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Sharkee Browser Apk v1.0.23 Download (2024)

Name Sharkee
Category Communication Apps
Offered By Sharkee Ltd
Version 1.0.23
Size 20MB
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Sharkee APK is an app that is popular in India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. This app allows you to call anyone on any network or make cheap international calls through a wifi or LTE connection. The best part is that it’s free from the charges made by other calling apps.

You can also use this as a walkie-talkie to chat with those who have Sharkee installed without the need for an internet connection. It uses your phone number paired with your contacts list to provide easy access while using wifi for calls.

Sharkee Browser

The best thing about the app is the calling feature. You will not be charged for each call made while using data or wifi. Instead, it will charge only 1 cent per second. If you are using any call package, you will be charged for your calls.

You can invite unlimited friends to use the app with you at absolutely no cost and make cheap international calls through wifi or LTE connection. One more thing is that it is a cross-platform app where Android, IOS, and Windows phone users can all enjoy the benefits of Ske together. It will be launched for the windows store soon too.

What is Sharkee APK?

Sharkee APK is a free-calling Android app that allows you to make cheap calls through your mobile’s data network. You can also connect with any user around the world via the internet to have live video calls and enjoy voice chat without worrying about international roaming charges. It uses a wifi or LTE connection to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. 

So what is the app doing? Sharkee IOS supports incoming calls, multiple accounts on one device, quick comma separation gesture support for easy dialling, fast jump between contact list history and conversation list, and pre-made conversations for quick use. Play Together APK The APK version of this app has unlimited calling features where you will not be charged each time you make or receive a call, unlike other calling apps where you need to pay for calls made.

Sharkee Browser mod apk

The best part is that it has the format of a contract, which allows you to add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, WhatsApp messenger IDs, and even Facebook accounts to one contact. You can also save voice notes both on the device and on the Sharkee server if the user wants.

It’s working on a very simple trick. It uses your existing data connection (wifi/LTE) instead of making an actual call over a 3G or 4G network through your carrier directly. It is easy to use by simply dialling the number from your Android keypad and then hitting the green button to make a call through a wifi or LTE connection without having any extra charges incurred by your telecom service provider.

Features of Sharkee APK 

You can connect with any user, regardless of location, to make cheap international calls through a wifi or LTE connection. You can also create a “chat room” by inviting your friends to chat together with their harken APK buddies. 

Sharkee APK 

It allows you to video call those who have installed Sharkee on their iPhones and Windows phones too, without having any charges incurred by their telecom service provider. You can also group chat with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp Calling to make cheap calls through wifi or LTE connection without incurring any 3G or 4G mobile data roaming charges.

Free unlimited & built-in VPN to

protect your privacy, security, and identity.  You don’t have to worry about the calls you make through wifi/LTE to other countries because in case of any dispute sharks will take full responsibility to solve it with the help of the international disputes team.

Browser VPN is not really a VPN in

in the sense that it doesn’t encrypt your traffic. The browser VPN only changes the WHOIS data of your IP address so that instead of showing you’re from a different country, it will show your calls are coming from within that country to prevent being blacklisted in countries like India and China where voice-over WiFi calling is illegal. 

Night mode option for

It has got a very simple user interface with all the features present in different sections including settings, contacts list, and calls made through wifi/LTE connection. There is also an option for recording your calls to the device or on the Sharkee server which could be useful at times when you need to record an important call because only those calls are recorded and stored on the server.

Private browsing option

Sometimes you need to make a private call, like when you discuss in detail your bank account, credit, or debit card details. Sharkee offers an option to activate private browsing mode. But it is not that effective because anyone can just connect with their friend and ask them what the conversation was yesterday between them and some other person on the shark.

Sharkee Browser app

security detection feature

It has got a security detection feature that detects any unauthorized callers and informs the receiver immediately to block them. This is very useful if you are receiving unwanted calls then you can easily report it to the Sharkee team by just tapping on the Unauthorized caller button. 

Tracking prevention feature

It also offers a tracking prevention feature that prevents your friends from knowing your real location and device information. This is useful when you don’t want to show your actual location on shark while receiving calls from other users. 

Some more features

  • Simply turn on the VPN on your
  • browser or app and everything will work in HD mode without ads. Most importantly, no one can charge you for using Sharkee APK because it is completely free to use. 
  • Steps To Using Sharkee App For Making Calls On WiFi/LTE Connection
  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the Sharkee app. Install and open the app.

Download Sharkee APK on Android

Go to the contacts section and create a new contact. Simply name it Free Call or any other name you wish to give, and add your mobile number as well as that of your friend who has also installed the shark app on an Android or IOS phone. Make sure both of you are online on the same shark call. Dial their Sharkee APK number and start calling without any limitations on mobile data usage or wifi/LTE connection roaming charges.

Step 1: Sharkee APK Download and Install

Step 2: Create your shark contact and add other contacts also. Step 3: Choose a local country to call a person who has the same app installed on his/her android phone

Step 4: Call without wifi data charges using a free calling service If you want to avoid any spam calls then simply block the caller after receiving the call.  

Step 5: Record your wifi/LTE calls, as well as voice, calls on the Sharkee server

Sharkee APK FAQs

Sharkee APK, a new app for Android users is the solution to your FAQs. Sharkee APK is an all-in-one application that provides answers to any question you have with just one touch of a button. 

Q: Can I download the Shark app for free without signing up on the website?

A: Yes, you can directly download or copy the link to the Sharkee apk and install it on your Android phone, especially if you don’t have an internet connection. Note that you will not be able to make calls using this method because it needs an internet connection to communicate with the server.

Q: Where does sparkle store the recorded call files?

A: Sharkee stores all your recorded calls on their server, or you can choose to download them directly onto your device using the Google Drive option in the settings section. 

Q: Can I listen to my voice recordings offline or on a computer/another device?

A: Yes, you can simply download the audio files from Google Drive and listen to them whenever you feel like it. You can also sync these voice recordings on your Android phone using Bluetooth, or use any computer file manager utility for easy downloads to play them offline.

Q: Can I make private calls over sharkee app? 

A: Yes, in the Cherokee app you have an option to make private calls. But it’s not that effective because anyone can easily connect with your friend and ask him about the conversation he had with you. So this is a major flaw in the security level provided by Cherokee.


The Sharkee APK app is the best way to avoid any kind of data charges while making calls. The best thing about Shark is that anyone can try out this application without paying a single penny for it. So why wait? Download Sharkee APK today and start using the unlimited calling feature on your Android phone without worrying about the high WiFi roaming charges. Have you used the Sharkee app in the past for making calls? If yes, then share your experience with us through comments.!

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