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Muslim Pro Apk Download is the best Muslim app on with 5-star ratings. Get Azan and Adhan notifications for free, offline Prayer times calculation, and more.

The most popular Muslim app has been completely redesigned to give you a better experience. Many of our users requested that we make this change, and we have listened to them by delivering what they asked.

We also added the ability to calculate prayer times offline, and now you don’t have to worry about any data cost when using the app in remote areas Also Check out Truecaller Premium Apk.

Muslim Pro Mod APK

We have also added more recitations for the Quran and ‘Khatam’ of the Quran feature that will allow you to go through all chapters of the Qur’an with one touch. You can even listen to your favorite verses as much as you want.

We are sure that Muslim Pro is packed with many features which make it a unique application in this category, and there is no better way than performing Hajj Duas both before leaving home and on arrival at Makkah. So be sure to check them out.

What is Muslim Pro Apk

Muslim Pro Apk is a unique app that has been around for more than three years. It brings you the ability to learn the Arabic language, tells you about your Salat times, and even helps with Islamic offline city search.

Muslim Pro Apk

The guide of Hajj is always there for questions related to performing this holy ritual of Islam. You can find helpful tips on how to live an Islamic lifestyle each day. There are many other features, including a compass which will show the Qibla direction at any time.

How Can Muslim Pro Apk Help Me

As mentioned above, Muslim Pro Apk guides Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage. You can easily access prayers ( 5 times daily) and Qur’an recitations using this free app. In addition, the Muslim Pro Apk guide lists the meanings of supplications and das.

Muslim Pro

Now you can listen to all Qur’an recitations. There are many ways that this app is helpful for those who love Islam. You can learn more about Islamic teaching, read biographies of famous people in history or listen to a story from Sahih Bukhari. The application has over 500 topics that you can explore further by tapping on them.

Sinhala Language Support

The Sinhala language support has been one of our top requests. We have listened to our loyal users who want to use the application in their mother tongue. Now you can find the manual translated into Sinhala, and we will keep it updated.

Muslim Pro

You can download the Muslim Pro Apk over wifi or 3G connections. Ensure that you have enough space on your device because it comes with everything already bundled in one application ( Islamic Pro ). Sinhala language support is a bonus, and we will keep working to make things better for our users.

What’s New?

Muslim Pro apk has been rebuilt from scratch to give a great user experience. It comes with new features like Azan notifications and offline Quran recitations. You can now use this app on wifi-only mode if your data plan doesn’t allow you to go through any online activity while using the app.

Muslim Pro

In this latest update, you will still find all existing features, such as Qibla compass, Hijri date conversion, Zakat calculator, and much more. We have added new recitations for Qur’an, which are easier to use, such as listening to a Surah’s verses in sequence or tapping on each verse separately.

Features of Muslim Pro Apk

The app has a comprehensive list of features for Muslims Pro Apk and anyone interested in the Islamic religion. All those that love Islam will find this application very useful. You can learn more about Hajj, Ramadan, or even Dawah.

Azan Notifications

You only need to choose your city, and then you can receive Azan notifications on time, making sure that you don’t miss any prayer ( Salat ). It also shows you the current prayer time so that you don’t have to check the manual all the time. This feature works offline, so it doesn’t require any Internet connection to show you these notifications.

Qibla Compass

Using Qibla compass is easy; tap on the arrow icon at the top of the screen. It will show you the direction in which to pray ( Salat ). You can also find Qibla using your current location with a quick search on Google Maps.

Quran Recitations

You will be able to listen to all Quran recitations included in this application from various Qaris or readers. There is no need for an Internet connection because everything has been bundled, and it works offline. The features are accessible by tapping on the menu at the bottom right of the app, but you can also swipe left/right on any verse to navigate between them. You can even tap on the Audibles button to hear related recitation or translation. Look at some examples shown below:

Tajweed Rules For Qur’an Recitation

The application provides a comprehensive list of Recitation Rules for the Qur’an. There is no need to search on Google or Wiki. Just tap on the menu button and select Quran rules to get more information about recitations, vowel points, pronunciation, and more. This section also includes a dictionary that shows you the meanings of words used in the Qur’an. You can find the meaning of each word by tapping on it separately ( single tap ). Here are some common examples:

