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Today we are sharing Hotstar Premium Account 2022 in this post. We hope you will get Free Hotstar Premium Accounts because we will share them for free. If you want to watch IPL live on Hotstar, you can use these accounts given to us, and you can also watch all Hotstar movies and web series for free.

If you love watching movies and web series on Hotstar, then in this post, Hotstar will log in to one of your accounts in 36 and do entertainment for free. Will be able to

We have shared more than 36 Hotstar Premium accounts with you in this post; select any of them, log in on your device, and then watch the TV show of your choice, IPL Cricket Live. The best thing about this is that you can get a membership account without any money and use all the premium features, and you will not need to pay any money.

As everyone knows, free service doesn’t have many features, people will be using Hotstar mod apk free version, and they won’t be able to access some premium channels for free, and they won’t be able to get superior services.

But you cannot even buy the Hotstar Premium service for some reason. Because their domestic has money problems, they cannot buy Hotstar premium accounts. But they need not worry about it whatsoever. We have come up with a Hotstar premium account for them. Which we are going to give them down.


In Today’s time, everyone knows the name of Hotstar and Today, Hotstar has become available on everyone’s Android device all over the world, whether free version or premium version, and people also know that cricket is the most-watched in it so that you may have seen it. It enjoys cricket, tennis, football and all matches. It contains a cake that you see under the banner of live streaming and other entities Hotstar Premium.

Gift For Netflix Premium Account

If you want to get a Netflix Premium account for free, below is the download button; you have to download the Netflix Premium Mod APK and install OK on your Android; then, you can quickly get the Netflix Premium Mod APK.

Gift For Netflix Premium Account

Talking about the Hotstar app is being used worldwide in TV serials, movies, and most cricket matches live sport online. Which has been very famous Today and the Hotstar app will be installed on every Android device. But it has some of the best features available only in the premium version.

Hotstar Premium Account

Hotstar Premium Account 2020

Everything has gone online in this complex world. Suppose we want to watch any movies or TV series now. In that case, we can watch online or offline on our smartphone, similarly using the Hotstar Premium Account app and then all premium movies, web series, and TV channels.

If you can buy a Hotstar Premium membership, you can purchase the app and buy its premium membership through its official website or the Play Store. If you do not have money to buy, you can use the Hotstar Premium account we have shared.

Hotstar is an Indian video streaming service launched in February 2015; India is the most popular country Today because of all the cricket channels. Live in Hotstar itself, which Hotstar has released by a battery company in India, has over 400 million users.

As we have told you earlier, Hotstar is available in 7 languages, of which India is most popular in the country, Hindi, and English; it is available in all languages, Together, Bengali, Hindi, Canada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu languages ​​have been made public. But if you use Hotstar Premium, you will get 17 languages ​​included, which you can see as something extraordinary in premium containers.

How to Watch Hotstar for Free

How to Watch Hotstar for Free is an Indian entertainment platform that provides users with online streaming of programs like movies, Web Series, TV Shows, matches, etc.

How to Watch Hotstar for Free was launched in February 2015, but when this application was founded, it was limited to watching only International Match. Today, all the programs like Unlimited Movie and TV Shows can be seen online on this platform.

How to Watch Hotstar for Free. It is currently available for all devices like Android and Mac Windows. Your phone now does not matter because it is available for all devices. Also, Hotstar is available in 17 languages ​​, like Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu, and Tamil, which is the most prominent feature of this application.

If you talk about the popularity of How to Watch Hotstar for Free latest ., then it is present on the Google Play Store at a rating of 4, and so far, 100+ million users have downloaded it on their device and are enjoying it.

But please tell us that to enjoy the services of Hotstar, the user has to take a Hotstar plan, in which the user has to pay per month or according to the annual plan. Now you can guess from this that despite being How to Watch Hotstar for Free, it’s 100 million Download Users, which is a large number in itself, which makes it clear how widespread this platform is for humanity.

So Friends, if you are also eager to watch Matches, Movies, and TV Shows for Free, then below our website Hotstar Free Account is available, from where you can log in for free and watch all the programs on this platform for free.

Free Hotstar Account Login 

If you want to watch movies and web series along with TV channels with no ads and to download, you will get our free Hotstar account Login; because it is a free money account, you will be able to log in for free; then you will be able to use all the contents of Hotstar for free.

Hotstar’s plan is very cheap because it is an Indian country app in which excellent plans are kept, which everyone inferior human can buy for one month. Can you recharge from 199 and get Hotstar premium service for one month? If you do not have ₹ 199 for one month, log in to our given account and get Hotstar Premium free.

