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Youtube Red Apk (Google LLC)

Name Youtube Red Apk
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Version 18.11.35
Size 28MB
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Updated March 21, 2023 (3 days ago)
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October 10, 2016, Bobby Woolf YouTube Red APK’s newest offering may not be groundbreaking, but it’ll make you smile. Don’t be confused by the name; the App isn’t quite a Netflix killer. Instead, it is simply an extension of the already existing ad-free YouTube experience that we have all grown to love and consume in extraordinary amounts.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing special about Red. You get your original content from select partners like PewDiePie or Rooster Teeth (more on that later) and some well-made exclusive shows featuring famous personalities such as The Fine Bros and Joey Graceffa and Also Chaek Youtube Blue APK.

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But after digging deeper into the App itself, there are more perks than meets the eye initially. At its core, YouTube Mod Apk Red is another option for accessing vast online content, but it has a few key benefits that separate it from the rest. For one thing, if you are watching in the App, there are no ads or pre-rolls to slow down your viewing experience. This alone is a massive benefit over free YouTube APK (which I still enjoy immensely).

What Are YouTube Red APK

After using the App for a couple of days, I realized that App didn’t support many YouTube Red APKs. This is understandable because AdSense (their primary source of income) isn’t available to all viewers. However, this makes content from these vloggers non-existent on YouTube, which can be frustrating for some users. For example, you cannot watch videos from my channel if you have an account through Red.

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Another downside about switching over to Red is that your favorite ad-supported channels are gone! There was no way around it, unfortunately. My ads-free favorites, such as Smarter Every Day and Vsauce, disappeared into thin air after setting up my account through Red.

Features of YouTube Red APK

YouTube Red APK allows you to play any video in picture-in-picture mode from anywhere in the App. You can also watch videos offline by downloading them, which can be helpful when your cellular connection is slow or non-existent.

youtube red apk 2020 download

This feature comes with ads, of course. However, watching on the go is beneficial because your data consumption is completely minimized as you continue to work or socialize while you enjoy your favorite content.

Watch videos in

a snap! No need to constantly press the play button or swipe back and forth. The UI is slick and responsive, but it feels like something Samsung or Apple would make with their custom launcher settings.

The Verdict

YouTube Red APK isn’t a channel subscription service like PlayStation Vue. Instead, it’s more of an extension to your current App experience that unlocks new benefits. If you go in with low expectations, enjoying what they have brought here becomes easier.

Glorious offline mode

One of the YouTube APK partnering with App is the fine folks over at Rooster Teeth. This channel has been a go-to place for gamers and geeks for years, so it’s nice to see them get their due when offering quality original content. Their show “The Gauntlet” is very well made. It provides an interesting take on competitive gaming that hopefully brings in viewers unfamiliar with RT or esports.

Channel subscription

Not everything is perfect with YouTube Mod Apk; it still feels like a beta version of the App. I would love to see Google add some better customization features so you can better reflect your tastes on the platform. Currently, there is no way to filter out channels that don’t support advertisement-free viewing, which becomes an issue when navigating through Red.

Video Analysis

YouTube Red also offers exclusive video content from some more significant Apps. This is a nice touch, but it’s still quite limited. The Fine Brothers have one show that they offer on Red called “React,” which leads them to react to things in real life. It’s a pretty simple concept, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Key Features of Youtube Red APK

  • Reduced data consumption by up to 70%
  • Lightweight APK package
  • Ability to download any video for offline playing
  • UI to bring a fresh look
  • Play videos in picture-in-picture mode
  • Download YouTube Red APK   (Latest Version: v.20160516)
  • This App is for educational purposes only. Please download this App just for personal use. Do not upload or share the downloaded files.
  • How To Use YouTube Red APK?
  • Download the YouTube file on your Android device.
  • If you get any Google Play store notice about the App’s safety, you can ignore it.
  • You can also transfer the downloaded apk file to your computer and use any Android APK installer tool to install YouTube Red on your device.

Download And Install Youtube Red APK for Android

Now, you will be able to watch videos in picture-in-picture mode. YouTube Red APK When the video finishes playing, it will get minimized until you tap on the floating icon again. This mode works for those who want to multitask while watching a video. If this feature is not working correctly, ensure your device supports PiP mode.

Install apk 2022

Step 1: Open your default email app and create a new account.

Step 2: Open the YouTube link from your new account once registered.

Step 3: Click the Sign In button to log in to this account.

Step 4: Once logged in, click on your profile picture and add the new account you created. This will connect both accounts from one device. Now enjoy watching YouTube without any advertisements.

Youtube Red APK FAQs

The service is $9.99 monthly, and you can cancel anytime without penalty. YouTube Red APK However, if you subscribe to Red through your Google account while signing in on an Android device, it will automatically be billed to the same iTunes or Google Play account.

Are kids allowed to use YouTube Red?

Unfortunately, no. The service is only available for people ages 18+. That being said, some YouTube channels are family-friendly.

Where can I learn more about the new features?

If you want to get updates on YouTube Red, check out their official site: Red.

Yt/support What happens if I decline the YouTube subscription?

If you opt out of Red, you will still have access to the YouTube services currently supported by ads.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All you need to do is go to your account settings and click on YouTube Red. From there, you can cancel right away or choose the monthly auto-renewing option.


The Google brand has never been stronger. In less than a decade, the company has expanded from its roots in search to become an entertainment powerhouse. YouTube Red APK is just one more step towards that eventual goal of being the easiest way to find and enjoy digital media with zero hassle.

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