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Fake Call Bomber APK is an incredibly amusing application that allows you to play hilarious phone-pulls on your buddies and makes them crack up with laughter. This app allows for prank calls making it possible to fake-call friends with hilarious voices of celebrities and other random characters, producing very enjoyable discussions with friends. This article will look into the various capabilities of 1000 Fake Call Bomber, how it works, and how you can easily put a lot of humor in your interactions with it.

Fake Call Bomber APK

Think about fooling your friends into thinking that a celebrity has called them or is chatting with a goofy figure. Fake Call Bomber makes it possible to create realistic looking caller ID fakes. It also has real call screens and pre recorded conversations that will convince anyone of your pranks. That is not all; you may arrange for calls to happen during specific hours, enhancing the surprise element. So, let’s discover the realm of laughing at SMS bombers.

What is Fake Call Bomber?

Fake Call Bomber is an amusing application capable of adding a lot of cheer to your relationships. Imagine, having your very own gagster right on your phone! This application allows you to send fictional people’s calls to yourself, for example, celebrities, strange characters, or even your crush. Create interesting interactions that leave you and friends rolling with laughter.

It hardly costs anything to use Unlimited Call Bomber. Customizable caller IDs allow you to appear to call someone who may never actually exist. For example, you could make it seem as though you’re calling a celebrity, your favorite super hero, or even your beloved pet. In addition, the app adds a touch of reality to the call screens as they appear as though actual calls are being made. There is also the option of using recorded conversations which will sound as real as they come. 1000 Call Bomber is just what you need if you are trying to plan a joke for a surprise on a friend’s birthday. At its core, it’s all about creating such moments that will remind you and your friends to laugh together.

Fake Call Bomber APK

How to use Call Bomber APK

Using the Fake Call Bomber app is as easy as pie. Here’s a simple guide on how to bring the magic of pranks to life:

  1. Choose Your Caller ID: Open the app and select who you want the call to appear from. You can pick from a range of characters, and celebrities, or even use your own pictures for a personalized touch.
  2. Set the Scene: Next, customize the call screen to look just like a real incoming call. You’ll be amazed at how convincing it can be!
  3. Time it Right: Decide when you want the fake call to come in. You can set it for a specific time, making the surprise even more hilarious.
  4. Add Realistic Sound: Make the prank even more believable by adding background sounds or snippets of conversation. This adds an authentic touch to the fake call.
  5. Trigger the Laughter: Hit the “Start” button, and let the laughter begin! Watch your friends’ reactions as they try to figure out who’s calling.
  6. Share the Fun: Don’t forget to capture the priceless moments on video or in photos. Sharing these with friends will keep the laughter going even after the prank is over.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and spread smiles. Just be sure to use the Fake Call Bomber app responsibly and considerately, making sure everyone involved is in on the joke. So, get ready to bring a dash of humor to your day with this delightful app!

Features of Fake Call Bomber APK

Customized Caller IDs

This is where you get to choose who will be the caller that shows up on your friend’s phone. You get to decide whether to go for a celebrity’s name or a funny character. The caller ID can then be customized to make your friends think that it is an unexpected person calling them. It also goes a long way in making your pranks more entertaining and surprising.

Realistic Call Screen

Its real-looking call screen interface makes your friends look like they are taking calls when they pick up their mobile devices. The interface is similar to a real incoming call and includes such information as the caller’s name, number, and even a photograph. The prank is made more effective, as it looks real and, therefore, will leave your friends unaware of what is really happening.

Pre-recorded Conversations

The application allows you to access different kinds of recorded conversations that could further add believability to your pranks. The scenarios may range from a laughable telephone conversation between a salesperson and housewife to being a secret service investigator. Pre-recorded scenarios help improve the whole prank, such that after playing them on your victimized friend, they can become baffled about what exactly is happening.

Timing for Prank Calls

This function allows for accurate timing of the prank as every detail counts in the prank. By using this app, you will be able to schedule that fake call would ring at a particular time on your friend’s phone. They also wonder what will happen if, at some point, their phone rings while they are in silence or at a ceremony. The element of surprise makes it more humorous and creates a lasting impact on an audience.

Prank Scheduler

The internal prank schedule allows one to prepare for pranks ahead of time. You can also select the date when these fake calls must take place, as well as when they will happen. Automated scheduling lets you prepare several pranks and take a seat so that the app schedules all of these for you. it’s one of the best methods of making tricks powerful.

Authentic Sound Effects

The sound is vital for keeping the credibility of the prank high. Some sound effects which you may interject in the fake call as you speak on the app are also provided. Such features as background noise, fragments of conversations, and other audible elements make a phone call seem to be authentic. This creates a more immersive and believable prank, so your friends will react more honestly to it by having authentic responses.

Downloading and Installing

  1. Visit to find the download link.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings to allow third-party APK installs.
  3. Download and open the Call Bomber APK file to start the installation.
  4. Accept all installation prompts to complete the process.
  5. The app will now be installed – locate it in your app drawer.
  6. Launch the Call Bomber app and adjust any preferences or settings as needed.
  7. You now have access to the app’s unfiltered video search and streaming capabilities.

Note: The download button is available on our website for your convenience. Make sure to follow the installation steps accurately for a smooth experience.

People Also Ask

What is Fake Call Bomber?

A fun application for pranking friends with fake phone calls.

How does it work?

Set up fake calls with custom caller IDs and scenarios.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it’s safe and doesn’t harm your device or collect personal info.

Can I use it on iPhones?

No, it’s only available for Android devices.

Can I customize caller IDs?

Yes, personalize them using characters or photos.

Can I schedule fake calls?

Set specific times for fake calls to ring.

Is it free?

Yes, you can download and use it for free.

Can I use it offline?

Once installed, use it offline to prank friends.

Any alternatives?

There might be similar apps on app stores.

How can I cancel scheduled calls?

Manage and cancel them within the app.

Does it work internationally?

Yes, it supports international numbers.

Can I record conversations?

Some versions offer this feature, check the settings.

Is it suitable for kids?

Yes, for kids, but teach responsible use.

Does it need frequent updates?

Updates might enhance functionality.

How to ensure prank success?

Timing, scenario, and reactions matter.


Finally, Fake Call Bomber APK takes a joke and fun element into your relationships with your friends and relatives. Thereafter, with its capability of sending fake calls, making personal caller ID’s or scheduled surprise, this app will surely give you the unending laugh and good memory forever. So, as you run through the list of fun things to do and mess around sensibly, keep in mind reasonable funniness every time. Though Fake Call Bomber APK might be aimed at entertaining, it should be used while keeping humor alive without bringing anyone any harm. Therefore, download the application, enjoy your pranks and treasure happiness provided by this app throughout our life!

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