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WhatsApp Aero APK v10.01 Download Latest 2024

Name WhatsApp Aero Apk
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Version 10.01
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Several modes for WhatsApp users have been developed to improve the experience of WhatsApp daily. Users are using WhatsApp Aero APK according to their own.

If you are an internet user and use Whatsapp, you must have heard about your WhatsApp Aero2021 (WAP 2021 APK Download for Android v15.7.0 (Updated Today), Because WAP is unavailable on the Google Play Store.

Some good features are used for pretty popular apps because many people use them. After all, if you also use Android Mobile and have an addiction to running simple Whatsapp.

So after getting the information about this WAP 2019, you will download it. For the user’s better position in the WhatsApp Aero app, there are a lot of suitable variables available in it, which we will find in detail, in addition to how you can download the application, about this one-one point. Below, we have mentioned that you may have to complete this post for better information.

dff WhatsApp Aero APK v10.01 Download Latest 2024

If you also want to improve your WhatsApp experience, keep this article till the end because in this article, Today, we will tell you about Whatsapp Aero, Which is the new mode of WhatsApp; its best feature is WhatsApp APK users on your side. Download this application on your Android phone if you also want to improve your WhatsApp experience. And this article had to end.

What is Whatsapp Aero APK

WhatsApp Arrow is a chat application like Social Media’s official Whatsapp Aero APK, a new WhatsApp model. Developed by Bozkurt Hezar of Turkey. This application has been developed based on a great theme. But the features added in this application are based on pod mods only.

new d WhatsApp Aero APK v10.01 Download Latest 2024

Which focuses the user on themselves. Download this application on your phone if you want to use WhatsApp for good themes. The information to download this application is given below, which you can download to your phone by following it.

The most noticeable of these is WhatsApp Aero, which allows users to record videos in full HD quality and upload them at will to their family and friends’ WhatsApp profiles. Additionally, several improvements have been made to the user’s experience – particularly with stability and battery consumption. For example, WhatsApp has been optimizing its database structure so that reduced data usage when downloading new types of WhatsApp services will occur less frequently.

The latest WhatsApp update brings several new features and changes to the popular mobile messaging service. One of these new additions is WhatsApp Aero, an improved messenger that offers users quicker loading times and smoother graphics. As a result, users are experiencing more lag time when navigating through their messages, which is believed to be because WhatsApp could not handle the high server load.

Features of WhatsApp Aero APK

There are many such good features in WAP. Using this, you can easily keep your app safe. This application has become quite popular due to the good qualities of WhatsApp Aero APK. Which is more often used Today. So let’s know the feature of WAP one by one.

  • Share 2 GB videos and hide three dots while online; you can keep yourself in offline mode. Hide typing status
  • It has a much better emoji than the previous WhatsApp; you can share your filming with others by sending it.
dgfg WhatsApp Aero APK v10.01 Download Latest 2024
  • With this app, you can simultaneously send messages to 500 people, while official Whatsapp can send messages to only five people.
  • In this, you can change the WhatsApp default green color theme. And you can easily change the music with a custom theme by downloading it from anywhere.
  • Can hide recording status.
  • Hide Blue Tick: This is an excellent feature. If you read a few messages on Whatsapp, Blue Tick appears, and you can hide this Blue Tick too.
  • Hide Online Status: When you are online on Whatsapp, you can view online people all over your Whatsapp online. But if you’re online with the help of this App feature, then the front can be the Offline Show.
  • Hide Recording Status: When sending a voice recording, you can hide the recording status for the contact and group.
  • Location Sharing: You can share your real-time location with anyone using WAP.
  • Download Status: You can download WhatsApp statuses, videos, and photos of your friends from WAP.
  • Files & Documents: Share any of your documents with your friends.
  • Gallery And Camera: You can send high-quality pictures and high-quality video recordings to WAP with any of your friends. It can also send photos and videos up to 100 Mb.
  • Change Icon Color: In WAP, you can change the color of the App Icon according to your own. You can color it whatever you want.

WhatsApp Aero APK Download 2024

WhatsApp Aero apk Now you have to open your WAP from where you have to grant permissions like AGREE AND CONTINUE. Now, you enter your mobile number, verify it, and enter the OTP number. For OTP, you have to wait a while.

Aero is among the most used WhatsApp applications. It is an experimental feature that enables the users to change the background color of their Mi Box or to add a picture of Miley Cyrus to the chat screen. Also fixed is the annoying issue wherein the images of friends become distorted if they are shared more than once within a group chat. The latest version of this application is

Entering OTP will allow you to use WAP and you can verify your old Whatsapp back up here again. You can repeatedly add your name profiles to your friends with the closest logo ..!

I hope you have understood the above information about WhatsApp Aero Apk. Please download the information below to download it.

1. To download this application, click on the link below.

2. From where you can easily click and download it.

3. For information, told before installing this application, go to your phone’s settings and Disable the source.

4. Now open your downloaded application here and install it.

WhatsApp Aero

5. After installing it.

6. You can easily use it by logging in with your number.

If you want to back up your old WhatsApp, you can back up your chat by going to the settings in your WhatsApp and then to “Chat.”

If you are using WhatsApp on Google Play Store, I would like to ask you to leave it and use this WhatsApp Aero, where you get unlimited features.

You can show offline, even when you are online, through this WhatsApp and you can find all the hidden features in this WhatsApp if you are a businessman or want to talk to girls and boys who want to hide their security. It would be best if you used WhatsApp.


There are several options for WhatsApp. The updated Facebook-owned app is one of them. When you install it on your smartphone, you will get new filters, group chats with audio and visual effects, stickers, and an improved user interface.

But what if you want to use WhatsApp in some other way? Today, you can create various plugins to extend their functionality. One such extension is Aero Chat, which allows you to send free vibrations or audio messages to other WhatsApp users.

If you have downloaded WhatsApp Aero and installed it on your device, share this post with your friends, and if you have any problems, do tell me in the comment.

By Kasim Husain • Last Updated


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