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Puffin Browser Pro APK v10.1.0.51631 (MOD, Paid Unlocked)

Name Puffin Web Browser Mod APK
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Offered By CloudMosa Inc
Size 22MB
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Puffin Browser Pro Apk Android is a free, web-based internet browser. It’s light and straightforward, yet the features Are very powerful. What makes Puffin so unique? It’s fast; designed for both phones and tablets, Puffin Browser Pro APK will load up the pages as soon as you hit enter, and it also includes a data saver mode for when your phone has low memory space.

puffin browser pro apk

Aside from its speed, the great thing about this browser is that it syncs bookmarks across all your devices, whether they are reusing an Android device or not. Regarding performance, Puffin Browser Pro Mod Apk is powered by a cloud-based rendering engine that can quickly handle your most complex web applications. This means you must worry about the browser slowing down if multiple tabs open simultaneously or an app closes unexpectedly.

Here are some more critical features of Puffin Browser Pro Apk android

  • Sync your bookmarks across all devices: Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Multitasking capable: Never worry about losing what you have open when switching between apps or shutting down the app abruptly. Like desktop browsers, Puffin saves all tabs in memory until explicitly closed. If you change away from it while downloading something significant (for example), it will still be there once page rendering is complete.
  • The page scrolling mode chooser option is available under browser settings for those who like automatic zooming.
  • Optimized for WIFI networks and 3G/4G mobile internet, but with a fallback that allows you to load pages over your phone network even if you have no signal or are otherwise disconnected from the web.
  • It is made possible by PPuffin’sproprietary cloud compression technology, which also makes it leaner than conventional Android browsers and lets us offer Puffin for free.

What is Puffin Browser Pro Apk

The Puffin Browser Pro APK is a lightweight browser that delivers high-speed web surfing. With this browser, you can quickly and easily surf the Internet with less power than other browsers. This app is an ad-supported application.

puffin browser pro apk download

Puffin Web browser was first released in 2012 by CloudMosa Inc., designed for the Android platform from scratch and built on the WebKit rendering engine. Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk enables smartphone users to enjoy a smooth browsing experience because its memory footprint is only 160 KB (zipped)—the petite size, such as Twitter Lite Apk. 

Ergonomic Design of Puffin Web Browser Pro APK

How about it? It looks like the original IOS browser. Moreover, we can change this browser and the background color to our preference. The best thing is to install this web browser on your PC also. However, when I tested it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, there were no illustrations displayed on the Web Page but only text content. For me, I want to see pictures with my own eyes. However, seeing the text content is convenient for viewing, especially when we read unfamiliar articles on a foreign language page.

puffin browser pro apk 2021

Also, Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk supports multitouch pinch-zoom, which means double-tapping or pinching will enlarge or reduce any picture size quickly without being limited by the screen size itself. It works perfectly well even without flash support too.

Besides, this web browser has been optimized for Flash Video Files (FLV), which means it will automatically play videos in Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk smoothly using Adobe Flash Player. You can even enjoy streaming high-quality video content without a hitch.

Puffin Web Browser Pro can enable multi-tab browsing and provides various features such as downloading flash or pictures, Full-Screen View mode, and many more.

Features of Puffin Browser Pro APK

Google Chrome has again made its way to the top browser spot for having the highest market share, with its popularity growing even more than Firefox and IE. However, not everyone would like to use this Puffin Browser Pro APK. Because of some factors such as:

If you do not want to get tracked by Google, you can opt for other browsers offering private browsing.

Puffin Browser Pro APK is a free Android web browser with excellent privacy protection features. The app was developed by CloudMosa Lab Inc, founded in 2011 by Allen Wang and Kai-Fu Lee (ex-executive at Microsoft). Puffin Browser lets you browse the Internet privately on Android smartphones and tablets because it is designed to load pages faster using cloud computing.

puffin browser pro apk old version

Puffin Browser Pro APK is an improved version of the Puffin browser and offers the following features that users can enjoy.

1) UI optimization for touch screens or Tablet optimized version is available too; handy when we watch online movies with a tablet PC. It also indicates the device compatibility of the Puffin Web Browser Pro APK. And believe me, I have used this browser on an iPad Mini, and it works, but I’ve not tested my iPhone because I downtown one.

2) Speed Booster is a power saver that will reduce data consumption of Web Browsers by loading only the essential elements of the web pages to save your internet traffic.

