Shazam MOD APK v13.23.0-230323 (Premium Unlocked)

Shazam Mod Apk (Apple, Inc)

Name Shazam Mod Apk
Offered By Apple, Inc
Version 13.23.0-230323
Size 13MB
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Updated March 26, 2023 (4 days ago)
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
3.3/5 - (10 votes)

Shazam MOD APK is easy to use and lets you find information about any song within seconds. Just press the big white button with a question mark, wait for a few seconds, listen to a short piece of the analyzed music, and then identify it! It is that simple.

The interface offers you several ways to discover information: by searching artists or songs by scrolling through an alphabetically ordered list of recommended tracks found in your library or provided by Last.FM or just searching for lyrics.

This functions flawlessly (apart from sporadic lengthy loading times and slightly constrained skips), but a few issues keep Shazam from earning my highest rating of five stars. For instance, I wouldn’t say I constantly appreciate having my finger on the big button.

Shazam MOD APK

My biggest problem with Shazam is that it doesn’t tell you who sings/performs/plays what on certain tracks. This might be fine for some people, most notably those who don’t care much about artists, but I am the opposite: I recognize most songs just by hearing their lead singer/band member, even if he only sings one word in two minutes. Therefore there is no way to know this from the information provided by Shazam.

Other than that, however, I am delighted with my purchase. The App is exceptionally well designed and worth its price tag, especially if you consider the time it will save you by not having to look up artists or songs online or request them at a friend’s house.

What is Shazam Mod Apk

Shazam MOD APK is one of the most famous music identification apps. I use it at least once daily to find out what song plays on the radio, in the elevator, or at nearby parties. The App’s developers have also decided to bring their services to Android. With its release, they also came up with a tempting offer for early adopters: an unlock code for the full unlimited version of Shazam.

There are many ways to get your hands on such a code, but the developers officially support only one. This method will grant you free access to the full version of Shazam for unlimited time and does not require much effort.

Shazam MOD APK

Getting the unlock code that grants unlimited functionality in Shazam might look somewhat complicated at first glance. Hence, I decided to write this article for those who want all their questions answered before going through it. Here you can find answers to all the most urgent questions about the process: how much does it cost, what do I have to do, and of course, where can I get working to unlock the code? So let’s see if there is room for an actual question mark.

How much does it cost?

If this is your first time hearing about an unlock code for Shazam, I bet the first thing that comes to mind is how much it costs to get one. Because it’s usually the case for most paid Android apps, and those looking for freeways to gain access without downloading any unreliable apk file are likely to be disappointed by the price tag set on these codes.

Shazam MOD APK

The good news is that such disappointment gets quickly replaced with surprise as soon as someone types ‘buy shazam unlocks code’ into a search engine or browses some forums dedicated to Android tweaking. The number of people willing to sell such unlock codes is meager, and their offers are usually pretty expensive. The amount of buyers willing to pay a high price is even smaller, resulting in a barely visible market that seems to be interested only in those with deep pockets.

Features of Shazam Mod Apk

Shazam MOD APK is among the best and most popular music recognition apps. Millions of users around the globe have already decided to buy it, and they use the App regularly, multiple times a day. The great success Shazam has is down to its simplicity; when you hear a song that you want to know more about, fire up the App and point your camera at the ambient sound. It’s that simple.

Shazam premium apk

Shazam’s popularity, however, is due to more than just its user-friendliness. It also has an incredible database, including lyrics, videos, artist biographies, discographies, and links to websites where you can instantly buy/download music or watch the related video from within the same App.

Shazam is an app that feels like magic and

simplifies discovering new music tremendously. It also has a pro version that gives you even more features like unlimited tagging or higher bitrate when streaming songs through your phone.

Shazam is a gift game-changer in

the world of music discovery! This App is something everyone should have on their phones.

Shazam pro apk

How to get the full version of Shazam by Obtaining an Unlock Code?

If you’ve found yourself here, it means you are interested in knowing whether or not unlock codes for Shazam exist. From what I’ve read, most people who came across them were willing to pay a pretty hefty price for such a code but also disappointed with the cheapness and unreliability of these offers. So what is this unlocking all about?

And how much information can we find online about it?

First things first. Unlocking is not the same as full-version pirating, which often happens on this type of App. The last thing developers want is to see their hard work and months spent developing fantastic music recognition software utilized by those who don’t care about its existence. Shazam has put specific security measures to counter these illegal activities that prevent anyone from trying to take advantage of their free product.

Think you can Beat Shazam by Unlocking it?

But now, let’s focus on unlocking and how it differs from pirating. When buying an unlock code, you are not cheating the system in any way, and you aren’t getting free access to the full version of Shazam because developers have put in place some checks that prevent such things from happening. All you do is get access that was not supposed to be available in the first place but is now thanks to someone selling a piece of data required for bypassing Shazam’s security.

Some More Features

  • No problem! Shazam while offline
  • Unlocked Paid Features
  • No Ads
  • Why do we Need an Unlock Code for Shazam?
  • What’s so special about Shazam is that it is the only App that requires one.

Download Shazam MOD APK on Android

Shazam MOD APK is a fun little app that allows you to name any song on the radio, TV or another place where music plays. It also usually gives links to buy this particular song at sites like Amazon or Google Play Music for those interested in supporting the artists they love.

It’s a free and brilliant app, but it doesn’t let you go hunting for certain songs if they aren’t in its catalog. That’s where this Shazam Pro Unlocker comes in. It allows you to hunt down and tag any song, whether or not it’s already in the database. Once installed, open up your Shazam app and search for the song you’re curious about. Click the magnifying glass icon and wait for the App to tell you whether it can tag it.

Step 1: Tap on the Add Pro Key button.

Step 2: Download the Pro Unlocker app from (it’s free).

Install apk 2022

Step 3: Launch Shazam and search for a track that isn’t in its database. If it finds a match, you can begin tagging.

Step 4: You will find a whole bunch of new features available. The App will tell you that your free trial is active when you first use it, and a countdown to premium features will begin.

Step 5: You can upgrade anytime by tapping the price button and using Google Wallet or a credit card to complete the purchase. Remember, this App is 100% safe and has no malware! After you have unlocked Shazam Pro, you can remove and reinstall it without losing your unlock. If you feel it’s not worth the money, uninstall it from your phone.


You can use Shazam MOD APK even if you have the free version. You will be limited to discovering a maximum of five songs per month without signing up for their premium service. You must pay $5 a month or $50 for an entire year to search for more. If you’ve used up to five searches already, you’ll have to wait until next month to use Shazam again.

Can I Shazam a song multiple times?

You can tag a piece as many times as you want. You can also try Shazam out on different devices because it will recognize your account.

Can I use Shazam on the TV?  

Yes, you can! Just click the mic icon and point your device toward the audio source.

How do you Shazam properly?

You should be in a quiet room, or you will get inaccurate results. You can also use headphones that have built-in mics for better results.

How do you tag songs on Shazam?  

You point the App toward the music source and tap the mic icon. You must ensure you’re quiet, or the results will be inaccurate.


While there is no way to cheat the Shazam MOD APK database, you can still get many new and useful features from the Pro Unlocker app. It will allow you to discover new music and alternative ways to use Shazam that were not available before. So give it a shot and see if you can get more from this App than you had back.!

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