could be a part of it … There are no limits to what you can achieve with this content-creating tool.

capcut apk premium 2021 PaperSplash PRO APK v2.0.1-Build.143 Download

What’s New in Version 2? – Better user interface for easier editing; – More vibrant and crisp graphics; – Improved stability and speed; – PDF support (you will need to install an app like Foxit Reader); — Add voice narration directly from within the app; — Resources section featuring the best free graphics for you to add to your projects.

PaperSplash PRO was recently ranked #7 in “Best Android Apps of 2015” by MakeUseOf and is part of our 2015 Developer Awards; PaperSplash was nominated along with VSCO Cam, Todoist, Pocket Casts, Espresso: Timer & Stopwatch Pro, and many others.

Exclusive wallpaper collection

When you download PaperSplash PRO, you will also get access to the exclusive wallpaper collection of high-quality photographs. Each image has been carefully selected so you can use it as a background for your presentations, upload it directly to Facebook and other social networks, or set it as your phone’s home screen.

freeflix hq pro apk PaperSplash PRO APK v2.0.1-Build.143 Download

Forget about spending hours browsing through free stock photo sites, hoping there is something valuable among all those pictures of food and cats.

Different categories to explore

1. PaperSplash Paper Templates Designs for Girls & Women:  Explore templates explicitly designed for girls, young women, ladies, or any other category of a woman in mind. The templates come in different sizes and colors, so you can always find the perfect fit. Whether it is a small layout to stick on your fridge or some large poster-size designs, PaperSplash has them all!

2. Paper Splash Paper Templates for Boys & Men: Paper Splash designers have plenty of options if you are looking for template designs for your boys or men. You will find car decals, truck decals, cool posters, and more among these categories to make incredible creations.

avakin life cracked apk PaperSplash PRO APK v2.0.1-Build.143 Download

3. PaperSplash Paper Templates Designs for Buildings:  Browse the PaperSplash templates designed to make building covers look more appealing. This section has many categories, such as Science lab Paper Splash Decals, Math Paper Splash Decals, Woodwork Paper Splash Decals, and Student / Teacher Paper Splash Decals, among many others.

motionleap pro version download PaperSplash PRO APK v2.0.1-Build.143 Download

4. Potpourri PaperSplash Papers & Templates:  This category includes all kinds of paper shapes and prints, including Christmas tree decors, leaves, doodles, and much more. You can select your favorite shape or design from these sections to uniquely create something you have always dreamed about!

Get wallpaper info from Unsplash

PaperSplash is a Python script and library for downloading public domain images from and generating wallpapers or app icons in the Paper style. PaperSplash is not affiliated with Unsplash but uses the API provided by Unsplash to access the site’s content. PaperSplash started as a little project (which might become bigger if people start using it) that I wrote while having a Paper-themed wallpaper on my Desktop last summer.

PaperSplash was written using Python 3 and Pillow, an image processing library for Python, which allows PaperSplash to create beautiful high-resolution square wallpapers/icons from its downloaded images. PaperSplash also uses PIL, another image processing library for Python, to read Paper’s icon system files.

Find wallpaper using color categories

I wrote a script that uses categories to find wallpaper for your Desktop. Let’s say you have an orange background and want an image in the middle (for example, fire or water); this article can help you. Here are the steps.

First, you should create a few categories for your image. Here’s how to do it:

Get or save an image of the color you want to use as a category (If using fire, get or download an image of fire [I got mine here.].

Now that you have the picture on your hard drive (let’s say it is called “the_background”) ensure this folder contains only one file. If it doesn’t, move all files within the folder to another place (such as your Desktop).

Then change the name of this file so that it becomes like “bg-orange.png” Then go ahead and create this new category by right-clicking on Desktop and going onto New/ Folder. 

This will create a new folder on your Desktop called “Background.” Now drag and drop the image you just changed into this folder. It should get named “bg-orange” now. The other steps are similar to creating categories in Windows (like using the grouping button). However, if you don’t have colors in your background, finding pictures matching those categories has to be a little more brutal. I’ll tell you how to do it afterward. But first of all, let’s discuss what kind of images we want on our Desktop:

How to Install PaperSplash Pro Apk

Download and extract the Zip File.

Copy the “PaperSplash PRO” Folder into your “[STEAM FOLDER]\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf” folder.

In the main game menu, go to Options > Video Settings > Enable PaperSplash Pro Mod. (If it’s not enabled, you don’t need to download this MOD).

When Creating a Server, tick on PaperSplash Pro Mod in Lobby Settings. [ARTICLE END]

A brief review of the resource pack installation: Before installing a mod, players should close all client applications and Steam itself to complete everything before adding any mods. After downloading the mod file, open up WinRAR and extract the file. To do this, right-click on the mod file and click “Extract files.” Move the folder into the resource pack directory found at “<Steam.

Directory>\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\resource”. Open up Steam, go to Team Fortress 2’s properties tab under General, and then enable the resource pack by clicking on “Set Launch Options…”, typing up, hitting OK and then launching Team Fortress 2 through Steam.


PaperSplash is a free and exciting game app. It may be one of the best games I’ve seen lately in quality and entertainment value. If you’re into fun, addictive puzzle games like Tetris-style or Mahjong-type, this game will keep you coming back for more! And it’s free to download on Android devices everywhere.

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