3) Puffin Engine- It has been designed with the Puffin team technologies to allow faster browsing by minimizing loading time and consuming less battery when using this application.

4) Swipe Gestures: You can switch among tabs with an easy gesture, such as swiping left or right; you can also set the number of accounts that appear on your screen according to your need. 

puffin browser pro apk download

5) Discover Mode: If you are looking for something, you can find it easily with this feature; type the keywords in the search bar, select Discover Mode, and browse through the Puffin browser to get your desired result.

6) Incognito Tab: When this option is turned on, you can surf anonymously with the Incognito tab because a history of all the pages you visit will not be on your device. So, if you don’t want others to know you won’t like to see it online, use the Incognito Tab! And no worries about privacy concerns since cache files are automatically cleared after closing the Incognito tab.

7) Reading Mode: Make reading more enjoyable by changing the background color and font style of web page content while reading an article on Puffin Web Browser.

8) Flash Support: This feature will allow you to enjoy online games or videos hassle-free.

9) Fast Downloading Mode: You may download many files simultaneously by adjusting the maximum number of active downloads for your device. Because the application automatically pauses when it reaches 80% of the downloading work and then continues for a short while, it is unsuitable for those who wish to conserve their internet traffic and time simultaneously.

10) Weather forecast details: Accuweather so that you can get details about weather conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, precipitation type and chance, UV Index, Wind Speed and Direction, pressure level, and general condition (sunny, partly cloudy & cloudy) at a glance from the notification bar.

11) It also supports Tabbed browsing: You can open many websites in multi-tab pages or manage multiple web pages simultaneously.

puffin browser pro apk 2021

12) Puffin Web Browser Pro Apk: is compatible with almost all Android devices as long as your device has Android v3.0 and above version; even more, it is free to download via the Play Store.

You read the article What is Puffin BrYou’vePro Apk if you want to know more about other software titles such as Whatsapp messenger apk pro, latest version 2.

13) no tracking, no history – Private browsing on your mobile device without tracking you.

14) Faster Browsing – Loads websites 3x faster than Chrome and Safari due to its cloud-accelerated technology. The app also has a power consumption control feature which lets you save battery life up to 50% more when compared with other browsers.

15) Privacy protection – You can avoid being tracked by ISPs or third parties as it blocks online trackers from collecting your data (like your IP address, location, sites visited, and other browsing data).

16) Adblocking – A strong ad blocker within the app blocks popups and ads automatically.

17) Multitasking – Allows viewing of pages in a snap. This means you can easily split the screen and simultaneously work on two different web pages. For example, you read an article while shopping online for something else.

19) Night Mode – Adjusting the display level provides a low-light reading experience.

20) no tracking, no history:– Private browsing on your mobile device without tracking you.

How To Download And Install Puffin Browser Pro APK for Android

For Android 6 or later, installing apps from unknown sources is required to use Puffin Browser Pro APK downloaded directly from a browser. The steps given below will guide you through enabling that on your phone:

Go to Settings.

Scroll down and tap on the one tab, which can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Select ”security. One scroll down until you find an option called Unknown Sources. Tap on it.

Now, a warning will be shown to you. Tap on the ”K”button and tapping on ” doesn’t confirm the action.

After this, you can download the Puf’in’Browser Pro Apk directly from your web browser or using our direct link above. Upon downloading the Puffin Browser Pro Apk for Android, please open the file manager application on your phone (you can find it by pressing Settings >> Applications >> Files). Copy the downloaded APK file into your mobile storage memory using the File Explorer option on your smartphone (if this is not present on portable, copy it manually).

We have mentioned only how to download Puffin for Android 6 & 7, as newer versions block downloading apps through browsers.

Now that your phone has installed the Puffin browser app go to the main page and tap the “install” option to download it automatically. Once installation is complete, a notification w”ll pop up “p saying that the Puffin browser app has been installed successfully – open the app drawer and locate it there.


Puffin Browser Pro APK is one of the most popular browsers in China. It has been downloaded over 100 million times, and its features are competitive with any other browser on the market today. However, some people have complained that it considerably slows down their phone table for gaming or streaming videos.

If this describes you, consider a different tablet browser like Chrome or Firefox, which provides comparable features without making your device less responsive.

By Kasim Husain • Last Updated


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