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WhatsApp Gold APK v35.00 Download (Latest Version)

Name WhatsApp Gold Apk
Category Communication Apps
Offered By WhatsApp LLC
Version 35.00
Size 50MB
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MOD Features Full Unlocked
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WhatsApp Gold Apk has come on leaps and bounds over the past few years, emerging as a massive platform to message your friends. With its most recent two feature upgrades (seen below), it’s gained a new level of popularity and is continuing to gather users by the day.

At first glance, this app seems legitimate. Still, after analyzing it closely for about 15 minutes, certain things were way too off for me to feel comfortable recommending people download and use it. The most prominent thing that got me suspicious was the design and a brief search on Google led to more questions than answers.

whatsapp gold

I decided to do some thorough research into this thing to bring you all the information I came across during my investigation – so without further ado, let’s dig right in.

WhatsApp Mod Apk, as the name implies, is an app that lets you use a gold theme on your regular WhatsApp. The app was first spotted by users in Mexico roughly two weeks ago (June 2017) and has been steadily rising in popularity. It seems everyone is downloading it to have the option of using a gold theme – which isn’t against any rules or regulations whatsoever.

What is WhatsApp Gold APK

The first thing you should know about WhatsApp Gold Apk is that it’s a third-party app designed to “modify” the standard functionality of your WhatsApp experience. To achieve this, they inject malicious code into the official Android APK file (which dictates all of your apps’ features).

This code then modifies part of your application. It allows access to other menus in your settings panel; however, any rational person will agree that these different settings aren’t something that was included by the original developer because there’s no point having them there if they’re redundant.

What is WhatsApp Gold APK

So why do these new functions even exist? Well, as we already mentioned above, they were added on purpose – so at least we can rule out the possibility of them being a bug.

Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

When it comes to it, there’s nothing too special about the features on offer with WhatsApp Gold apk. The main focus is the gold theme, which is seen in the image below.

As you can see, nothing stands out from the screenshots above – I mean, they pretty much look like your standard WhatsApp messenger app. WhatsApp Mod Apk And that is precisely what this thing is designed to do – fool users into thinking this isn’t different than your everyday WhatsApp messenger.

Private messaging across the world

gaining not just in popularity but also in acceptance as a vital tool for modern communication. Given this dramatic change in human interaction, numerous messaging applications are capitalizing on it by developing novel approaches to user privacy.

Even though WhatsApp made headlines when it introduced end-to-end encryption for all conversations shared between users over official WhatsApp channels, no encryption can ever be utterly foolproof against hackers. We commonly suggest that our readers switch to using a different program, like Signal.


your messages are a feature that’s also fairly popular in some messaging apps – especially ones that allow you to have more than one conversation at a time. However, remember that this isn’t anything new because it has been part of the WhatsApp experience for quite some time. We even showed you how to enable automatic self-replying on your device recently.

With all these features already available and working perfectly fine without any issues, what could be the primary appeal behind downloading this app? There’s no real difference between traditional WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold. Let’s get into the details of what makes this application tick to understand better what it does to make it any different from the regular WhatsApp messenger app.

Hide Online Status

As you may or may not know, users can enable an online status on their devices to inform their contacts about what they’re up to at any time. This is useful for some people, especially when scheduling meetings with others or telling your friends and family members that you’re out on vacation and won’t be available for a while.

To do this, tap the status tab in your settings panel and select when you wish to enable your online status. Now all your friends will be able to see when you’re available. Once that’s done, you can go ahead with your day and do whatever you please – your friends will know if you’re available for a chat, or they can use the “last seen” feature to see what you’re up to.

Message Scheduler

Another feature you may or may not have noticed is the message scheduler. This was initially added to the WhatsApp messenger app by Google, but it has been a hit-or-miss regarding its overall usability. This feature allows you to schedule messages that will be sent in the future – however, due to some issues caused by the end-to-end encryption feature, the only things you can plan to send are images and videos. However, there’s a workaround for this.

