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Toolbox for Minecraft: PE (Toolbox for Minecraft)

Name Toolbox for Minecraft: PE
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Version 5.4.34
Size 19MB
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Updated August 1, 2022 (2 weeks ago)
MOD Features Full Unlocked
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Toolbox for Minecraft PE APK is one of the few mods that allow players to use commands in-game. This addition will make it possible to easily change the settings and behavior of the game. Also, if you need a certain feature, but your version of Minecraft does not support it – this mod will help you solve this issue! Using Toolbox for Minecraft PE Mod Apk, you can do it via chat commands.

The functionality of this mod is very wide. Because there are too many possible ways to use it, the list of commands would take a long time to read! Fortunately, we have created a concise list for you – just find what you need and copy-paste the command into the game Also check out ELSA Speak MOD APK.

toolbox for minecraft pe apk

We have also done our best to ensure that the commands are well written, but be careful! You mustn’t enter them incorrectly. Fail to do so and the features of your game might fail too, along with your world. Keep in mind – The toolbox for Minecraft PE does not require an internet connection!

What is Toolbox for Minecraft PE APK

You know, when I first installed the Toolbox for Minecraft PE APK it was like a dream come true. You can do so much with this one great app and it’s amazing how many other people love to use it too! It has all these cool features that make me feel like a champ because I have them. The other Minecraft PE players will be envious. I find that the mod is especially useful if you’re playing on a server and want to create or change something quickly without having to go through all this technical process.

toolbox for minecraft pe apk premium

As far as I’m concerned, Toolbox for Minecraft PE is an awesome app! It does everything it promises and more, it’s easy to use, and makes my Minecraft Dreams come through! It is very user-friendly and supportive of the players. I’m pretty sure there are lots of people out there who would agree if they tried it themselves. So stop thinking about what you should do with your MCPE… Download Toolbox for Minecraft PE, NOW.

Features of Toolbox for Minecraft PE APK

Fancy a new challenge for your Minecraft PE experience? Toolbox for Minecraft: PE APK is the perfect app to keep you entertained. This app offers a wide range of features, from an in-game map that can be used to navigate through your virtual world, to be able to control the weather with just one swipe. And if that isn’t enough then there are also customizable settings and different modes featuring day or night time scenarios! Get this fantastic tool now and never run out of things to do again.

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Missing an item in Survival

No problem. Toolbox for Minecraft PE allows you to spawn a random item with a single command, no matter what you’re missing! This is very useful if you forget to take something essential on your journey out – just type the name,e of the item and it will right be there waiting for you. There’s no need to wait until you get back home again.

Quit a server

Things don’t go your way on a server? You can quit a Minecraft PE server at any time using this app! Simply type in the command and choose if you want to teleport to another location or simply leave the world altogether. In addition, two commands allow you to change which direction you’re facing, so nothing stands in your way when trying to escape from a bad situation. This is perfect if somebody is being mean or making trouble for others – just get rid of them with one simple command that takes less than five seconds to do.

toolbox for minecraft pe apk free download

Change weather

Do you want to change the weather in your Minecraft PE world? Well, with Toolbox for Minecraft PE it’s very easy to do! Simply choose between options that include sunny days, rainstorms, lightning storms, and more. This adds an extra dimension of excitement to the game because you never know what will happen next.

Give items

The creator of Toolbox for Minecraft PE claims that this is an ideal app if you’re feeling generous towards other players. You can give people whatever item you like by typing in one command while standing next to them. This way somebody doesn’t have to go far out of their way just to get what they need; it’s all taken care of right then and there! can even give yourself items too, just in case you’re missing some.


One of the best things about this app is that it allows you to teleport yourself to whatever location you choose! Simply select where you want to go, whether it’s another part of your map or another server entirely, and get there quickly using one command! This is very useful if somebody keeps bothering you on a public server so it’s easier to just leave and find somewhere else – who can blame you.

toolbox for minecraft pe mod apk premium 5.4.15

Edit text

Want to change something written in-game like the time or fus ro dah for example? You can do that easily with Toolbox for Minecraft PE because there’s a command that will let the player edit almost anything they like. Never has creating signs been easier! Save up all your signs for a massive billboard in-game and show everybody your artistic side!

