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Freer Pro APK v9.9 (Tiktok, Instagram, FB Liker Tools) 2024

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MOD Features Tiktok, Instagram, FB Liker Tools
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Social media is big nowadays. Getting lots of engaged followers, likes, comments and more is very important if you want to build your personal brand or grow a business online. Doing this manually by liking posts, commenting thoughtfully and following people takes a lot of time. That’s why apps like Freer Pro APK exist – to automate the tedious work needed to grow on social media.

Freer Pro APK is a free Android app that automatically boosts profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and more. With its easy auto likers, commenters and followers tools, it claims it can save people time while leveling up their social media game. In this article, we’ll look at what Freer Pro APK is, how its auto tools work, precautions to take when using them, and why it might help grow social profiles carefully.

The app taps into the latest AI advances once only big companies used. This does have downsides like potential spammy behavior and security issues. But it allows regular users new ways to grow organically too. With care on using the auto features, Freer Pro APK offers people and brands help to reach wider audiences on leading platforms today.

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What is Freer Pro APK?

Freer Pro APK is a free app for Android phones and tablets. It gives tools to automatically improve profiles on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Its main goal is to help people and brands save time and grow faster on social media. It does this by auto-liking, commenting and getting followers for you.

The app works using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tech to do these tasks automatically. For example, the auto liker will browse posts with certain hashtags or accounts and like them for you. The auto commenter will leave relevant comments on posts about topics you pick. And the follower tool searches profiles and follows targeted users so they follow you back.

So in simple words, Freer Pro APK takes the main repetitive jobs people need to do by hand to get visibility and engagement on Instagram. It handles them automatically instead. This saves lots of time and lets profiles grow quicker. The app aims to help anyone from regular users to influencers and businesses build their brand and social presence more easily. It uses AI usually only big agencies had access to in the past to help normal users grow now.

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Features of Freer Pro APK

Auto Liker for Instagram and Facebook

The auto liker tool browses Instagram or Facebook and likes posts for you based on hashtags, locations, or accounts you specify. This saves the time of manually scrolling and liking content you want to engage with. It provides more visibility to posts and helps increase engagement.

Auto Commenter

The auto commenter feature automatically leaves relevant comments on posts about topics you select. This provides value for creators and makes your profile seem more human instead of just passively liking posts. The comments can be customized to seem unique.

Follower Growth Hacking

This tool helps search profiles on Instagram and Twitter and follows accounts that are relevant to your niche or location. By expanding your own following base strategically, you signal credibility and make it easier to gain more relevant followers organically.

Analytics and Insights

Detailed analytics provide insights into how your profile is performing. Key metrics allow optimizing your approach for best results. For example, track follower growth rate, engagement per post, best posting times, top sources of traffic and more.

Customizable Settings

Easily customize the autoin tools using various settings to target relevant accounts, hashtags, topics and to distribute activities intelligently over time to mimic natural human behavior. This avoids spammy behavior.

User-Friendly App Interface

An intuitive mobile interface allows ease of accessing auto moderator tools effortlessly. Clear menus streamline setting parameters or tracking analytics on the go through your smartphone seamlessly.


The Freer Pro APK offers a bunch of automatic tools to make growing a good social media presence easier today. By using advanced artificial intelligence, it auto-likes, comments and provides follower stats to mimic human actions – saving creators and brands tons of manual work. While careful use is wise to avoid overdoing things or account issues, the customizations and easy mobile access are handy and powerful. For anyone wanting an easier way to be more visible and engaging on sites like Instagram or Twitter, Freer Pro’s automation can be game-changing, as long as its limits are respected too. Used strategically, it can open new paths to social media success thanks to AI’s tireless assistance.

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