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Bitaim Pro APK v3.6.69 (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Name Bitaim Pro
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Version 3.6.68
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Lots of families enjoy playing carrom together. It brings people of all ages to the table for fun. The game has now come to our phones too. But playing carrom on apps like Carrom Pool can be hard to master. Moving the striker perfectly to pocket the coins takes good skill. This is where BitAim Pro MOD App comes to help.

BitAim Pro is an intelligent assistant app for the game Carrom Pool. It helps players line up better shots using technology. The app scans the carrom board on your phone screen. It sees where all the coins are placed right now. It then gives tips for striking well to score. Whether you play carrom as a hobby or compete in championships, BitAim Pro can guide you.

This assistant acts like a wise coach for the player. It can predict where coins may move after you hit a shot. So you can plan your moves better to win. BitAim Pro can also suggest new tricks and shot techniques to casual players. As you use it more, the app understands your skill level. Then it gives you the right challenges to get better. It learns from how you play a practice game. It sets targets that match your ability. Use BitAim Pro and play shots with more speed, accuracy and better strategy. See your performance improve over time with regular use. And the app does all this for free – with no annoying ads to disturb your game time.

With an AI ally like BitAim Pro, now anyone can master carrom gaming on their mobile. Enjoy a smarter, faster gameplay every time.

Bitaim Pro APK

What is Bitaim Pro APK?

BitAim Pro is a helper app for the mobile game Carrom Pool. This popular table-top game is now easy to play on your phone. The app helps you become a pro player at the game. It uses smart technology to guide you in playing better shots.

When you place your phone near the carrom board, BitAim scans it. It can see where all the coins and striker are placed on the board game. What makes the app clever is it understands the game by itself. It knows the rules and how to pocket coins to score points.

Once BitAim reads the board positions, it starts thinking of good moves. It comes up with which pucks to aim for next. It gives tips on how to strike the disk with the striker. Should you hit gently, hard or angle the disk – BitAim guides you. Following the app’s aim suggestions means your shots will gain more points!

BitAim keeps giving prompts as players take turns. Every time coins move to new spots, it quickly scans again. In seconds it updates the best game plan for your next hit. BitAim also shows which tricky shots are possible from the layout. Learning these professional techniques makes playing carrom far more exciting!

With BitAim’s smart, step-by-step help casual players can also master the game. Use this digital assistant and see your skills get better with practice. Even experienced carrom experts use BitAim to sharpen their technique. The app builds skills by designing special drills too. Download BitAim Pro for free and bring an AI coach right in your pocket whenever you play carrom!

Features of Bitaim Pro APK

Smart AI Helper

The standout feature of BitAim Pro is the intelligent AI assistant. Using advanced image recognition, it scans the carrom board to understand the positions of coins and strikers. It then uses algorithmic logic to determine the best possible shots and strategies to score points. The AI helper keeps thinking many moves ahead to set you up for success. With BitAim’s suggestions, you can strike accurately at the right angles. This automation makes playing carrom far easier and more efficient.

Bitaim Pro APK

Learns Trick Shots

BitAim’s AI does not just help you with basic gameplay – it teaches you professional-level trick shots too! The app demonstrates how to execute carrom techniques like V cuts, rebound hits, cuts from the pocket and combining multiple coin strikes. Learning these skills from BitAim’s step-by-step guidance helps amateurs advance quicker to expert level. BitAim analyses the board layout to know which special moves are possible to implement next.

Ad-Free Experience

Unlike apps that bombard you with ads, BitAim offers an interruption-free gameplay interface. It means you can stay completely focused on the game without annoying distractions. No ads also assure fast, lag-free performance from BitAim so your carrom coach responds promptly.

Adaptive Difficulty

An intriguing capability of BitAim is adapting the guidance it gives as per your improving skill set. When you begin using the app, BitAim starts with simple shot suggestions and drills. But as you grow better at the game under its training, the AIraising the complexity just a notch ahead, always keeping the challenge engaging. This flexibility guarantees you progress swiftly from rookie to professional grade in carrom gaming.

Analyzes Performance

BitAim does not just coach you live during gameplay – it also tracks your performance at every step. The app captures metrics like shot accuracy, coin strike rate and error percentage. Reviewing these analytics, it gives personalized feedback on areas needing improvement. Constant performance evaluation ensures using BitAim translates into actual betterment of your carrom aptitude.

Seamless Carrom Pool Integration

An effortless compatibility with the Carrom Pool mobile game app makes the BitAim user experience smooth. Once installed, you just open BitAim Pro before launching your game. It then neatly integrates in the background and you can enjoy the AI insights without any lag or switching apps. BitAim and Carrom Pool function in perfect sync to jointly elevate your gaming finesse.


Q1. How do I get BitAim Pro on my phone?

Installing BitAim is easy and quick. Just search for “BitAim Pro” on your Google Play Store app. Tap to download and install this free assistant tool. Allow permissions when prompted during setup for seamless working.

Q2. Does BitAim drain my phone’s battery?

No, BitAim is designed to be light-weight so it won’t drain phone battery quickly. Enable background app permissions so BitAim works efficiently in sync with your Carrom Pool app without aggressively consuming battery. Moderate usage of 1-2 hours daily is safe.

Q3. Without internet, can BitAim Pro work?

While occasional offline functionality is available, BitAim performs best when you have active internet connectivity. It leverages cloud-based AI capabilities for intelligent shot analysis. Being online also allows real-time performance tracking. But you can play practice games without internet with basic features.

Q4. Is BitAim compatible with carrom board games?

Currently, BitAim is optimized for digital carrom played on mobile apps like Carrom Pool. It scans the layout on your phone screen rather than physical carrom boards. However, the techniques and tricks you learn from BitAim can certainly be applied when playing offline matches too against friends!

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