Inventory tool

Do you need to keep track of things? Toolbox for Minecraft PE has you covered because it offers an inventory tracking system that’s very useful. Simply type the command in when standing next to an item or stack of items and they will appear on a list on your screen. Managing your supplies is easier than ever before, so if you’re looking for a way to stay organized then try this out right away.

Item names

You can also see what any object in Minecraft PE is called using this app. Using one command will reveal the name of whatever block or entity is standing nearby making identifying objectives much simpler! It’s also a very fun thing to do and will impress people who see you using this amazing mod for the first time.


You can make instant kills happen by typing in one command with this tool. By typing “/kill” (without quotation marks) while aiming at another player or creature, they will die instantly! This is an easy way to get revenge if somebody’s doing something really bad on the server that you’re playing on. Just be careful not to target your friends because then it’ll just be embarrassing!


If you want to save valuable resources while traveling around Minecraft PE, Toolbox for Minecraft PE has a teleporting system that makes it easy and efficient. Type in “/tp [placename]” (without the quotation marks) and teleport to whatever location that you’d like. It’s very simple, but will make things much easier for those who wish to quickly go from one place to another!

Key Features of Toolbox for Minecraft PE APK

  • No Ads
  • Choose between a sunny day, rainstorm, a lightning storm, and more
  • Give items
  • Teleport to any location you want
  • Edit text (Price, time)
  • Inventory tool
  • Item names
  • Kill any player or creature you want
  • Teleports you to any location
  • Change time

How to Download and Install Toolbox for Minecraft PE MOD APK

In this blog post, we will be going over the steps to install the Toolbox for Minecraft PE MOD APK. This is a great mod that allows you to use and craft items in your inventory without having to go into your crafting table or smelting furnace. You can also change the look of any tool by right-clicking on it with an item from your inventory.

Step 1. First, you will download the Mod APK from our site.

Step 2. You will now need to go into the settings of your phone and change your security setting so that you can install apps from sources other than the official If you don’t do this then it won’t work and your phone will not allow you to install it! This is easy and should take you less than 5 minutes.

Install apk

Step 3. Next, go into your phone’s settings and change the option in security to “Unknown Sources” This will allow you to install the APK without having to use the

Step 4: Allow some time for everything to download and finish installing properly. You may need to restart your phone to finish the installation, but it should work.

Step 5. Finally, run the game and you will be able to use all of the great features that this mod has provided for you! Make sure that your internet is turned on or else it will not work. You can now start using this toolbox mod in Minecraft PE to do whatever you want!

Toolbox for Minecraft PE MOD APK FAQs

The popularity of Toolbox for Minecraft: PE APK continues to grow, and so does the number of mods being created for it. It’s not easy to find a good mod on Android that is safe and has been approved by many users. In this blog post, we’ll be walking you through the best mods for Minecraft PE – from texture packs to tools!

Q: What is Minecraft PE?

A: Minecraft PE is a mobile version of the popular game Minecraft where you create, mine and craft by gathering resources! You can also fight/defeat mobs in this version to obtain items. It isn’t as easy as a PC but it’s still lots of fun.

Q: Can I download mods for Minecraft PE?

A: Yes you can! There are all kinds of mods available for Minecraft PE that allow you to do more things within the game. Mods make your Minecraft PE experience a lot more fun and interesting!

Q: What is the best mod for Minecraft PE?

A: For this, I would recommend Toolbox for Minecraft PE. It’s a great tool that allows you to use and craft items in your inventory without having to go into your crafting table or smelter.

Q: Will this mod get me banned from Minecraft PE?

A: Most likely not. But, it is possible. If you are worried about getting banned then I recommend you backup your worlds before installing any mods.

Q: Will this mod work on my Android smartphone as well as my Android tablet?

A: Yes, it should work on all devices.

Q: I can’t download this mod for Minecraft PE.

A: Make sure that you have set your security option in place so that it will allow the installation of APK files outside of


As you can see, there are plenty of Minecraft PE mods out there that will allow you to do all kinds of things in the game. These include texture packs, tools, and much more! If this is your first time using a mod then I recommend you start with Toolbox for Minecraft PE MOD APK which allows you to craft items without having to go into your inventory. It’s a great tool that allows you to navigate the game much easier.

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