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Call recorder pro apk is the best app to record telephone calls in various models. This Call Recorder works with any Android device that has been rooted. It records all calls in mp3 format and allows you to manage them using a simple, intuitive interface easily. You can play, delete, share, or send them through email. Listen to voice recordings by placing calls directly from your phone gallery.

They also give the application for free, and buying anything to use its full features is unnecessary. But you can help them with a small donation if you are satisfied with the app and want them to be more motivated by giving more updates and new features also check out Du Recorder mod apk.

automatic call recorder pro apk

The interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to use the application. It has tabs with different functions and buttons for unique features that facilitate recording audio conversations when you are on a call. If you have an external Microphone installed on your android device, it will allow you to enable it and select where you want the audio to be recorded.

What is Call Recorder Pro Apk

Call Recorder Pro Apk is an application allowing you to record all your incoming and outgoing telephone calls. It can detect whether you are calling or being called in real time, automatically recording the call without manipulation. Inside this tool, there are a lot of other features that will surely amaze all users.

If you have a rooted Android device, this application will work perfectly. Many other tools for Android phones do not require root and can be downloaded from, but they have limitations regarding their features and use them. One of the most annoying limitations is being able to record only incoming calls.

automatic call recorder pro apk 2020

The truth is that the main feature of this tool is to be able to record calls, both incoming and outgoing. This app allows you to listen to your conversations in a few easy steps. The interface has details with all the information on how the app works.

How to Use Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk on Android

The interface is simple, so it’s easy to use Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk on Android. Below we will explain the steps you must follow to activate and use this application.

The first step is downloading and installing this tool on your Android device. Remember that you must have a rooted phone. If you do not know the root, Google has revealed everything about it.

automatic call recorder pro apk download

So the next thing you have to do after completing the installation process has started the application and tap on the “Start Recording” button. That’s it; from that moment on, you can record all your incoming or outgoing calls in mp3 format.

Your recordings are saved internally within the application, accessed from its interface, and shared via email, audio message, or social networks. It is straightforward to use Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk on Android phones.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk

As we just mentioned, this potent tool has many features that make recording all your telephone calls easy and fun. Below are some of the main features of this Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk for Android.

It has an effective detection system that automatically detects incoming or outgoing calls. This feature will enable the application to record all calls made or received by your android device.

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The application indicates the duration of each call so you can know how much time is passed during a conversation; this feature will also help you avoid scams and frauds.

Automatic Call Recorder

This application has a simple but effective interface, which makes it very easy to use. All the functions are easily accessible from their respective tabs. You don’t have to go through multiple screens to use this app.

It has some extra features that are very useful to consider, such as sending the recording directly via email or being able to share them now on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp.

Data Synchronised With Cloud Computing Services

You can also synchronize your recordings online. Due to this feature, reviewing all the calls you have made or received on your Android device is straightforward. You can access any call with similar applications as quickly as possible using a web browser, which is even better since no ads will bother you.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk is one of the best tools that you can use to record all your telephone calls effortlessly and effectively. This app has some fantastic features, which make it a must-have for every user with an Android device.

You don’t need to make complex procedures or go through multiple screens to start recording incoming or outgoing calls. Install and activate this application; all your calls will be recorded automatically.

Great Design

The design has a simple interface but is very functional and practical. The app users will be able to access each of the functions from the main screen, which makes using this application exciting and fun to use the Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk offers all the call recording features you will need in your daily conversations. You can also synchronize your calls online to access them from a web browser and edit or delete recordings whenever possible.

automatic call recorder pro apk for android 10

So if you are considering using an app that will help you record all your telephone conversations, Automatic Call Recorder is the one you must have. It has many features, and it is entirely free of charge.

This simple but efficient application will allow you to have all your telephone calls recorded efficiently and effectively. The app’s intuitive design makes it easy to use and store online.

Key Features of Call Recorder Pro Apk

  1. Recording all telephone calls
  2. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls, which is straightforward.
  3. Easy-to-use interface
  4. The application has a simple design, which makes its use easy and efficient.
  5. Online Synchronisation of the calls
  6. You can synchronize your recordings online and access them from any location securely.
  7. Automatic Detection of Calls
  8. This feature will allow you to record all incoming or outgoing calls quickly.
  9. Sharing of Copies via Social Networks
  10. Sharing your recordings directly on Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp is easy.
  11. Free of charge to use
  12. The free application, no costs whatsoever
  13. Easy access to your calls

How to Download and Install Call Recorder Pro Apk for Android

This A call recorder pro apk installation process is straightforward, you have to follow the instructions below, and everything will be done in less than a minute. The first step is to read this post entirely and only then continue to the installation process.

Step 1. You need to click on the download link that will take you directly to to install this app.

Step 2. You must swipe the page from right to left and tap the Install button.

Step 3. Once you have installed this application, there will be a shortcut on your main menu.

Step 4. To activate Call Recorder Pro Apk, go to the application edit section, click on the application, and then turn it on.

Step 5. It would be best to go back to your call settings, then select Call Recorder Pro and activate it.

Step 6. You can now say goodbye to those charges from your telecommunication provider that you had to pay just because you called abroad. That is all for now; we will return with a new post soon. Stay Tuned!

Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk is helpful for people who like to record their telephone calls. It has a simple design, is very easy to use, and can be activated in a few simple steps. It is free of charge, so if you are looking for an application to record your telephone conversations, we recommend you try this one.

Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk FAQs

Are you tired of not having a record of your phone conversations? Do you wish the recordings were more organized and readable for easy reference later? Well, all these problems are solved with Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk.

Q: What is the Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk?

A: It is an application that automatically records all your telephone conversations, has a very user-friendly interface, and allows you to access your recordings anywhere.

Q: Who is this application for?

A: This application is for everyone; professionals and amateurs can record conversations on mobile phones.

Q: How do I use this application?

A: It’s effortless. All you have to do is turn on your phone, open the application and start recording.

Q: How do I turn on the Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk?

A: It is straightforward; you must press a button and turn it on.

Q: Can I use this app for free?

A: Unlike other apps, you have to pay for, Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk is free.

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Yes, very easy.

Q: Where can I download this application?

A: On the Internet or your Android smartphone’s Google Play Store.

Q: Is this application safe?

A: Yes, it is safe since it has not reported problems. It’s also worth mentioning that the application is free of charge.


Finally, we can conclude that Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk is a beneficial application for everyone. You can download this application on your Android smartphone’s for free.

We hope you like this article and that we have helped you to find the correct application for your needs. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day..!

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