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ShutEye Mod APK v1.4.6 (Pro Unlocked)

Name Shuteye Mod Apk
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Offered By ShutEye Limited
Version 1.4.6
Size 58MB
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Not getting enough sleep is a big problem today. Good sleep is very important for health. The Shuteye MOD APK can help improve sleep. It was created by the company Shuteye Limited. Over one million people have downloaded this app already.

What does the app do? It keeps track of your sleep patterns. It records how long you sleep, when you wake up, sounds while sleeping, and sleep quality. Then it gives you feedback and tips to sleep better.

There is also a premium version of Shuteye. This has no ads and more advanced features. It can track your sleep over time to spot trends. It lets you customize the tracking settings. It compares your sleep to others’. It even creates personalized programs to improve your sleep.

Using Shuteye can uncover why you may not be sleeping well. Like odd schedules, noises at night, health issues, etc. Knowing these reasons is the first step to sleeping better.

ShutEye Mod APK

What is ShutEye Mod APK?

ShutEye Mod APK is a modified version of the ShutEye sleep tracking app. The regular ShutEye app lets you monitor your sleep patterns and quality. The mod version has all the premium features unlocked for free. This means you get advanced sleep analysis tools without paying. For example, you can access long-term sleep trend reports to spot changes over time.

You also get to compare your sleep data to population averages. And there are ad-free interfaces, more music options, and customized tracking settings. The mod version helps understand your sleep better through more data. It also gives personalized tips for improvement based on the unlocked premium insights. Downloading the mod APK lets you upgrade from the free basic app to a feature-rich advanced sleep assistant.

Features of ShutEye Mod APK

Comprehensive Sleep Tracking

The mod version incorporates multi-parameter sleep tracking functionality to monitor all critical aspects that impact sleep quality and provide insights. It records total sleep duration, time to fall asleep, nightly/mid-sleep awakenings instances, sleep stage durations (light, deep, REM sleep), sleep schedule consistency trends, audible sleep disturbances/snoring, sleep environment factors like ambient noise/light levels, resting heart rate and interrupted breathing. Combination of this comprehensive suite of tracking parameters yields an information-rich overview of your sleep patterns to thoroughly analyze and identify issues.

Intelligent Sleep Quality Analysis

The intelligent sleep quality analysis feature leverages the multi-parameter inputs on sleep depth patterns, disruptions, real-time biometrics etc to score sleep on metrics like restfulness, sufficiency for health needs and provide comparison with cohort averages. It further processes this information to generate personalized feedback focused specifically on aspects that can be improved to enhance the overall sleep quality, consistency and consequent health impact positively.

ShutEye Mod APK 2024

Soothing Sleep Music Library

The mod version offers an embedded library of specially curated tunes featuring calming, serene instrumentals designed using tempo/frequencies suited for sleep induction. This aids the process of falling asleep faster by alleviating stress and distraction thereby enabling extended quality sleep. The library expands continually with new original compositions added based on user feedback/requests to prevent repetitiveness and offer personalization.

Visually Enriched Sleep Analytics with Trends

The sleep analytics dashboard presents the captured multi-parameter sleep data into visually intuitive charts and trends mapping that enhances analysis. It provides historical comparisons across critical metrics like sleep duration per night, bedtime consistency patterns, sleep stage proportions, number of nightly/mid-sleep arousals, resting heart rate trends and more down to granular levels. Spotting discrepancies becomes easier, facilitating rootcause diagnosis and corrective action.

ShutEye Mod APK free

Highly Flexible Custom Tracking Parameters

The mod enables creation of customizable tracker profiles that allow configuring parameters monitored during sleep as per individual priorities rather than a one-size-fits all model. Choose sleep duration as primary metric or resting heart rate patterns or light/deep sleep phase proportions etc. This flexibility to pick parameters for focused tracking based on specific health conditions provides personalized and relevant sleep quality data.

AI-driven Personalized Sleep Improvement Prescriptions

The app mod leverages the captured comprehensive sleep metrics data combined with AI-led analytics to detect sleep issues patterns accurately and generate tailored sleep improvement regimen guidelines. These personalized prescriptions based on diagnosing the specific underlying conditions provide targeted expert-recommended tips to develop consistent positive sleep habits over time that translate to high quality sleep at nights regularly.

ShutEye Mod APK free download


The ShutEye Mod APK gives you an upgraded version of the regular ShutEye app with all premium features for free. It allows tracking many aspects of your sleep – length, patterns, quality, and more. Easy-to-understand charts help spot sleep issues. You can pick what data you want to focus on tracking. The app also gives personalized tips to improve your sleep.

So if healthy sleep matters and you want more than the basic app, the Mod is very useful. It makes understanding and fixing sleep problems simple and affordable. With the extra insights, you can build habits for better, longer, uninterrupted sleep. And sleep well every night. This app can make that happen through what it offers.

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