If you use Hotstar Premium, you will get more than one lakh dramas, and it is available in 17 languages, in which every type of movie is published. Hollywood and Bollywood are the most-watched movies, which will meet everyone, and due to the lockdown in the latest, Hotstar is releasing new movies, which you can watch for free in Hotstar Premium.

Below are the email and password to get a Free Hotstar Premium Account account; try them out. If you are correct, then it will log you into your device. Otherwise, it may encounter some errors. So I request you to leave this account and download Hotstar Premium Mod APK. You can avail of premium service through a mod apk and not get any advertisement without login.

Hotstar Premium Free

Speaking of the Hotstar premium free, an Android application is also available as a website. Talking about the highest use, this India is the most used in the country—those using it as a mobile entertainment platform.

Star India launched this Hotstar Premium free on February 6, 2015. It is owned by Novi digital entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Star India, and provides the stream media and video on diamond service.

It’s managed to show online TV programs and matches, etc., which have become more than 400 million users worldwide Today. And the highest advertising providers are providing this website. But, in the premium version, you will not see advertisements anywhere. Ads are shown on the website only in the free version.

Talking about this, Hotstar premium is free; it’s entirely available on the website, such as Fire TV and some of the world’s platforms that also come to Hotstar’s website front page, and it’s Hotstar available across all devices. As for mobile devices, you will get Android and iOS, so most are used.

Hotstar Premium India is the largest stream platform in the country, available to you in more than 17 languages, and has more than 100000 dramas and movies. People use this Hotstar to watch live cricket matches online and watch 17 speeches from Bollywood and Hollywood movies in Hindi and English. Most people do the most to watch TV channels in this Hotstar to watch cricket that has given TV live channels.

This is in the Hotstar premium free version, which you’re getting the Hotstar Premium account for free below; you can log in to Hotstar using them, where you’ll get all its free service.

Hotstar Gives Two Plans for Users

1. Regarding Hotstar Premium service, the first plan will be 999 rs to Rs 199 a year monthly. You can see all the shows and tv series in this plan. Like TV and movies, Bollywood Hollywood can watch a new film.

2. Hotstar All Sports I have to subscribe to you for Rs 299, which will watch all kinds of games for the whole year. You have to buy a plan of Rs. 299 for one year.

How to Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free

Below we have given a login to some Hotstar Premium accounts, which you can log into the Hotstar Premium account. But all this password is 100% correct. Some people change these passwords. Becomes a password of their own. Then some people log in with the password, so the same error comes before them. So don’t worry; you can give your reason or comment by joining our Telegram channel.

Note:- This post is for education only. This no longer breaks any rule of any Star India Pvt. Ltd., rule, so we suggest that the participant offer our cheap goods or buy from the Hotstar Premium Forum’s official site.

How to view Hotstar Premium Services for free for Jio users

If you are a Jio user, you won’t have to take it away. Because you can find the service of Hotstar Premium for free in the Rio app itself. Follow the steps below to get it for free.

  1. First, download the Jio tv app from our website or the Play Store.
  2. Now you have to search for a channel in the Geo TV app, which can be named StarPlus or a Star channel.
  3. Now you have to install another application. Download the Hotstar app from the Google Play store or our website.
  4. Install these two applications on your under-day.
  5. Now you’ll be comfortable re-directory on Hotstar, where you can stream star channels and back in one click.
  6. Now you can enjoy some premium features for free on Hotstar in this way.
  7. Now we hope to access some features of Hotstar Premium with the help of each other application. So follow the steps below to get them.

Get Hotstar Premium Account for free on Airtel or Vodafone network

We will tell you below free Airtel or Vodafone will be able to get Hotstar premium facilities for free. You have to follow the steps we mentioned.

Hotstar Premium Account Email & Password
  1. Now you can also use Hotstar Premium features for free Airtel and Vodafone users on your Android device.
  2. It would be best to recharge the unlimited plan in your Airtel or Vodafone.
  3. We download your Airtel TV or Vodafone Play from the google play store.
  4. Now you have to open Airtel TV and click on the premium button. Click on what is at the middle site.
  5. Now you have to search for any star channel.
  6. When you search for any star channel on Airtel TV or Vodafone TV, you are redirected to the Hotstar app.
  7. Now you can see any other material for up to 1 year in your Hotstar app in this way for up to a year.

Flipkart Plus Get Hotstar Premium Account For Free with 50 Points


Now you must open the Flipcard app and start at rs 299 above. To buy any one product from. As soon as you buy, you will get one plus point and it can get up to Rs 10 per order depending on the price of the order.

  1. Once you’ve made 50 Flipkart Plus Points, you can redeem your points for Hotstar premium subscriptions for 1 year.
  2. So it would be best to get Flipkart plus offers to make points.
  3. This is how you can access the Hotstar Premium account for free and enjoy some features.

