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Zapya Mod APK (Dewmobile, Inc)

Name Zapya Mod APK
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Version 6.4.1 (US)
Size 16MB
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Updated March 9, 2023 (2 weeks ago)
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Zapya Mod Apk is a file-sharing app that allows sharing files by linking from one iOS device to another. You can click and hold the link in your browser (Chrome recommended) and it will send the zapya URL which you can receive on your phone/tablet.

If both devices have Zapya installed, pressing “Receive” will automatically copy it into the clipboard for easy pasting into an email or text message. Select which apps you want Zapya to be able to send files to, and set up a custom email address for receiving zapya links. Zapya is the fastest way of sending large files across multiple platforms without any data usage or internet connection Also Check Out the Inshore Pro Mod Apk.

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Zapya allows users to share whatever is on their device: Photos, Videos, Contacts, and many other files can be shared across different platforms like Android to iPhone, iOS devices, as well as PC. Zapya also comes with an auto-transfer option that automatically starts sending photos you take or videos you record onto the selected receiver’s phone using Bluetooth or wifi.

With the Zapya File sharing app, one can quickly transfer files from Android to an iPhone 2g/3gs/4 via Bluetooth wireless connection without an internet connection or data usage. Zapya file-sharing app lets you upload pics, videos, music, and much more directly into your Facebook account without using any internet data or wifi connection.

What is Zapya Mod Apk

Zapya Mod Apk is a peer-to-peer file-sharing and transfer application similar to Bump. It lets you easily send files from your Android phone to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

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Besides sending pictures, videos, and contacts across different platforms (such as Android to iPhone), it also has an auto-transfer option that will automatically start sending photos you take or videos you record onto the selected receiver’s phone using Bluetooth or wifi network.

Features of Zapya Mod Apk

We are sharing the zapya mod apk with all its embedded features, which works perfectly.

It has a straightforward interface that makes it easy to use. Also there’s a file manager within the Zapya app, so you don’t have to worry about compiling two different apps.

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 Improved Android Support

I think Zapya is mainly used for transferring music across different devices. And as you all know, Android-based smartphones use a type of file system called Froyo (file revision 2.2) and higher, whereas the iPhone uses IOS 5 and above.

Upgraded iOS to Android Sharing 

I was using an iPhone 4, but then I got the 3GS. The 3GS uses IOS 4 and above, which differs from Android’s Froyo (file revision 2.2) and higher. The previous versions of Zapya could share music files from my Android devices to my iPhone 4 (which had previously run IOS 5). However, it failed with my 3GS. It successfully shared all other data types, like contacts and pictures.

Phone Replication

Zapya, just like Bump, allows you to replicate your phone’s apps and other information onto another device. With App’s Phone Replication Feature, you can easily copy the contacts within your phonebook from one device to another.

Auto Transfer

As mentioned above, Auto Transfer is a fantastic feature for selecting any data. Then Zapya will transfer it automatically when specific data is added (like new pictures are taken). The receiver can disable this feature if they do not want their data sent via zephyr.

Exclude Apps

Even though there might be some file types you don’t want transferring from one app to another while using zapya, Zapya excludes apps that contain such files from being sent via zapya.

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One-Touch Sharing

With the one-touch sharing feature, you only have to swipe on the screen, and Zapya will send your data automatically. In other words, a single touch of your finger on the screen will transfer your desired File (s).

Fast Transfer Speed

I used my 3GS for testing and while transferring a video file, I started timing it with my stopwatch. The video took 3 minutes to be transferred through wifi (using an Android smartphone as the receiver), whereas it would have taken nearly 15 minutes had I used Bluetooth for sharing instead. It works faster than Bump, which can take up to 30 minutes to send a 10 MB file via Bluetooth.

Free Transfer of Data

Zapya lets you send as much data as you want. Since it uses your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it does not exceed your internet data plan’s limit. It also doesn’t cost you any money to transfer large amounts of data via Zapya since there is no additional cost for sending files via this app.

Key Features of Zapya Mod Apk

  • You can auto-transfer photos or videos automatically
  • Transfer contacts, music, and other data between iOS or Android systems.
  • It supports transferring files from one device to another via wifi, Bluetooth, or USB cable.
  • You can send files within seconds using the latest Zapya Mod Apk.
  • It allows you to transfer videos, images, and music files without cost.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Zapya lets you transfer videos, images, and music files in seconds.
  • It also uses wifi Direct or Bluetooth for connecting to other devices.
  • You can transfer files from one device to another via wifi, Bluetooth, or USB cable.
  • It supports transferring files from one device to another via wifi, Bluetooth, or USB cable.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Zapya lets you transfer videos, images, and music files in seconds.
  • It also uses wifi Direct or Bluetooth for connecting to other devices.

How to Download And Install Zapaya Mod Apk 

Download and Install the Zapya Mod Apk App from Google Play Store Or  Tap Here to download the Zapya APK file. Download & Extract Zip File on Your System Open Settings> Security>Device Admins Add This app To Device Admin (Allow Full Access). Go to Installed Apps And Enable Zapya by tapping its icon. Now, Run the Modded Zapya App.

Step 1: First Download Zapya Mod Apk.

Step 2: Install the Zapya Mod Apk file as you usually install other apps.

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Step 3: Open Zapya and log in using your account details.

Step 4: Go to Settings > AutoTransfer> Tap Enable AutoTransfer, and select what you want to auto-transfer between devices.

Step 5: You are done… Enjoy.

Zapya Mod Apk FAQs

Zapya Mod Apk uses Bluetooth to transfer files that work only up to a maximum file size of 4 MB (or maybe more, but I’m not sure).   Hopefully, they will add support for wifi uploads in the future.

How does Zapya Mod Apk work?

As I have already stated, it uses your mobile data plan, or you can also use Bluetooth (if available on your system) to transfer files between two devices.

What should I do if my device doesn’t support Zapya?

You can install the app from  Google Play Store on devices made ​​by Sony, HTC, LG, etc., and use it for free of cost. If your device is not in the supported devices list, you should try another file transfer app or stick with Bluetooth transfers only, which don’t take much time.

How to use Zapya Mod Apk?

Zapya mod apk uses wifi and Bluetooth for transferring data files. It also shares the exact login details as your mobile device or desktop PC, so you need to enter your existing username & password in the app and connect with friends on Zapya by entering their username.


Zapya Mod Apk is a unique app that lets you transfer files between mobile devices in seconds. It uses wifi and Bluetooth for transferring data, thus allowing you to send a file from one device to another without using up your internet data plan’s limit or paying any money.

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