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Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK v6.4 (Pro Unlocked)

Name Smart Launcher Team Mod Apk
Category Personalization Apps
Offered By Smart Launcher Team
Version 6
Size 15.3MB
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MOD Features Full Unlocked
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In this blog, Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk, we will discuss the latest version of Smart Launcher 5 Pro Apk. It is a launcher designed from scratch to make your phone more accessible and efficient. We’ll show you some of its best features and how it can improve your mobile experience.

Smart Launcher team has listened to feedback from users over the last few years and created a new design with an improved user interface that provides quick access to all apps at any time without any unnecessary steps – swipe up on the home screen or long-press anywhere on it for one second and also check out X Launcher Pro Apk.

This makes accessing anything as easy as possible, so you don’t need to spend too much time looking around or scrolling through screens. You can also customize which pages are shown and which aren’t. This works for all other screens, not just the main one.

Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK

The search bar is another notable feature, it’s present on every screen, and you can access your other apps from it quickly – without having to open a separate search app or go through multiple settings to find what you want. It fully integrates with Android, so if you search for an app by name, you’ll get a list of results from the Play Store page, ratings, and reviews.

What is Smart Launcher 5 Pro Apk

The Smart Launcher 5 Pro Apk is the latest version of the launcher app that has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The creators of this app are constantly updating it with new features to improve its performance and usability.

You can choose between a free or pro version when downloading the app. You cannot use all the features on your phone unless you upgrade to the pro model, which costs $2.99 per year for an individual subscription or $4.99 per year for a family subscription (up to four devices). 

Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK

The best part about this Launcher is how fast it loads! It turns off extraneous animations, widgets, and other graphics so your phone can run faster while still looking beautiful with some things hidden in folders on the home screen. These can be brought out by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, which you do with a quick swipe.

Features of Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk

Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Smart Launcher. This app features many new and improved features, such as multi-launcher support, scroll effects, style editor, and wallpaper support for the settings menu and folders.

Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK

It also offers more customization options than the previous versions of Smart Launcher. The only downside to using this app is that it does not have any Google Play Services integration, which causes certain apps to malfunction with this Launcher.

Adaptive icons

This allows users to apply a custom icon pack and apply it to all their apps, regardless of whether they can support these icons.

Upgraded app manager

This feature makes finding and uninstalling apps much easier than before. You can also choose which permissions you want an application to have access to, like location services, SMS, calls, etc. A search function even lets you find specific items more quickly.

Scrolling effects

This Launcher lets users scroll through menus differently, such as making them bounce back when allowed to go or slowing down gradually.

Visual effects

These include adding new transition effects like opening folders one by one instead of simultaneously and setting animations for individual elements on your screen (like a clock)

Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK 2022

Style Editor

You can do it here if you’d like to set a different font type and size for menus and folders. You can even change fonts on items like the clock or battery percentage. You can also modify the colors of your different backgrounds.

Lock screen wallpaper

This Launcher lets users access their lock screen wallpapers from the settings menu along with the ability to add widgets they want on it, which is a nice feature but might become annoying when trying to unlock your phone.

Icon pack support

Many launchers have been supporting icon packs for a while now, but Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk takes things one step further by allowing users to apply any shape they want as an app icon instead of just a square or circle.

Font replacement

This Launcher lets users change the font of the text on menus and folders, which is a very nice feature as most launchers’ fonts are not very customizable. The same goes for its icon pack support, where you can use any shape for your app icons, similar to Adaptive icons in Android Oreo.

Remove elements from folders

This allows you to hide some aspects inside the folder it belongs like pre-installed or system apps usually found in the main menu, which you might want to keep hidden yet easily accessible if needed.

Smart Launcher 5 Mod APK free


The Launcher offers a lot of customization options that can be found in the settings menu. It allows users to set transition effects, and icons for apps, modify font styles and sizes and adjust colors for different backgrounds or screens.

The Good

Design: The design is similar to many other launchers, so if you’ve used one before, you’ll be familiar with how this one looks.

PRO KEY of Smart Launcher 5 Pro Apk

  • Remove the trial version limit
  • Set default launcher appearance
  • Enable all widgets in the settings
  • Disable/enable app label in drawer
  • Restore/set the default
  • Hide a list of apps in the drawer
  • More options for Notification badge (number)
  • More options for Notification titles (style, color, font)
  • More options for Notification actions (launch app, toggle settings)
  • Fast uninstaller: long-press the icon and drag it to the uninstaller icon
  • Remove the Google widget showing up on some launchers screens (Not available on 4.0 and below)
  • Wallpaper selection available in launcher settings
  • Icon pack available in launcher settings
  • Scrollable dock with an infinite number of icons (Not available on 4.0 and below)
  • Transparent status bar on launcher home screen (only for launchers that support this feature)
  • More transition effect options are available. 

How to Download and Install Smart Launcher 5 Pro Mod Apk on Android

Easily customize your phone to look like you want it with the Smart Launcher 5 Pro Mod Apk. This is a quick and easy way to make your home screen feel like an extension of your identity.

With over 1000 themes, you’ll find any style that suits you. You can also create custom icons in no time to make everything feel just right. Make sure to download this original app today.

Step 1. Ensure you have installed the original Smart Launcher 5 on your Android device. If not, then get it here.

Step 2. Now download and install Smart Launcher 5 Pro Mod apk on your Android device from the link below.

Step 3. Once the Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk is downloaded, go to your phone’s settings and enable the unknown source option.

Step 4. Now navigate to the download folder of Smart Launcher 5 Pro Mod Apk and tap on it to install it on your device.

Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk FAQs

Smart Launcher 5 Mod Apk is the latest customization app for Android devices; it offers a customizable, easy-to-use interface. It has been downloaded over 10 million times and has an average 4.4-star rating on APKsPure.

This blog post will give you all the information about Smart Launcher 5, including how to download it, features, FAQs, and more.

Q. How to download Smart Launcher 5?

A. There are a couple of ways to download the launcher app; all you have to do is go to APKsPure, select the Android version you are using, and then download it. You can also visit the official Smart Launcher website for more information about the Launcher.

Q. What Operating Systems can I use Smart Launcher 5 on?

A. You can download it on Android devices running 5.0 and above.

Q. What is the theme engine in Smart Launcher?

A. The theme engine lets you set a different look for your phone. It has over 1000 different themes to choose from, all of which are free.

Q. What is the feature that allows you to create custom icons?

A. You can use the feature to create custom icons to make your home screen uniquely yours. You can send an icon request with a picture of any design you want, and the developer will make it for you for free.


I hope you found the information you were looking for, and if you did, why not download Smart Launcher 5 Pro Mod Apk today? It is an excellent choice for any user with a customizable interface and various features. Make sure to download it soon..!

By Kasim Husain • Last Updated

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