Duas & Supplications

In this section, we have categorized all Duas & Supplications into separate lists according to their topics. You can easily access them by scrolling down the screen or clicking the “More” button at the bottom right corner. Each category will provide you with a comprehensive list of Dua & Supplications on that particular topic. Please click on the screenshot below to view all available categories:

A complete list of Islamic Duas & Supplications includes

Ramadan Timings & Calendar

The application shows you the Ramadan calendar and the current time in your city according to Hijri/Islamic date. The best thing is that it also allows you to set reminders for each prayer ( Salat ), ensuring that you don’t miss any of them. Here are some examples which show how it works :

Hajj Timings, Maps & Calculator

If you have planned a Hajj or Umrah trip, this section will be very useful as it provides all important information about Hajj & Umrah in maps, guides, and calculators. The Hajj guide shows you all the important things you need to know about Hajj seasons, such as:

1-Tawaf Times.

2-Focussing times during Tawaf (ITR).

3-Prayer timings for each day while performing Tawaf.

Useful Hijri Converter:  

It is fast because it uses the native Android function “Hijri Date conversion” that creates a single date object from the Gregorian year, month, and day using Islamic calendar rules. You can enter both Gregorian date or Hijri date to get converted results according to them. Moreover, it also shows you the time zone in which your city is located and the current day and month according to the Hijri year. See the example shown below:

Qibla Notifications, Compass & Maps

It is very easy to use. You can set your location by tapping the “Setting” button at the right top corner of the screen, entering your address manually, or searching for it on Google Maps. Finally, tap on the Qibla icon at the top left side of any web page. It will show you azimuth in degrees, Qiblah direction in compass form ( N-S-E-W ), the distance between meter & kilometer, and finally Qiblah direction on the world map. Here are some examples for easy understanding.

Some more features

  • 6 Eid reminders for each prayer.
  • Islamic month and Hijri date converter.
  • The application has been translated into 24 different languages so far. Some screenshots are shown below.
  • Islamic Calendar:
  • The application supports both Gregorian & Hijri calendar systems. It calculates dates based on Islamic rules and shows you the current Gregorian date as well as the Hijri date.

Download Muslim Mod Apk for Android

You can easily download Muslim Pro Mod Apk for Android by following these steps:

1- Select your mobile device and android OS from the list.

2- Download the Muslim Pro Mod Apk APK file to your computer.

3- Transfer the downloaded APK file to your android mobile phone or tablet. ( you can use Winrar, for example ).

4- If you do not have a file manager on your android mobile phone, please install one first. ( usually, it is free ) 

5 – You will need to enable the “unknown sources” option to install 3rd party applications outside the Google Play Store. Please go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> Unknown Sources and enable it ( check off ). Be sure you check the box for installing applications from “Unknown Sources.”

6- Go to your android mobile phone or tablet and locate where you have saved Muslim Pro Mod Apk.

7 – Install it by opening the application. 8 – If an installation window opens, review the permissions carefully and click the “Install” button. 9- Done! Enjoy using Muslim Pro Mod Apps.

Install apk 2022

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Muslim Pro Mod Apk FAQs

If you’re looking for an Islamic application but not sure where to find one, look no further. This is the perfect app that will be your go-to Muslim Pro Mod Apk guide wherever you are.

Q 1. Muslim Pro Apk, is it free?

A. Yes, the Muslim Pro Mod Apk is free for download.

Q 2: Is it compatible with my phone?

A. Yes, this application is compatible with all android mobile phones or tablets.

Q 3: Can I change the font size for Arabic?

A. Yes, you can change the font size. To change the font size, go to your mobile phone settings -> Font Size and select any of them.

Q 4. Can I change the font color?

A. Yes, you can change it too by going to your mobile phone settings -> Font Color and selecting any of them.

Q 5. What if I need help?

A. We have a dedicated team that will guide you with any issue that is related to Muslim Pro Mod Apk. Please use the contact us section in the menu bar above.

Q 6. Do you provide any support for this Muslim Pro Apk?

A. Yes, we are always here to help and support our users. The best way to reach us is through the contact us link in the menu bar above.


We have described everything you need to download and install Muslim Pro Apk on an Android Mobile phone or tablet. You can now download free apps for android mobile phones or tablets using this guide.

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