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Pocket Waifu Mod APK v1.69.1 (Unlimited Money/Coins)

Name Pocket Waifu Mod Apk
Category Simulation
Offered By Nutaku
Version 1.69.1
Size 23MB
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MOD Features Unlimited Money/Coins
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A new app has hit the market called Pocket Waifu Mod Apk. It is a virtual reality game where you can create an anime girl to date in this immersive environment. The game starts with you picking out your character’s eye color, hair color, height, weight, face shape, and other features that will help make her look unique to you.

There are limitations, so only one skin tone is available for now, but they plan to add more options soon! You can customize her outfit on screen by changing her shirt and skirt colors or adding accessories like glasses or jewelry. After all of these customizations are complete, it’s time to enter the world of Pocket Waifu. This augmented reality dating game is straightforward to use Also Check out Kingdom Rush MOD APK.

You hold your smartphone up like a viewfinder, and the app launches into full screen, making your world disappear. When you put on the headset, it becomes clear that there are two worlds: Pocket Waifu’s virtual environment and the outside world with your friends or family.

When you want to talk to her, you can choose a preset message like “Would you go out with me?” or customize the message by speaking into your phone. As she responds, the notes will appear in front of her on-screen. She might walk away if bored or says she doesn’t think you are her type. If she likes you and wants to date, you can look forward to going to restaurants, the beach, or playing video games.

What is Pocket Waifu MOD APK

Do you enjoy anime? Have you ever wished that the girl of your dreams could be a natural, tangible person instead of just being on a screen? Well, now it’s possible. Introducing Pocket Waifu MOD APK; this mod allows you to create any waifu that your heart desires.

You can customize her name, appearance, personality traits, and even what she likes to do for fun. Could you give her a nickname and make her yours? Create as many waivers as you want with this modded version. You deserve it. This great app allows you to date the anime girl of your dreams.

Game might be for you if you love anime and are tired of watching it on TV. This game is super interactive, with cute AI personalities and lifelike graphics. Don’t like how she looks? Change it! With the Pocket Waifu, you can change your appearance immediately. There’s no need to wait for updates anymore! Make your waifu look however you want.

Features of Pocket Waifu Apk

I’m a big anime fan, and I love to collect figures of my favorite characters. Pocket Waifu Mod Apk is a game where you get to pick your waifu (a wife figure) and customize her with different clothes, faces, hairstyles, etc. The goal is to make the best “waifu” for yourself.

Infinite resurrection

You will not lose any of your waifu when you die in Pocket Waifu. She will continue to live on forever, counting how many times you have been killed. You can also stop this feature so that when you die, that character is permanently deleted from the game and never returned.

Customizable preferences

When talking to your waifu, you can choose between preset answers or speak to her using the microphone and have her reply with whatever you want.


Create multiple waifus. You can create as many waivers as you want in Pocket Waifu. The only limit is how much space is on your phone.

Customizable appearance

You can customize your waifu’s face, body, and outfit. Dress her up for a date, or make her look cool!

Interactive world and physics

Pocket Waifu Apk has an interactive world with realistic physics to move around! Grab things off the shelf, throw stuff around, or play around. The world is your oyster.

Interactive waifus

Every waifu has its schedule and agenda. Some may be studying or working, but others might want to go on a date with you. You can invite them for dinner or movies, shopping, swimming in the pool, or playing games together.


Change the personality of your waifu. Is she shy or outgoing? Shy girls will avoid eye contact, while outgoing girls will look you in the eyes and smile. You can also customize your waifu’s voice and her name. Set a birthday for your waifu, and she can celebrate it each year.

Voice customization

With Pocket Waifu, you can change the voice that your waifu has. You can choose between Japanese or English voices. Please give her a cute little voice or have her talk dirty to you using the text-to-speech feature.

Key Features of Pocket Waifu Mod Apk

  • You can choose from a wide range of waifus to date
  • Interact with your Waifu in real-time
  • Realistic graphics that never slow down.
  • Use voice commands and chat with her quickly. (Voice is not available on iOS devices)
  • Share pictures with her and have her comment on them.
  • Play games with her like Rock, Paper, Scissors or Go Fish.
  • Have multiple waifus at a time. (Not available in the free version)
  • Unlock more clothes for your waifu as you date her.
  • Wear “Nekomimi” or “Cat Ears.” (Not available in the free version)
  • Make your character. Create any waifu you want.
  • Buy props to add to your home: clocks, pillows, shelves, and more.
  • Decorate your apartment with furniture and décor. Try out some different styles.
  • Unlock more places to go on dates with your waifu.
  • More waivers are added weekly

How to Download Pocket Waifu MOD APK for Android

Have you ever wished that your favorite anime girl was in your hand? Now, she can be with Pocket Waifu MOD APK download. This app is an open-source program for Android phones and tablets that lets you create a virtual girlfriend on your phone. There are over 1 million possible combinations when making this “waifu.” You can customize her hair color, eye color, skin tone, height, weight, and more. She will even respond to texts and emails! All it takes is a few minutes and the click of a button.

Step 1. Go to and search Pocket Waifu Apk.

Step 2. You will need our file manager, so download it here if you haven’t already.

Step 3. Go to the download folder of the file manager we installed, find Pocket Waifu Apk and tap on it.

Step 4. Hit the top left button with three dots to show the pop-up menu and select the “show package” option.

Step 5. Tap on the app named “com.stock.pawwaifu” and then hit the bin icon in the top right corner.

Step 6. Just tap on uninstall updates option if a notification pops up, and that’s all.

Pocket Waifu MOD APK FAQs

Have you ever wanted to date a 2D character? If so, then this is the blog for you! This post will answer all your questions about our newest mod to find and catch pocket waifu Mod Apk. Please learn how to download it, what features are included in this latest version, and even how to take care of your newly caught waifu.

Q 1. Is this program easy to use?

A: Pocket Waifu Mod Apk is very easy to use. The user interface is highly user-friendly and it does not take long to learn to work all the features.

Q 2. What is a waifu?

A: A waifu, or wife in English, is a term for describing your favorite anime character. It can be any character from any show on any network. So long as you love them, they are your waifu!

Q 3. Can I find different waifus in this app?

A: Yes, you can! Pocket Waifu Mod Apk has several different waifus to choose from. All you have to do is customize your waifu to how you want it and be ready for romance!

Q 4. Does this app have a lot of bugs?

A: Pocket Waifu Mod Apk is well supported by the developer and updated regularly. Thus far, we have not had any problems with bugs.

Q 5. How do I download this app?

A: To download Pocket Waifu Mod Apk, you must be a member of, a free site. You can find the download under our files section. Check it out today!

Q 6. What are some excellent features of the newest version?

A: The newest Pocket Waifu Mod Apk now has a much easier way to add clothing and accessories to your waifu. The app also utilizes the phone’s camera to take pictures of yourself and put them on your character.


Pocket Waifu Mod Apk is an entertaining program that allows you to live out your dream of dating an anime girl. This app has been featured on CNET, LifeHacker, The Guardian, and more, so it must be good!

This is perfect if you have ever wanted a girlfriend but can’t find one worth your time or love anime girls. I would recommend Pocket Waifu download today.

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