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MySugr APK + MOD v3.98.0 (Pro Unlocked)

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Version 3.98.0
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Diabetes affects many people around the world. It is important for people with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels. This helps them stay healthy and prevent problems. But managing diabetes every day can be hard. People need to check blood sugar, log food, activity, medicine doses, and more. This is where apps like MySugr can help.

MySugr is a useful app for tracking diabetes. It lets people easily record blood sugar levels. They can do this by connecting their blood sugar meter to the app. MySugr also helps log food, activity, and symptoms. It gives helpful reports. These reports show how food, exercise and medicine affect blood sugar levels. The app sends reminders about tracking blood sugar and taking medicine. It has features like challenges to keep people motivated. There is also coaching that gives tips tailored to the user. With simple tools and a friendly interface, MySugr is a top diabetes app.

MySugr has free and paid versions. These are available for iPhone and Android phones. In this article, we will further discuss how MySugr helps manage diabetes through its key features and benefits.

MySugr Mod APK free

What is MySugr Mod APK?

MySugr Mod APK is a modified version of the MySugr diabetes tracking app. The original MySugr app helps people with diabetes log blood sugar, food, activity and more. It generates reports and provides useful insights on managing diabetes. But some useful features are only available in the paid premium version.

The MySugr Mod APK unlocks all these premium features for free. So people do not have to pay to access the full app. For example, the premium version offers additional tracking options for blood sugar, carb intake and body metrics. It also removes ads and provides unlimited access to expert coaching. With the mod, people can use these extra features without subscribing. Additionally, it allows syncing with more device types than the free app version. So people have more flexibility in tracking blood sugar seamlessly.

By installing the MySugr Mod APK, people with diabetes can better understand how daily habits impact their condition. The unlocked insights and tracking help them improve blood sugar control. And they can do this without paying anything. So the mod makes the app’s premium tools more accessible. This can assist people in achieving better health outcomes.

MySugr Mod APK

Features of MySugr Mod APK

Seamless Blood Sugar Tracking

MySugr enables effortless blood glucose monitoring by allowing users to sync various blood sugar meter models. Once set up, the readings get transferred into the app automatically without needing tedious manual entries. The data gets securely saved and organized for better long-term analysis. This hassle-free tracking ensures readings are not missed.

Simplified Food Logging

Logging meals becomes quicker with MySugr’s food database and photo capturing features. Just search for the food item, indicate portion sizes, and let the app pull nutrition facts automatically. You can also take meal photos for a visual record. Carb amounts can be tracked too. Logging reminders ensure you never forget. All this data helps gauge response of different foods on blood sugar.

MySugr Mod APK free 2024

Activity Syncing

The app gets access to your fitness data by syncing with health apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. Your daily step count, walks, runs, swims, cycle rides automatically appear in MySugr. You can indicate intensity too. Having exercise patterns alongside blood sugar readings enables identifying ideal activity levels for better glucose control.

Medication Management

By logging diabetes medications like insulin, pills in MySugr, you can track dosage timings and amounts. So you know if they are working effectively or need adjustments. Logging also serves as a medication reminder system for never missing a dose. Having medication data alongside blood sugar readings help assess impact better.

Insightful Reporting

MySugr crunches all your data and generates easy-to-grasp reports – daily, weekly, monthly or custom. You can share these at doctor visits for optimal treatment decisions. The reports spotlight patterns, trends and relationships between food, activity, medication and blood sugar levels – things you’d likely miss otherwise!

MySugr Mod APK 2024

Personalized Coaching

For extra support, MySugr offers one-on-one coaching from certified diabetes educators. They provide feedback, tips and recommendations tailored to your specific tracking data and needs. The personalized approach helps you manage diabetes more effectively.


Managing diabetes can be hard, but good tools assist you. MySugr app helps people with diabetes better understand their condition. It makes daily tracking simple, like checking blood sugar, eating, activity, medications. MySugr automatically records your numbers. It gives reports that highlight hidden patterns you can review with your doctor. Personal tips help you make good lifestyle changes over time.

The app has an easy interface. It motivates by showing how your habits affect your body. You can then adjust these things. MySugr puts you in better control.

If you or someone you know has diabetes, try this app. MySugr puts useful tools in your hands. So you can be active in managing your health daily. Download it to get valuable insights. This can make your diabetes management easier.

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