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Temp Mail Mod APK v3.40 (Premium Unlocked)

Name Temp Mail Mod Apk
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Version 3.102
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Temp Mail Mod Apk is a free app that lets you create temporary email addresses for any occasion. It’s perfect if you want to sign up for an event, try out a website without giving your personal information, or want to keep all of your emails separate. Download Temp Mail today and never worry about spam again.

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temp mail mod apk

The App is one of the most innovative apps in today’s market and can provide countless benefits to those using it.

Temp Mail Apk has built-in support for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud Mail, and Office 365. 

The name and email address are for temporary use only. All emails sent to this address will be deleted automatically after 24 hours. Restrictions may apply.

What is Temp Mail Mod Apk

Due to the internet and its many free services, we often forget that we still need to pay for some things. Temp Mail Mod Apk addresses (aka Temp Mail) are one of those things. We all know the importance of having a professional email address, but paying for an email account can be expensive.

That’s where the App comes into play. It lets you get as many emails as possible without worrying about overage charges or credit card information.

temp mail mod apk premium

This is also great for those who want to sign up for multiple newsletters and events. And remember, this email address is only temporary, so whatever you send to it will be deleted after 24 hours. The App will delete your messages ‘automatically. We’ll let you figure out precisely what that means. But don’t worry.

Features of Temp Mail Mod Apk

In this blog post, we will be discussing the features of Temp Mail Mod Apk. This App is a modified version of the popular mail application for Android devices and offers many benefits to its users.

temp mail mod apk download

These include increased security, better spam management, customization options, and more! Read on to learn more about what you can expect from this App.

 Custom email names

you can use any name you want for your email address on Temp Mail. For example, if you use [email protected], your contact will see that as their temporary email.

Gmail support

this App supports Gmail so that you can create a custom mail on it too. This is great because most people already have a Gmail account, so you don’t need to sign up for a new account just for this App.

Modified spam

the default spam feature on Gmail and most other email providers are essential and can be easily missed or blocked by the sender. Temp Mail changes the spam system so all emails will still go through but be marked as ‘spam.’ This also helps with user experience because users won’t worry about missing important messages.

temp mail mod apk 2020

No credit card information

when you create unlimited emails on Gmail, no credit card information is required, so you don’t have to worry about being charged unexpectedly. To use this full version, tap ‘Upgrade’ on the Menu screen, and you’re ready!

Automatic deletion

Temp Mail automatically deletes all emails, so you don’t have to worry about a full inbox. It also lets you choose how long the email is active, meaning it will delete emails after a set time or when you manually do it on the Menu screen.

High-security standards

this App uses the same standards as major email providers like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, which means your information always stays safe. The developers of this mod apk monitor their servers around the clock to keep them protected against any threats that may come up.

User-friendly interface

whether you’re using Gmail or some other regular mail service, this App offers a simple interface with no complicated options. You must create your email address, log in with a Gmail or Google Account, and start sending or receiving emails.

Multiple mailboxes

you can create as many mailboxes as you want without any restrictions. People signing up for newsletters and other offers often make multiple accounts while trying to subscribe, but Temp Mail can be handy here. You can use a different email address for every request while keeping things organized with this App!

Extended email storage

all regular email providers have limited messages that can be stored on the server. While this varies from one service to another, most providers do not offer unlimited storage. Temp Mail provides 1G of space, which should be enough for any user!

Secure encryption

while it is true that NSA or other government organizations usually create encrypted emails, nothing stops you from making a secure email if you desire. This App lets you create custom encryption keys, so even if someone manages to hack into your Account, they won’t see anything but gibberish!

Extra search options

Gmail has built-in basic search options, but this App lets you use them with keywords like ‘is: read’ and others. This extends the search system so you can easily find all the emails you need without waiting for pages to load.

Secure sign-in

in most cases, logging into your email account is as simple as entering your password and hitting ‘Sign In.’ That’s not secure, but when you’re using Temp Mail, it is because the App requires you to enter a unique code each time. If someone manages to guess or hack into your Account, they won’t be able to access it!