Initially, users could not schedule messages that would be sent at specific times because of the way that WhatsApp encrypts all of their conversations – Google servers can’t randomize the sending of messages to avoid having someone see them in between.

Key Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

  • Online status hide
  • Freeze last seen
  • Anti-delete message
  • Auto-reply message
  • Schedule message (not freeze)
  • Message backup and restore.
  • Messages encrypted before send
  • Group chat with self-destruct timer
  • Hide the chat preview icon in the notification bar
  • Conversation popup, reply widget, and floating chat
  • Emoji and emoji font (turn off read receipt, typing notification or full-width emojis)​
  • Customized themes
  • Password protection

How to Download WhatsApp Gold APK for Android

WhatsApp Gold APK was created by a team of engineers and designers worldwide. If you’re looking for an instant messaging service that doesn’t just let you talk but lets your voice do all the talking (with tons more features), this app is perfect for you.

This free Android application quickly became one of the most popular messengers with its easy-to-use interface and fast connection speeds between users. WhatsApp Gold APK’s latest version includes new sticker packs and emoticons tools to help express yourself in any way imaginable (in addition to some significant updates like increased file-sharing capabilities.

Step 1. To start, you will need to either get the WhatsApp Gold APK file from your friends who already have this messenger version or download it from a third-party site (if that is the case, proceed to step 2).

Step 2. After downloading the APK file from the Internet, launch it to the Downloads folder on your Android device. You must open it with WhatsApp Gold APK or any file manager application installed on your phone.

Install apk 2022

Step 3. After launch, WAG will ask you to confirm the installation process; press the install button to have the application fully installed on your smartphone.

Step 4. Once WhatsApp Gold APK has been installed, you can close the application and enjoy its unique features.

WhatsApp Gold APK is free, so you will not have to spend a penny to enjoy all the great features this messenger offers. However, it would help if you remembered that even though WAG is ad-free, it does offer in-app purchases.

WhatsApp Gold Apk FAQs

There has been a new WhatsApp update for Android that is now available on The WhatsApp Gold Apk app allows you to pay for premium features. This includes changing your status message, marking messages as unread, and more. These are all great features if you use them regularly on your phone, so this may be an upgrade worth considering.

1. Can I use WhatsApp Gold APK on Android devices?

No, this messenger version is only available for mobile phones running the iOS operating system. But don’t worry because we have something similar to WAG that you can install on your phone right now. It’s called GB WhatsApp and has all the great features from its predecessor and a few more.

2. Are there any advantages to installing GB WhatsApp over WAG?

There are many advantages. Some users will like how easy it is to add new contacts, while others prefer that you back up and restore old conversations (but remember that those messages won’t be encrypted). However, GB WhatsApp also offers support for group chats and comes with a new sticker collection.

3. How to uninstall GB WhatsApp?

If you want to get rid of this messenger, go to the Settings application on your handset and find it under the “Apps” menu, then choose its name from the list, and tap Uninstall button. Before proceeding, ensure that all critical data has been backed up using iCloud or iTunes (but remember that those messages won’t be encrypted).

4. How do I configure my device for iOS 10?

One of the great things about GB WhatsApp is how easy it is to personalize your account – access the app’s settings by tapping on the Menu key multiple times until it shows Facebook & Twitter log in page via email & password option.

5. What happens if I uninstall GB WhatsApp?

If you decide to delete this app, all messages and chats will also be removed from your mobile device. Those details will also be erased if that’s a list of contacts. Remember, once GB WhatsApp is uninstalled on your handset, it won’t be possible to use the app again (unless you install it from

6. Can you listen to voice messages in group chats?

No, this option can only be used during one-to-one conversations with other users – otherwise, you need to send an email request for such a feature.


I hope this article helped you learn about WhatsApp Gold Apk and how it can be installed on your phone. I also provided details regarding the application’s features, uploaded screenshots of its interface, and answered some frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Gold Apk. So if you liked this messenger and want to use it yourself, recheck my article before leaving And if you have any questions or comments regarding GB WhatsApp, please share them in the comments section below. Thank you!

By Kasim Husain • Last Updated


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