Free Hotstar Premium Account Email & Password 2023

If this Hotstar Premium account doesn’t work in your Hotstar account, you can join our Telegram channel and ask or ask us through comments. If there is a mistake in login and password, you can tell us of course.

I have a Hotstar Premium account with a 1-year membership plan, to which I will send you a password via email. But you will get the email in this post. You have to send your email through comments; I will send you the password in the same email.

Rule:- If you also want to provide a Hotstar Premium account, follow our direction. Because we choose four winners of four premium accounts on Hotstar every week. Which are in the comments of this post of ours. Four winners are selected every week. We buy four, and for one year, we choose four Hotstar Premium accounts with you four winners every week.

If you also want to get these Hotstar Premium accounts, you should join our Telegram channel, like and follow the Facebook page and leave your email in the comments below this post. You will then be emailed when you arrive for one week. Password and email, then you can log in to the Hotstar Premium account. Then you can get a Hotstar premium account for free for one year.

Hotstar Premium 6 accounts are shared every week on our Telegram channel. So you also join the Telegram channel.

[email protected]:rkmaddali
[email protected]:nishaanth
[email protected]:vrishali
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[email protected]:04031993

Get Hotstar Premium Accounts for free

  • Install the Hotstar app on your Android device from the Google Play Store. Then you have to signup with your email and add your required information.
  • Now you must search for any premium banner movies or TV shows inside this app. Now you have to click on that excellent banner.
  • When you click, it will redirect you to the premium plan page, where you will see different plants.
  • But you do not have to worry because you get a free trial for 2 to 3 months. You can subscribe for free for three months, such as by credit or debit card.
  • So what you have to do now is fill out the free trial and click on the Zeta for Employees app without credit card details
  • You can search for the Zeta app on your Google Play store and install it.
  • After installing, open and signup then add ₹ 10 to the wallet.
  • Now you can easily use the Bachelor’s credit card from here.
  • Hotstar Premium account must pay ₹ 10 to purchase for three months. You can do this through the Zeta app for 2 to 3 months free.
  • As soon as this plan expires, it is a means to an end. Then you create another new email account. Then sign up once more, and you can get a premium account for two months. Witwowoh this, you will have to pay ₹10 through the Zeta app
    Which can be done by virtual credit card.

How to use Hotstar Premium Account

You have four ways to use a Hotstar Premium account. That means you can also visit its website or install the Hotstar app on your Android device. If you can use it or run a computer, you can also open its website on the PC and use it.

It is also available on is.

1. TV Channels

When you arrive at Hotstar, you get the tv option first. Then you will see some categories. Whatever will happen this way. Star Specials, Star Plus, Star Vijay, Star India, Life OK, Star Sport, and Star Jalsa Will See You With A Lot Of Such Categories.

That means the star channel is available within this app, with more than 30 TV channels available. It can use Hotstar in this way.

2. Movies

Hotstar’s second option gives you movies. You will be able to watch thousands of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. You must provide yourself with many categories, including action drama trailers, comedy family crime kits, and such types. You can choose from your choice.

You can watch all kinds of superhit full movies and trailers online. It has a premium in which you are shown high-quality films.

If you talk about the language of this app, it has a lot of languages. Hindi English Tamil Bengali Telugu, Malayalam Marathi Gujarati is the 17 Hindi language you can find in movies.

3. Sports

As you’d know, Hotstar is most commonly used to watch live sports streaming updates and live spot scores. Cricket is at the top of the world Today. So this is the most-watched cricket match in the Hotstar app. That shows live streaming.

As there are a lot of spots, the highest number comes to one. Cricket, again, football is a loan. Badminton, Hockey, Kabaddi Sports, and Tennis Table Tennis come from Atul Artist Gold in Boxing Bhosari; in support, ask Bismil for live streaming.

4. News

You can see all the work through this Hotstar. As a new thing online, you can also see breaking news in it. Select your country’s breaking news, view popular, and provide failing news services.

For like, I’m naming some Indian news channels as ABP News will be able to watch live in India Today box news news news, i.e., many more tracks. Similarly, select your country and view all channels in your country.

You have to remember it only shows a few channels for free. But you’ll go to watch some films and TV shows. So you’ll need to subscribe to the premium service. Only then will you be able to see it. Follow our stated steps and get the Hotstar Premium Account for free.

In this post, we have revealed some ways to get the Hotstar Premium account for free and also explain what is Hotstar. All the things that are insulated from Hotstar are told to you in this post. I hope you would have liked this information.

If you’ve liked it, share this post more and more on social media, Join our Telegram channel, and pick and follow the Facebook page so that you will be able to get the latest post first. Thank you.!

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