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Many people keep looking for the perfect smartphone monitoring app but the fact is that most monitoring apps currently available for the Android platform do not perform up to the mark. There are only a few Android monitoring apps that work as claimed by the developers. Today, we have got one such app on our hand. We will guide you on the price, the compatibility, and what you can do with the app. We will also tell you in detail how to download the APK for XNSPY Let’s not waste any time and check out the app.

XNSPY Monitoring Download Latest Version APK for XNSPY Monitoring App

What is XNSPY?

XNSPY is a unique Android monitoring app that has a ton of features. It’s a favorite for parents and employers seeking to track their children or the workforce, respectively. XNSPY is discreet, easy to use, and highly affordable. In short, it is among the best smartphone monitoring apps that we have tried!

Compatibility and price concerns

We get that price is always an important factor in deciding which app to buy. We have tried many apps over the previous years and had to spend a good chunk of money on them. Some of the apps even ran into hundreds of dollars for a subscription. However, we were pleasantly surprised at the pricing options for XNSPY. The premium version of XNSPY costs USD 7.49 per month for a year-long subscription. It offers the full range of features too. You can also opt for the basic version if you want an affordable option at USD 4.99 a month.

Compatibility should not be an issue. This is because XNSPY will run on all Android versions above 4.0. The majority of smartphones these days are running above 4.0, so there is no need to be concerned.

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Let’s go through the important features available with the app.

What you can do with XNSPY

  • Telecommunications tracking

Want to see who they are talking to and when? Want to discreetly listen to phone conversations? Or maybe you want to go through all the SMS? We were a bit doubtful at first, but the app delivered as promised. You can view a complete call log; go through all SMS/MMS, and even record phone calls. However, we were a bit disappointed to learn that XNSPY does not have a live call interception feature.

  • IM, Social Media, Online activities

Most smartphone monitoring apps offer a very limited set of features in this area, or they promise what they cannot deliver. Only a handful of apps, including XNSPY, delivers on this front. You can view messages exchanged via social media and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Tinder, and many others. Similarly, you can view all emails, check out the pages that have been bookmarked, and go through the complete browsing history. No app is perfect though, and the lack of content filtering with XNSPY is a bit of an issue.

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  • GPS & geofencing

Want to know exactly where the phone is at all times? You can use XNSPY to monitor the location of the Android phone in real-time. Everything is integrated with Google Maps too. This means you’ll feel right at home while using the app. There is a geofencing feature available as well. All you have to do is open the app and mark specific locations on the map. XNSPY will geofence these locations and alert you if the fence is violated. This way, you will know exactly when they enter or leave an area. The app gave a solid performance in this department.

  • App management & phone remote control

Device overuse and inappropriate apps are major headaches for parents. With XNSPY, you can remotely view all installed apps and block any with a simple click. You can also remotely lock the phone if you think your child is overusing the device. Other remote control options include screenshots, surround recording, phone restart, and data deletion. We can’t say for sure, but we found the surround recording and screenshot feature to be a bit scary. There are not a lot of appropriate situations where they can be of much use. In other words, these features are quite inappropriate; at least that is what we think.

0*jUzm9Ey6ic3cqyrE Download Latest Version APK for XNSPY Monitoring App
  • Instant alerts

We have reviewed the many features above. However, the instant alert feature was the one that made us fall in love with the app. It is a pretty unique function that is not available with most monitoring apps. For example, you can add a location, a contact number, or even a word, to the app’s watch list. XNSPY will instantly send out alerts if there is any related activity whether it is location, communication, or phone activity. Overall, we were thoroughly impressed with this feature.

  • Other useful functions

There are a couple of other functions too. Most of these, such as a keylogger, Wi-Fi logger, and a calendar tracker is run of the mill features. Almost all monitoring apps offer them so it is the least one can expect.

Now then, let’s move on to how you can download XNSPY APK.

How to install & use XNSPY

Step 1: Visit the official website of the app and click on the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page.

Step 2: Enter your email address and select a subscription package. Our advice is you opt for the premium version because the basic version will not be of much use.

Step 3: Make the payment and check your email inbox. There would be an email that contains the URL to download the XNSPY APK file, your unique XNSPY log in username/password, and complete guidelines on how to install and use the app.

Step 4: Remember that you need to physically access the phone to run the APK file. Just open the URL on the phone you want to monitor and download the file. The file itself is not so large, and the installation process is quite quick. All in all, for us, this did not take long.

0*18OkpdvJ7ZPZWU9b Download Latest Version APK for XNSPY Monitoring App

Step 5: XNSPY will go silent and hide all traces of installation once Step 4 is completed. Wait for a day or so and then head over to the XNSPY website.

Step 6: Log in to your XNSPY account with the password included in the email.

Step 7: Select “Android” from the “My Devices” menu on the top left corner of the page.

Step 8: You can now access the XNSPY control panel.

0*69iKIG5cMlR 7Jc9 Download Latest Version APK for XNSPY Monitoring App

Step 9: Move your cursor to the tab on the left and click on any of the options to use all XNSPY features.

We will not complete this guide without identifying the most important advantages and disadvantages of XNSPY.

What is good about XNSPY?

Is the app right for you? Well, read on to decide if you want to go through with purchasing the app. To be honest, we have never laid hands on a smartphone monitoring app that costs less than USD 10. It is as simple as that. In short, XNSPY is the most affordable smartphone app currently on the scene. Similarly, the app has a pretty comprehensive range of features too. The instant alerts feature made quite an impression as well. There is no other app that offers a function like that.

What is bad about XNSPY?

There are a couple of areas where we can strike against the app. The most important disadvantage is that you have to root the phone if you want to use all features on Android. Check out their website for such a list. To be fair, we have not come across any app that did not require rooting in one form or another. In other words, you should expect this from all monitoring apps. Another limitation of XNSPY is that it does not offer a content filtering option. This means that parents need to get their hands on another app for the purpose.

So what do you think? Are you planning to get a subscription? We highly suggest you check out some FAQ’s on the XNSPY website or simply reach out to their customer support before downloading the XNSPY APK file. Before you leave though, here is a quick summary of the app and our views regarding them.

Price USD 4.99/ month for basic version & USD 7.49/ month for premium.
Compatibility All Android versions 4.0 and above.
Where to download APK for XNSPY? Visit the website and select a subscription package to download the APK file.
Do I need physical access to the phone? Yes. Execute the APK file on the Android phone. However, no further access is needed.
Call log Available
Call recording Available
Call interception NO
SMS monitoring Available
Spoof SMS No
IM & Social media Yes. Check out the detailed review to view the list of apps or visit the website.
GPS tracking Available
Geofencing Available
Email access Available
Photos Available
Videos Available
Audio Available
Web history Available
Content filtering No
Camera control No
Screenshot Available
Microphone recording Available
App blocking Available
Phone lock Available
Phone data deletion Available
Instant alerts Available for all messages, locations, contacts, keylogger, and web searches.
Rooting Required for some pre-designated features. Check out the app’s website for more info.
The good The app is affordable, has good features, and a unique instant alerts function
The bad You may have to root the phone, there is no content filtering option, and some remote control features are quite inappropriate.

If you liked it, then do share it with your friends. Thank you..!

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