PetrolHead Mod Apk v4.0.0 Download (Unlimited Money)

PetrolHead (Lethe Studios)

Name PetrolHead
Offered By Lethe Studios
Version 4.0.0
Size 510MB
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Updated August 24, 2022 (1 month ago)
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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PetrolHead Mod Apk With the popularity of mobile games, it’s no surprise that PetrolHead has become one of the most popular games on mobiles. It’s an exciting driving game where you can enjoy the thrill and the excitement of taking on some real-life drivers! With just one player game, you’ll finish the quests and unlock more advanced cars to race and take on some real-life races. You’ll be able to choose between a wide selection of cars such as a powerful sports car for racing, or a normal vehicle for taking on some routes around town.


PetrolHead allows you to experience the thrill of real driving by having many different cars to choose from in the single-player game. Get behind the wheel of some of the most famous superstars of all time, and take on some of the most challenging driving challenges in the world. It’s fun and easy to play, so you can always have something new to challenge yourself with.

PetrolHead Mod Apk

The latest version of petrolhead mod apk has many exciting features, including the “bullies” mod. If you like playing aggressive drivers, this will help you get the jump on other players. It lets you increase your adrenaline production, so you’ll be ready for any aggressive driving challenges that are thrown your way. Plus, earning unlimited money gives you extra incentives to keep on playing. Play for free until you’ve earned enough money to buy the bully.

PetrolHead  mod apk

PetrolHead simulation games on mobiles are very popular, thanks to their exciting driving scenes and high-quality sound effects. A lot of people are enjoying the game on phones and tablets, as it is designed beautifully for touch screen use.

You can take it anywhere, on any network, using Wi-Fi or a mobile data network. You can even change the game speed from slow to fast, depending on how fast you want to play! You can change the game difficulty too, from a simple simulation to an extremely challenging experience. With the latest update, you’ll find that petrolhead has been completely redone,

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One of the things that make these racing video games so popular is the great sound effects and graphics. The new petrolhead has excellent graphics as well, using the same kind of technology used in professional video games.

The enhanced graphics are quite striking, giving a feeling that you’re actually driving the car, and not just watching it move around on the screen. The overall visual quality is very good. It’s not the kind of thing you’d expect from a “mod”, but it’s a very well-developed, and well-designed, product. There are many different settings,

What Is PetrolHead Mod Apk

In the future, you may have the opportunity to use the new features in your favorite car games. Right now, there is an additional track called Proving Ground, as well as several different options for customizing your vehicle. You can now change the color scheme and choose which extras you would like to have, such as better tires, more horsepower, etc. Even more exciting is the ability to upload your own pictures and personalize your profile, such as adding a helmet, or custom paint job. There are so many features to this amazing mod, it will literally blow your mind.

PetrolHead mod apk 2022

Are you looking for a way to beat that long wait for your next dose of “car racing” addicting game? Then download the latest version of the Petrolhead Mod Apk, and start winning the races that you want. You can earn unlimited money, as well as the thrill of seeing how your car performs in the field. You can even earn extra credits just by playing with your friends online. It is truly the ultimate driving experience that you have been waiting for.

Features Of PetrolHead Mod Apk

What’s so great about the Features PetrolHead Mod Apk? This small yet powerful tool allows you to customize your Facebook application just the way you want it. Here are four great features. Photos. You can upload any photo from your phone and change the picture with the simple touch of a button. Photos can be resized as well. If you want to add a picture from your computer to your Facebook page, the same option applies. The Modular Apk also includes an edit feature that lets you crop, resize or move photos around as needed.

PetrolHead 2022

Sound effects. Pictures speak louder than words, but not when they’re being posted on Facebook. With the Features Petrolhead Modular Apk, you’ll get the sound effect you’ve always wanted for your Facebook videos, images, and other sharing media. Even better, this one’s free! Music. Music plays a big part in socializing. But how do you know what songs to use and who to listen to? With the Music Section of Features Petrolhead Modular Apk, you’ll have access to millions of songs and albums. You can choose the type of music,


Alarm. Want to scare someone or a group of people? How about a text message or SMS for that exact purpose? With the Alarm feature of Features Petrolhead Modular Apk, you can easily send a text message to your friend or boss to tell them that there’s an emergency happening at their place. Just click a few buttons, then viola! You’ve just made an alarm call. Video. Did you ever think you’d be able to watch live video with the Help feature of Features Petrolhead Modular Apk? You bet. Just click on the ‘Help’ icon and it will open up a new window where you can get instructions on how to use the video tool.

PetrolHead game

Recipe. Are you a cooking expert? Perhaps you want to share your latest masterpiece with family and friends but aren’t too sure how to do that. Then, using the Recipe feature of Features Petrolhead Modular Apk, you can create recipes for other users to try.Save/Recycle. Who wants to be reminded every time they save their favorite article? The Save/Recycle feature of Features Petrolhead Modular Apk does just the trick. Just tap the red ‘S’ in the top right corner of the screen to bring up the option you want. Now, save the article and have it go straight to your Recycle Bin for future use. Great, isn’t it?


Multitasking. How many times have you been unable to view the same video on two or more websites because one of them was busy? This is solved by the Multitasking feature of Features Petrolhead Modular Apk. By using this feature, you can view videos on as many sites as you wish. That way, you don’t miss out on any. Viewing YouTube on the TV? Not a problem! Just tap the small square in the top right corner of the screen to start playing YouTube videos. Like watching videos on the television, this also works on other sites too. So,

PetrolHead mod apk

Ease of Use. If you are already familiar with the different features of the Petrolhead Modular Apk, you would know that there are many more to be had besides the aforementioned five. What’s more, these additional features ensure a lot of conveniences while using the application. Whether you want to change themes, customize your settings or perform other functions, these are just some of the features you can make use of. New Features. There have been several improvements to the video player since it was first launched.

Key Pro of PetrolHead Mod Apk

Now that you know how the latest version of the petrolhead Mod apk Unlimited Money mod apk unlimited money enables you to earn unlimited money and earn the thrill of driving your favorite car, make sure to download it right away. There are only a few minutes left, so don’t let it pass. I am very sure that you won’t be disappointed by the experience. Go ahead and start earning those millions of driving simulation game rewards right away.

  • PetrolHead Mod Apk gives you the ultimate car-building experience
  • Free upgrade to Pro version, unlock all cars, tracks and more.
  • You now have the ability to create epic and realistic car damage.
  • Play with fire and boost your car’s engine to make it perform.


The Diesel petrolhead Mod Apk is a new program that lets you experience the ultimate in-car sound quality. With the ability to plug in your iPod or other devices, you get an imitating sound of an actual car stereo with the power of GarageBand.

The new version even adds iPod support for those drivers who don’t have their devices connected to their cars. You can use the onboard tuner and connect any iPod or iPhone to the system, which will give you access to thousands of radio stations. The system also includes a feature that allows you to adjust the equalizer for more bass and boost the sound for higher frequencies.

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