Customized spam filter

this App lets you send as many emails as you want without worrying about them being marked as spam. Gmail uses a rigorous filter where even two links from different websites can be considered spam, making it very hard for users to send emails. Temp Mail changes everything by allowing you to control what goes into the Mail and what doesn’t.

Easy user interface

Gmail has a minimalistic interface where most of your information is displayed in text format, which can confuse new users. Temp Mail has an easy-to-use menu with large icons, so you’ll never get lost!

Aesthetic theme

many people like having different themes when using their email service, but these usually require navigating to the settings screen and changing everything. This App simplifies things because it has a stylish piece that is easy on the eyes and looks great no matter where you use it.

Pro Key of Temp Mail Mod Apk

  • The App’s Pro version offers extra features such as priority emails and priority support.
  • You get 1GB of storage instead of just 1MB with the accessible version of this App.
  • As always, you get to use it for free for one week before you have to pay $0.99 for it.
  • Hide from spam
  • Remove ads from the App
  • Continue receiving emails when you switch to a new device or emulator.
  • Priority support from our support team.
  • Generate temporary disposable email.
  • Create extra mailboxes
  • Secure private keys that auto-decrypt your emails
  • Generate a new email address instantly
  • Add as many disposable emails as you wish
  • Use the search option to find specific emails instantly
  • It comes with preloaded themes and wallpapers for all occasions
  • Add special notes to each email, such as dates and passwords
  • Use the ‘Redirect’ option to create new temporary email addresses
  • The App’s Pro version offers priority support and access to future features.

How to Download & Install Temp Mail Premium Apk for Android

Temp Mail Premium Apk is a free app that allows you to create a temporary email account. These quick emails are deleted after 30 days and are not accessible to the public. This service is perfect for those who want to sign up for something online but don’t want their personal information leaked.

Step 1. To get started, download and install Temp Mail from

Install apk 202

Step 2. Open the App and select ‘Create Account.

Step 3. If you want to use this email on your current device, enter a unique password and hit ‘Next.’ If creating an emulator, check the box that says ‘No thanks’ before pressing ‘Create Account.

Step 4. Choose a username and then press the checkmark to continue.

Step 5. This App will generate a unique code you must enter before being given access to your new Account. Once you’ve entered it correctly, press the checkmark again to finish up!

Temp Mail – Free Instant Temporary Email Address Mod Apk FAQs

Temp Mail – Free Instant Temporary Email Address Temp Mail Mod Apk that you can use to manage your online privacy and send emails anonymously.

With Temp Mail, you can create as many temporary email addresses as you want – from managing spam to creating social media profiles on new sites. You’ll also be able to receive emails at those addresses even if the sender doesn’t know your real one.

Q. How do I get Temp Mail?

A. To download this App, click the button above and you will be taken to Apk Pure, where you can install it in seconds!

Q. Do I need an apk reader to use this App?

A. No, if you have already downloaded a file manager for your emulator, you can use that instead.

Q. Is Temp Mail safe?

A. The safest way to stay anonymous online is by using a proxy, but this is your best bet if you want something without any coding behind it. This App will ensure your privacy and security by keeping your data off the grid until you decide otherwise!

Q. Can I root my emulator or phone to use this App?

A. No, yAppdo does not need root access to Temp Mail for Android! You will be free to go if your emulator supports the latest API.

Temp Mail Apk Premium v5.0 is a free Tools Application for Android. Check out below for the full APK file download link.

Q. How do I delete this App?

A. You App uninstall Temp Mail from your emulator by entering your device settings and finding the ‘Apps’ folder. Click on uninstall, and you’re good to go.

Temp Mail Premium Apk is a free app that allows you to create a temporary email account. These brief emails are deleted after 30 days and are not accessible to the public. This service is perfect for those who want to sign up for something online but don’t want their personal information leaked.


I hope you liked this Temp Mail APK. If you have more questions about this App, feel free to ask them in the comments..!

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